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YAGOOFT Thefuture.yagooft.com script manual 4.23.13

  1. 1. 1Welcome to Yagooft!
  2. 2. 2Yagooft Movie and Presentation ScriptsTable of ContentsSection One – Welcome to Yagooft PageThe Yagooft Vision 3Yagooft Goals 4The Yagooft Plan 5Yagooft Introduction 6Section Two – Advertising AffiliatesYagooft Leadership Positions 7Yagooft Software Package Description 9The 50 Dollar Deal Presentation 11Section Three – Members and MerchantsYagooft Merchant Movie 16Yagooft Merchant Commercial 18Yagooft Member Commercial 18
  3. 3. 3Yagooft VisionImagine a world where we can all communicate with one another.Imagine a world where language isn’t a barrier.Imagine making friends who don’t speak your language. And in time, you can both learn each other’slanguage simply by guiding each other with the correct ways of speech and slang.This is the world we imagine at Yagooft. This is the world we will create together.Now let’s take it a step further, let’s include businesses world-wide in this vision.Imagine a place where businesses can actually afford to reach new customers that they couldn’t findbefore.An even playing field you might say, where small and large businesses alike have the same chance.A place where websites are free and targeted marketing - well it’s simple - and also free.Imagine posting ads that can be read in multiple languages so businesses can service foreign speakingneighbors in their own backyard.This is the place we imagined when we designed Yagooft.Our vision is simple. The internet connected the world. We intend to make it possible for the wholeworld to truly communicate.We are in our infancy, but we have developed software that will change everything. A GlobalCommunication System! THIS IS NOT just a social network! It’s oh so much more.This system will not only allow you to communicate, it will allow people who struggle a little bit withspeech and spelling to fit in perfectly and flawlessly.It will help people in ways you can’t even imagine...... yet! But weve imagined it all, it’s Yagooft, and it isour global vision.The one that changes everything! The people of the world haven’t been able to easily communicate forthousands of years. And we believe we can solve that problem in three years.......So bring your imagination and join us as we share our vision with the worldWelcome to Yagooft!
  4. 4. 4Yagooft GoalsWell, what do you think about Yagooft? We have been working on it for years.Imagine a company that has global appeal - which we do and that has a front end binary to drive superincomes. But it can’t stop there....From our experience, we realized people just can’t keep bringing people all the time - for something towork and pay, and sustain them.So we were always watching trends to find the perfect global blend. Something we could delivervirtually, that people are already buying anyway. The Yagooft Vouchers were a no brainer - it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. We can chip one billion our way within three years.Our plan is to bring affiliates right now - we need an affiliate base first. We also have to deliver a productto that affiliate base, thus the Yagooft Software Package which includes Turbo-Talk, Global-Talk, and theTurbo-Talk Website Builder. We have been designing it since 2003. When you see it you may say “whattook them so long, it’s so simple.” Well, that’s what took so long - getting it simple.When people realize everything the Yagooft Software Package is going to do - everyone will be shocked!It will truly unite the world in one place where language barriers will simply disappear; people will meetpeople all over the world, and people will now be able to help each other learn each other’s language asthey build friendships. Not only has this never been done before - it has never been attempted.That’s the business Yagooft wants to be a part of. You know we set our goals real big - here they are:One - Build the world’s first Global Commerce and Communication System.Two - Build the world’s largest marketing affiliate base - with millions of affiliates within two years.Three - Build the world’s largest online advertising company - with millions of merchants within threeyears. It will take one extra year to do this because we will assemble the affiliate base first.Four - Build one of the world’s largest social networks. We don’t have to be the biggest to be the bestand most profitable.Five - Become known as the company who figured it all out and truly united the world – priceless.Six - Make a whole lot of new friends – which will be awesome!Seven - Change the world! You knew there had to be a number seven didnt you? And it’s the best one.We will change the world. And you know we, includes you!So set your goals high. After all, you have become involved in an idea so big no one has ever evenattempted it. The world left it for us!Regards, Yagooft
  5. 5. 5The Yagooft PlanHave you ever been involved in what seemed to be a great undertaking, only to discover that thereseemed to be no clear direction or business plan? Well, Yagooft.Anyone can have a great idea, but there needs to be a plan for putting that idea into action in order tobe successful.We have a two part plan at Yagooft.First, our focus will be building a world-wide affiliate base because we understand the importance ofhaving motivated Advertising Affiliates in place before we invite the world to join Yagooft.Then, the second part of our plan is to open enrollment for free members and merchants early in 2013.Millions of members will join Yagooft so they can use Turbo-Talk, Global-Talk, and the Turbo-TalkWebsite Builder Program, while merchants will join Yagooft in order to attract new customers.Right now, affiliates can build their affiliate teams according to the Two Team Marketing Program; enrollnon-profit organizations in Yagooft, and shortly pre-register merchants in the Yagooft Voucher program.Once free enrollment for members and merchants is open, all affiliates will be able to introduce Yagooftproducts and programs world-wide and participate in the Unlimited Merchant Marketing Program.Even after we open enrollment for members and merchants, Advertising Affiliates will always be able toinvite more affiliates to join Yagooft. This plan simply outlines our focus for the next few months.Now you know the plan. Let’s go build Yagooft together.
