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Video Vocab 03 - Marketing Vocabulary
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Video Vocab 03 - Marketing Vocabulary


This episode of Video Vocab by Business English Pod introduces 10 commonly used English vocabulary related to the marketing: …

This episode of Video Vocab by Business English Pod introduces 10 commonly used English vocabulary related to the marketing:

Marketing, Advertising, Brand, Launch, Consumer, Market research, Brand Identity, Public Relations or PR, Position and Campaign.

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  • 1. 03: Marketing Video Vocab Tex t
  • 2. mar•ket•ing noun [u] | ˈ märkiti ng |
  • 3. The action or business of promoting products or services to the public and business. marketing Definition :
  • 4. The Internet has allowed companies to target their marketing more precisely. marketing Examples: Marketing plays an important part in the success of a new product. xxxxx
  • 5. marketing Direct + Marketing xxxxx Viral + Targeted + + Plan + Manager + Mix
  • 6. ad•ver•tis•ing noun [u] | ˈ advər ˌ tīzi ng |
  • 7. The promotion through public announcements in newspapers, TV, radio or the Internet of a product, service or event, in order to attract or increase interest in it. advertising Definition :
  • 8. GE has increased its advertising budget by 10% to help it grow in new markets. advertising Examples: My company now spends more on advertising on the web than we do on TV. xxxxx
  • 9. brand noun [c] | brand |
  • 10. A type of product made by a particular company. brand Definition :
  • 11. The Coca-Cola brand is worth more than 55 Billion dollars. brand Examples: What brand of soap do you usually buy? xxxxx
  • 12. launch verb [t] | län ch |
  • 13. To introduce a new product with advertising and publicity. launch Definition :
  • 14. Ford plans to launch 3 new small car models this year to try to recapture market share. launch Examples: We plan to launch the new product next month. xxxxx
  • 15. con•su•mer noun [c] | kən ˈ soōmər |
  • 16. A person who buys goods or services. consumer Definition :
  • 17. Consumer advertising is only a small part of our marketing mix because we are mainly focused on corporate clients. consumer Examples: The rise in transport costs will mean higher prices for the consumer . xxxxx
  • 18. mar•ket re•search noun | ˈ märkit rē ˌ sər ch |
  • 19. The collection and processing of information about customers and why they buy products. market research Definition :
  • 20. market research Example: Market research shows that there is demand for another large supermarket in the area. xxxxx
  • 21. brand i•den•ti•ty noun | brand ī ˈ dentitē |
  • 22. The value or perception a company wants consumers to associate with its brand. brand identity Definition :
  • 23. The new advertising campaign is intended to improve our brand identity . brand identity Examples: Gucci has a strong brand identity in the luxury market. xxxxx
  • 24. pub•lic rel•a•tions noun | ˈ pəblik ri ˈ lā sh əns |
  • 25. Creating and maintaining a good image with your customers and the public. public relations Definition : PR
  • 26. Angela works in PR. She’s the Public Relations officer for a German bank. public relations Examples: After the recent scandal, the company has started a new PR campaign to help improve public relations . xxxxx
  • 27. cam • paign noun | kam ˈ pān |
  • 28. A planned and organized series of actions intended to promote a product or service. campaign Definition :
  • 29. Accenture, will launch a new marketing campaign to promote its services to small companies. campaign Examples: Our company will launch a new campaign to market our products to European consumers. xxxxx
  • 30. po • si • tion verb [t] | pə ˈ zi sh ən |
  • 31. position Definition : To affect the way a product is presented to the public and how people think about that product.
  • 32. Toyota is positioning its products to middle-income families in Asia. position Examples: We need to position the new product carefully or we will miss our target market. xxxxx
  • 33. Now practice your new vocabulary and sign up for study notes at: xxxxx business english