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Fm company pres area finance v06

  1. 1. Company Presentation Expert Opinion Area
  2. 2. Our companyFocus Management has been founded in 1996, by Sandro Castaldo, Marketing Department Director atBocconi School of Management (until December 2009), with the help and support of some members of theBocconi faculty.Focus Management merges the methodological rigor of its academic roots and the brilliancy of its dynamicconsultants. The company is specialized in management consulting, and is tightly linked to an international network of professors and consultants. Our major activity consists in supporting international and local firms facing competitive and organizational challenges, from the problem analysis phase, to solution proposal, strategy implementation and output control. 2
  3. 3. Our values, your value Enactment Innovation Methodological rigor Integrated Energy consulting Working Uniqueness partnership 3
  4. 4. Our customers around the worldOur customers and their subsidiaries are present all over the globe. Working with them we have learnt, on theone hand how to cope with international organizational problems, and on the other hand how to take advantageof such internationality and create inter-subsidiary synergies.. 4
  5. 5. Our main consulting areas Channel & Sales Management Organization & H.R.General Management Marketing Expert Opinion 5
  6. 6. Focusing attention on the Expert Opinion areaFocus Management’s expertise consists of providing support to customers in the crucial process ofdefining value. The process is guaranteed by rigor and an unbiased scientific and methodologicalapproach, together with specialized multidisciplinary skills. 6
  7. 7. Why Focus ManagementThis is where Focus Management makes the difference:  During a project, results are constantly monitored with the client. By working so closely together we are able to adapt the project as we go along, and therefore quickly and efficiently fulfill the client’s needs.  The heart of Focus Management is strategic consulting, which is also essential for the Expert Opinion area. Through our pragmatic approach we openly share our knowledge. As a consequence, our clients can take advantage of our expertise in a number of areas, such as marketing, sales and channel management, H.R. management, etc.  Our quantitative approach is based on rigorous analysis, and results are always tested and validated using the most recent tools for statistical analysis.  Our closeness with the academic world lets us face any challenge by starting from a sound theoretical basis. Moreover, it allows us to take advantage of a strong and ever growing international network of contacts. 7
  8. 8. Some examples of project implementation - Intangible asset valuationIntangible asset valuationThe weigth of intangible assets in today’s economic context is growing greater and greater, along with theincreasing complexity of the competitive environment. When valuing a brand, goodwill or other intangibles,Focus Management not only takes care about “numbers”, but also draws on its experience in managing thereal drivers that underlie of the intangible value (as for example, marketing plans, relationshipmanagement, distribution strategy, channel management, etc.). Moreover, for any valuation we try to applydifferent methods, providing a range of values instead of a single value, in order to reach the highest levelof reliability. 8
  9. 9. Some examples of project implementation - Company valuationCompany valuation and Impairment testValuing a company (or a subsidiary or a divison) means to deeply understand the hypothesis on whichcash flow forecasts are based. This is particularly true when most of the company’s value underliesintangible assets. In this cases, Focus Management’s expertise with regard to trust based resources andcustomer relationship management originates from a strong academic background, supporting the overallreliability of the entire valuation process. With specific regard to the impairment test, even if business plansare provided by the client itself, the valuation process identifies the main value drivers and performs stresstests and sensitivity analyses in order to highlight the consequences, in terms of value, of a number ofworst case unpredictable scenarios. 9
  10. 10. Some examples of project implementation - R&D and patent valuationR&D programs and patent valuationWhen valuing R&D programs and patent, Focus Management analysesthe whole value chain, after the initial idea generation phase. It is essentialto recognize all efforts (not only from a financial standpoint) that havebeen done to let patents come to life. Risk distribution among the partiesanalyzed in depth: if possible, a graduated scale of risk intensity isadopted, favoring an independent, objective approach when splittingprofits and/or sharing costs related with R&D activities.In cases when the valuation involves transactions between non-independent parties, different methodologies are tested, in light of theinternational regulations regarding transfer pricing policies. 10
  11. 11. Some examples of project implementation - Financial restructuringFinancial restructuringWhen a company faces financial restructuring, the rebalancing of the financial structure is just a first step. Itshould be conducted with a more strategic approach. The origins of issues must be investigated, in order toset a new strategy after debt renegotiation. In these cases Focus Management, as a strategic consultingfirm, can count on its DNA, focusing on strategic aspects beyond only the financial concerns. Moreover,Focus Management can assist the client in the implementation of the restructuring program, considering thatour company’s international network includes a number of private equity firms and asset managers. 11
  12. 12. Some examples of project implementation – Litigation and damage valuationDamage valuation and support in case of pending litigationFocus Management provides assistance for accounting and forfinancial matters arising from existing or pending litigation. Ourexpertise covers a number of areas, as for example damagevaluation, valuation of business interests in shareholder andpartnership disputes (i.e. joint ventures), loss valuation as aconsequence of business interruption, losses from contractdisputes, damages suffered for trademark and patentinfringements, etc.Together with the most affirmed law firms, we provide support forsettlement negotiations and for cases involving notifications and/ordisputes with national and international fiscal authorities. Ouranalyses benefit from our academic background, starting from thebasic principles of the economic discipline, with the aim to provideobjective and independent valuations. 12
  13. 13. Some examples of project implementation – Transfer PricingValuation of transfer pricing policiesGlobalization and company growth in size, make facing transfer pricing issues more and more urgent. FocusManagement, together with the company’s tax consultants, assists the client in setting infra-group pricesaccording to international regulations. In order to assure maximum reliability of our studies, we perform ouranalysis from an objective and independent point of view, adopting a strong, quantitative approach. Resultsare corroborated by unbiased statistical analysis. At the same time, as a strategic consulting firm, wesupport clients in re-defining, if useful, the distribution strategy and the channel management in variouscountries where the company is present. 13
  14. 14. Team: professionals with strong, specific backgroundSandro Castaldo, Focus Management’s founder. He is a full Professor in Management at BocconiUniversity of Milan and former Director of the SDA Bocconi Marketing Department. He is facultymember for the MBA full time program and EMMS. His research has focused on marketingrelationships and channel management, customer trust. Among the main books: Trust in MarketRelationships, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, 2007; Channel marketing, Il Mulino, Bologna, 2005 (inItalian); Loyalty Management in Retailing, (co-authored by C. Mauri), Egea, Milan, 2002 (in Italian).Antonella Pirro, a Focus Management partner. She collaborates with SDA Bocconi. Since 1993, shehas worked as a consultant with a specialization in channel management. She has solid experiencethat covers, in particular, transfer pricing studies carried out for multinational groups.Fabrizio Nava, a Focus Management consultant, responsible for the Tax & Finance area. He is aspecialist in finance and evaluation models. He has experience, as a project manager, for a number ofprojects regarding complex valuation issues.Antonella De Giuseppe, a Focus Management consultant. She has a strong quantitative background,with experience in statistical analysis. 14
  15. 15. Team: our international networkFocus Managements international network includes both very renowned professors and brilliant consultants,with whom we have a constant flow of information and ideas. We strongly believe that such an exchange ofopinions is the best way to continuously learn and enhance our knowledge, in order to better serve ourcustomers. London Dartmouth, NH Köln Paris Milano Boston, MA New York, NY Barcelona Gainesville, FL 15
  16. 16. Milano 20122 – Corso Italia, 17Tel. +39 02 - Fax +39 02 E-fax 06 Lecce 73100 - Viale Aldo Moro, 59Tel. +39 0832 37.21.04 - Fax +39 0832 45.76.22 E-Fax 06 Benevento 82100 - Via Clino Ricci, 3