  6. 6. 6Yagooft IntroductionHave you ever just had a great meal at a restaurant, and wished you had a 50% off coupon when the billcame? Well, Yagooft.Have you ever wished you could talk to someone but couldn’t, because you didn’t speak their languageor they didn’t speak yours? Well, Yagooft again.Have you ever been in the right place at the right time but for some reason you didn’t take advantage ofit? Well, you really gooft that time.So, I have a question for you, when was the last time you saw something really unique? Something newand fresh! Something useful, but not just something you need, something you really WANT!Okay, so maybe it’s not a Ferrari, but it is really cool.It’s something that won’t waste your time, but will actually make your life easier. It’s something thatwon’t cost you money, but that rewards you just for using it.Something that will help you connect with people around the world. And, something that will make yougo WOW - in more than 50 different languages.You see, right now four Mega Trends are shaping the future of commerce. Yagooft capitalizes on thesetrends in a way that’s never been done before, creating a paradigm shift that benefits everyone.Take the popularity of Social Media, combine it with the power of Group Discount buying, and thenmake it easy for anyone to earn money simply by using and sharing the system.Now take that idea to the next level, add one last truly unique element, the final piece of the puzzle, theability to remove language barriers, and communicate with people around the world. Put it all together,make it free and you have Yagooft. Finally, everything in one place!So what do you get when you join Yagooft?First, access to an awesome social network! We have kept it easy and simple to use. You keep control ofwhat you share and who you share it with. And of course, it is completely free!Second, everyone wants to earn and save money. With Yagooft vouchers that’s exactly what you will do.Enjoy FREE access to discounts of 25%, 50%, even 75%, from retailers, restaurants, and businesses inyour local neighborhood or around the world.Third, receive financial rewards by doing nothing more than using and sharing Yagooft. Earn by simplyinviting your friends and family to join the network and become eyeballs for our many advertisers.The Yagooft concept is perfect for small business owners, where else in the world can you advertise forfree?
  7. 7. 7Finally, the most important piece of the puzzle, fish for friends and business contacts in our internationalmembership pool, use our unique proprietary translation tool, Turbo-Talk, and our multi-languageeducation program, Global-Talk, to communicate with people around the world who don’t speak yourlanguage.At last – one world, one language. It’s only possible at Yagooft and it’s absolutely free. And that’s justthe beginning at Yagooft, come on in and see for yourself.We are not just another social network, or another group buying discount service. Yagooft is the world’sfirst Global Commerce and Communication System that will shape the way people connect,communicate and do business all over the world.So join us today. Welcome to Yagooft.Yagooft Leadership PositionsHave you ever been involved in a business where it was clear that the business wasn’t set up to supporteveryone involved? Well, Yagooft.At Yagooft, our leaders are rewarded for supporting their entire team. Every Yagooft Affiliate betweenthe ranks of Area Advertising Director and Executive Advertising Director, have the ability to earn up to$9,999.99 per week from the “Two Team Affiliate Marketing Program”.For top leaders and builders who attain the rank of Senior Advertising Director or PresidentialAdvertising Director, they are rewarded by having the potential to earn a full $25,000.00 per week fromthe Yagooft “Two Team Affiliate Marketing Program”.Note: No matter what leadership rank you attain in Yagooft, there is absolutely no limit to how muchyou can earn from the Yagooft “Unlimited Merchant Marketing Program” income stream.The purpose of our Leadership program is to recognize leaders within Yagooft who are successfullybuilding and mentoring their teams. By actively working with their teams, these leaders are insuring theongoing growth and success of Yagooft world-wide.There are seven positions in the Yagooft Leadership Program, beginning with the Advertising Affiliateposition. All Yagooft affiliates start as an Advertising Affiliate. All affiliates participating in the Two TeamAffiliate Marketing Program, which resembles a 1/3 2/3 binary, are required to build two teams in orderto advance in our leadership program. This will ensure teamwork throughout our explosive growth.Here are the seven leadership positions:1. Area Advertising Director2. Regional Advertising Director3. National Advertising Director
  8. 8. 84. International Advertising Director5. Executive Advertising Director6. Senior Advertising Director7. Presidential Advertising Director.Here’s how it works.Area Advertising DirectorEnrolling just two people who purchase the Yagooft Software Package and choose to becomeAdvertising Affiliates qualifies you for life in the Two Team Affiliate Marketing program, and promotesyou to the Area Advertising Director position.Regional Advertising DirectorTo become a Regional Advertising Director you must complete (1) one sales cycle during a single payperiod. A sales cycle equals 21 sales made by your team that are structured according to the 1/3, 2/3rule.National Advertising DirectorTo become a National Advertising Director you must complete (5) five sales cycles during a single payperiod. Remember, a sales cycle equals 21 sales made by your team that are structured according to the1/3, 2/3 rule.International Advertising DirectorTo become an International Advertising Director you must complete (10) ten sales cycles during a singlepay period, again adhering to the 1/3, 2/3 rule.Executive Advertising DirectorTo become an Executive Advertising Director you must complete (20) twenty sales cycles during a singlepay period, again adhering to the 1/3, 2/3 rule.NOTICE - Advertising Affiliates who earn a $10,000 weekly income will be awarded another positionwithin the Two Team Affiliate Marketing Program. You will be able to place this position on top of eitheryour left team or your right team, and this new position will be given all sales you have accrued withinthat team. You can earn an unlimited number of additional positions within the Two Team AffiliateMarketing Program by continuing to develop your teams and hit the $10,000 weekly income mark.Senior Executive Advertising DirectorTo become a Senior Executive Advertising Director, you need at least ten of your personally referredaffiliates (5 on your left team and 5 on your right) to reach the position of Area Advertising Director.
  9. 9. 9Once you achieve the position of Senior Executive Advertising Director, you are eligible to receive up to$25,000 in weekly income from the Two Team Affiliate Marketing Program.Important Notice - The sales made by your large team never flush. However, once you reach $25,000 inweekly income the sales accrued on your smaller team in excess of what is needed to achieve thatweekly income level, do flush.Presidential Advertising DirectorTo reach the seventh leadership position and qualify as a Presidential Advertising Director you must maxout a position.The Yagooft Leadership Program is designed so that all leaders will support and build both of theirteams. It is a very simple program that allows all affiliates to earn up to a $10,000 weekly income withvirtually no quotas.At Yagooft we ask our leaders to build and support both of their teams and lead by example. Weunderstand the mechanics of the Two Team Affiliate Marketing Program and have designed the YagooftLeadership program to insure that all teams get equal training and support. After all, Yagooft is a global,multi-lingual organization. We all need each other’s support in order to achieve our incredible companygoals.So now you know how Yagooft plans to build the world’s largest online affiliate base. We plan to do itthrough real teamwork – Yagooft style!Welcome to Yagooft!Yagooft Software Package DescriptionHave you ever wondered what the world would be like - if we could all just talk to each other?Or imagined a place where we could all go to finally communicate?Well, that is our plan at Yagooft.Yagooft was founded in order to remove language barriers by providing people who speak differentlanguages, an easy, useful way to connect, learn, and share with one another.People world-wide will be given free access to the Yagooft Software Package that includes Turbo-Talk,our proprietary multi-lingual communication software system, so that they can communicate with eachother in an entirely new way.This innovative program operates within an easy-to- navigate, fun-to-use social network. Using Turbo-Talk, people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds, and with various interests can instantly connect, andlearn from one another. Turbo-Talk allows people to communicate, for personal and business reasons,in ways that haven’t been possible until now.
  10. 10. 10Using Turbo-Talk Yagooft Members will be able to: Communicate with people - who don’t speak their language. Learn to speak multiple languages - while making new friends. Make new friends from all over the world - who may not speak your language. Make business contact from all across the world - with no language barrier. Learn to read, write, and speak new languages.And with the Turbo-Talk Website Builder you can create and maintain your very own personal orbusiness website absolutely free.Yagooft was designed to truly connect the world!Whether used by a child to learn a new language, by a member to prepare for foreign travel, by amerchant to attract new customers, by a non-profit organization to support its cause, or by an affiliatewho wants to run their own global advertising business, Turbo-Talk offers something for everyone.At Yagooft we believe Turbo Talk is the missing piece of the Internet. Finally, everyone will be able to beconnected. Through the use of Turbo-Talk, Yagooft will unite people world-wide and enable globalcommerce and communication in a way that has never been done before.Next, we have Global-Talk, a powerful language education course which is also part of the YagooftSoftware Package.Have you ever wanted to learn a different language but didn’t because it seemed too hard, or tooexpensive to do? Well, Yagooft.Global-Talk is an innovative educational program that appeals to a world-wide audience. Within theseeasy-to-use language courses, people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds, and with various interestscan learn how to communicate easily with others in multiple languages.With Global-Talk, people who speak any of the following languages can learn to speak Basic English:Lithuanian, Vietnamese, Estonian, Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian, Thai, Romanian, German, Turkish, Italian,Latvian, Lettish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Kazakh, Greek, French, Tagalog, Bulgarian, Xhosa,Croatian, Portuguese, Hindi, Hungarian, and Japanese.And using Global-Talk, English speaking people can learn the basics of the following languages: Spanish,Latvian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, and Korean.The Global-Talk Program also offers a Business English course in eight different languages that focuseson teaching commonly used business terms and phrases.People can also prepare for their US citizenship test by studying English using the Global-Talk USCitizenship course that is available to those who speak fourteen different languages.And children everywhere can have fun learning new languages and making new international friendswith the Global Buddies Program. This specialized kid’s program is designed to help kids learn differentlanguages within a protected and secure online environment.
  11. 11. 11Yagooft was founded in order to bring people together, and enable them to talk to and learn from eachother without worrying about language barriers. By offering the Yagooft Software Package to the worldfor free through our Advertising Affiliates, we are working to fulfill our mission at Yagooft.You can help by joining Yagooft and seeing for yourself! Welcome to Yagooft.The 50 Dollar DealSlide 1 - 3Have you ever gotten involved in a business…Where you had to pay a large upfront fee to begin?Well, Yagooft.Slide 4 - 6Have you ever wanted to create a residual income…But were required to spend money every month to make it happen?Well, Yagooft again.Slide 7 - 8Did you ever purchase a bunch of products in the hopes of one day making some money?Well, you really gooft that time!Slide 9 -11Are you sick and tired of having to meet ridiculous quotas in order to get paid?If that’s the case…You’ll love Yagooft!Slide 12Welcome to Yagooft! I want to tell you about Yagooft and how this company is going to connect theworld. But, before I begin I want to tell you a story.
  12. 12. 12Slide 13Back in 1994, two brothers decided that they were going to teach the world how to use the computerand everyone thought that they were crazy. They worked on the idea for four years before they wereable to take it to market.In 1998, they put the finishing touches on the entire business model and licensed it to a marketingcompany. And within two years they had customers in over 200 countries and did 220 million dollars ingross sales. It was one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in history.In 2001 they were bought out of their contract and moved on. They then began developing websitesoftware and language training software that was again licensed and sold in over 100 countries. At thistime one of the brothers moved to China and pursued his dream of teaching the Chines people to speakEnglish.Slide 14But the other brother continued working on a concept that would truly connect the world and it wouldbe called Yagooft.Our goal is to build the world’s fastest growing network marketing company. So, after 18 years and overOne Million Dollars in development costs, we know that the only way we can achieve our goal is to makeYagooft the world’s most affordable business. After all we plan to attract people from economies allover the world, so everyone has to be able to afford it.Slide 15So welcome to the 50 Dollar Deal. If you only remember one thing about this presentation, rememberthat it only costs $50, one-time.Everyone can afford 50 Dollars. So if you or anyone you know is looking for a business opportunity, thisone is only 50 bucks.We know people have a hard time presenting businesses to their friends and associates because thecompanies are asking for so much money. But at Yagooft we don’t have that problem because it’s only50 dollars.NOTE: This would be a great time for you to tell your own story about how you decided to becomeinvolved with Yagooft. (Be sure to borrow our story until you have one of your own).Slide 16With the 50 Dollar Deal you get the Yagooft Software Package that includes Turbo-Talk, Global Talk andthe Turbo-Talk Website Builder.Turbo-Talk is our proprietary multi-lingual social network that allows you to communicate with people inover 50 different languages.
  13. 13. 13This powerful program enables you to connect with people in a way that has never been done before;you can now make friends all over the world.Slide 17With Global-Talk, our language educational program, we plan to teach the world how to speak English.And since there are 2 billion people wanting to learn to speak English, they will love the 50 Dollar Deal.And of course English speaking people can learn the basics of many languages.Slide 18The Turbo-Talk Website Builder is also included in the 50 Dollar Deal. People purchasing this packagewill be able to create and maintain a 10 megabyte website, which is large enough to accommodate mostpeople, churches, non-profits, or businesses.You can create a website for any purpose, make changes to it any time you like, and never have to pay ahosting fee at Yagooft.Slide 19So now you can see why the whole world will want to join Yagooft! And you can begin to understandhow we will be able to build the world’s fastest growing network marketing company.Slide 20With the 50 Dollar Deal you also get your own personal affiliate website so you can:Enroll new affiliates, members and merchants directly from your site.Track all your personal and team business activity.Use the multi-lingual social network to make friends and do business all over the world.Slide 21Now, let’s look at the compensation plan. Once you have purchased your product, and chosen tobecome an Advertising Affiliate, all you have to do is make two personal sales, one on your left teamand one on your right, and you are qualified for life.Slide 22You get paid every time six sales are made by you and your team. Every sale ever made by anyone inyour team, counts for you. There must be two sales on one team and four on the other.Slide 23So every time 6 sales are made by your team, you earn $25. And every time 42 sales are made, you getan additional $50 bonus - making a total of $225 for 42 sales. That’s $5 a sale to unlimited depth.
  14. 14. 14This is a proven compensation plan that offers an incredible income potential.Slide 24When you join Yagooft, you will receive one position and can earn a maximum of $25,000 per week perposition.However, once you reach a $10,000 dollar weekly income, you will be awarded an additional positionthat you can place either on top of your small team or your large one, it’s your choice.Please note that no affiliates can begin with more than one position or promote multiple positions.Slide 25Not only does Yagooft offer the most affordable business model with the 50 Dollar Deal, we alsodesigned a program that will save you money while making you money.As an affiliate you now own a global advertising company just like Groupon or Living Social. You caninvite merchants and members to join for free and every time they make a sale or purchase you makemoney.Slide 26Each time a merchant you enrolled sells a voucher, you receive 35% of the amount Yagooft collects.These types of vouchers are sold by the hundreds and thousands every month around the world.Slide 27And one more thing…when you built your two teams, all the associates you personally referred spilleddown into the binary tree.But now, in the Unlimited Merchant Marketing Program which is a Unilevel, all the associates youpersonally referred are on your first level. And you earn income off all vouchers sold through 10 levels.So when all your affiliates begin to enroll merchants, you could have a very large number of merchantsselling vouchers in your unilevel.Slide 28Now that you have built an affiliate team and they have enrolled merchants, you will be paid overrides10 levels deep, on every voucher purchased from merchants on your team.So the question is how big do you want your business to be? You earn 35% of the amount Yagooftcollects from the sale of vouchers sold by merchants that you personally enrolled. Then you earnoverrides on vouchers sold by merchants on your team … 9 levels deep.
  15. 15. 15You’ll also earn overrides on vouchers purchased by members and affiliates you introduced to Yagooft.But we will cover that in more detail in our compensation plan training.Slide 29Now let us show you how we are going to dominate the group discount buying industry world-wide.While the competition is charging merchants 30, 40, and sometimes 50% to deliver these deals to theconsumer, Yagooft will never charge more than $2.50, no matter what size the deal is.For example, when a Yagooft member buys a dining voucher that gives them $40 worth of food for $20,Yagooft collects $2.50 to deliver the voucher, which is only 12.5%. If that same member purchases avoucher that gives them $80 worth of food for $40, Yagooft again only collects $2.50 to deliver thevoucher, which is 6.75%.Slide 30Merchants are paid directly by the consumer. They get paid at point of sale - so no waiting for theirmoney. Merchants are in control of their offers, they can even run multiple offers to advertise specialsand seasonal deals. Merchants have no out of pocket expense. Merchants join for free.Plus, unlike those other group discount services, the Yagooft Voucher Program is designed to appeal tomerchants who want to offer big ticket items as well.For all vouchers, the fee collected by Yagooft is capped at $2.50 max. So the bigger the offer, the betteroff the merchant is.Slide 31So how are we going to bring the world to Yagooft? Well, of course, you are going to want to introduceeveryone you know to the 50 Dollar Deal. But you are also going to be able to invite members,merchants and non-profit groups to join Yagooft for free.Slide 32Members join for FREE and receive a basic version of the Yagooft Software Package. In addition, allmembers will be able to purchase discount vouchers from Yagooft merchants world-wide, and save bigon goods and services through Yagooft.Slide 33Merchants can also join for free, but only through an affiliate.They too receive the basic version of the Yagooft Software Package which they can use to reach anunlimited number of new customers, even if they speak different languages.And millions of small businesses that could not afford websites… can now have one for free… andpromote their business online.
  16. 16. 16Slide 34At Yagooft non-profit organizations also get to join for free, and utilize the Yagooft Software Package.Imagine missionaries all over the world finally being able to communicate for the first time using Turbo-Talk.Non-profits also have the opportunity to introduce Yagooft to merchants in their congregations,organizations, groups, and communities, and receive donations from Yagooft… so they too can benefitfrom this incredible model. Yagooft is looking out for everyone and that’s why the whole world will join.Slide 35So let’s review: There is a one-time entry fee…$50 You only have to sell two and you are qualified for life. There are no monthly quotas There are no monthly fees There is no auto –ship And there is no stuff stacked up in your garageSlide 36So how are we going to build the world’s largest network marketing company? By offering the world the50 Dollar Deal! And of course many other valuable benefits as well.The time is right for Yagooft, and the 50 Dollar Deal is right for the world. Please get back to the affiliatewho introduced you to Yagooft so they can help you get started today.Slide 37Welcome to Yagooft!Yagooft Merchant MovieDo you have a business and would like to have everybody know about it, but your advertising budget isrunning a little thin? Well, let me show you how Yagooft can solve that problem.Are you paying ridiculous fees to advertise on the internet or in your local newspaper? If so, wellYagooft.And if you have been paying group discount sites 50% of your coupon purchases just to drive newcustomers well, you really goofed that time.
  17. 17. 17And can you imagine how many customers you have missed because they simply couldn’t afford topurchase a coupon at the time? I can honestly say that you Yagooft that time too, but that time wasn’tyour fault.And things may even be worst! Maybe you can’t afford to advertise at all. Well Yagooft can solve thatproblem too and you never have to goof again.Have you ever heard of an advertising company that will give you a free website and free targetedmarketing - allowing unlimited offers to customers in your area and beyond? I didn’t think so, but that’sexactly what Yagooft does.Yagooft gives you free targeted marketing and you never pay us a penny. With Yagooft you get acompletely risk free way to run ads. We find the customers, we email the customers, and we even givethe customers their own personalized multi-lingual social network website in order to make it easier forthem to find you.You are in charge at Yagooft. You can run multiple ads showcasing specials, limited time offers, orseasonal offers. Yagooft has given you a platform to reach the world, or maybe just a few morecustomers in your area. And again, it is totally free. Here’s how it works.When a customer decides to take advantage of one of your offers they simply download your voucherby paying Yagooft 25% of the total voucher cost, or $2.50, whichever is the lesser amount. That’s rightYagooft has a $2.50 maximum. The rest will be directly paid to you at the point of sale.For example, if you offer $20 worth of food for $10, the customer will pay Yagooft 25% of $10 then youget paid the remaining $7.50 when your new customer redeems the voucher at your restaurant.Or if you offer a $100 salon visit for $50, this is where it gets interesting. Yagooft has a $2.50 maximumcharge. Instead of the customer paying Yagooft $12.50 which is 25% of the $50 voucher, the customerwill pay Yagooft $2.50 when they buy the voucher. Then you, the merchant will get paid the remaining$47.50.Or imagine if you run a $200 salon visit for $100, Yagooft collects $2.50 and you collect $97.50. That’s97% of the deal. This is how merchants really win at Yagooft, the bigger the deal, the better you do.Yagooft is thinking of everyone. Yagooft wants to drive traffic to you and Yagooft wants you to makemoney. Now, that’s impulse buying at its best. A customer only puts out a small amount to secure yourgreat deal. No more losing customers that want your specials. We make it easy at Yagooft. Now, I’m nomathematician, but this really adds up.And, since Yagooft has a real time language translator, people can read your ads and website inwhatever language they speak. That means you can advertise your business world-wide or to foreignspeaking friends who live in your area.So, if you are in business and you are tired of paying outrageous advertising fees, or if you’d like a freewebsite to promote your business, well, we’ve got you covered at Yagooft.
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