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Homework bscom13 1

  1. 1. Homework #1 Diagnostic Grammar Test Section 1. 1. The sun ____ in the East. a. rising b. is to rise c. rises 2. In Siberia ____ cold all the time. a. there is b. it is c. is 3. The British often talk about ____ because it's so changeable. a. a weather b. some weather c. the weather 4. English people carry umbrellas ____ them dry. a. for keeping b. to keep c. for to keep 5. In the monsoon season ____ almost every day. a. it rains b. it raining c. there rains 6. In the Gobi desert there isn't ____ grass. a. some b. any c. no 7. Places near the Equator have _____ climate all year round. a. a warm b. the warm c. warm 8. In Northern Europe ____ season is usually from December to February. a. coldest b. the coldest c. colder 9. _____ people don't have the opportunity to live outside their own country. a. The most b. Most of c. Most 10. Very ____ people can study abroad. a. less b. little c. few 11. Hong Kong ____ to China in 1997. a. has reverted b. reverted c. reverting 12. After she ____ the "Miss Universe" title she got a lot of lucrative offers. a. is winning b. won c. has won 13. Madonna's agent ____change her name at the start of her career. a. have made her to b. made her to c. made her 14. If the world ____ on 1st January 2000, some people wouldn't have been surprised. a. have ended b. had ended c. was ending 15. Warsaw is famous ____ as the capital of Poland and as a tourist destination. a. both b. and c. or 16. He is becoming well known the world. a. all in b. all over c. in all 17. Many ____ people that Nigel Kennedy is England's greatest violinist.
  2. 2. a. is believing b. are believing c. believe 18. Getting to be the greatest violinist ____ the world is not easy. a. from b. in c. of 19. Like any top musician, he _____ practice long and hard. a. had to b. must to c. can to 20. Even though Lady Diana is dead, people _____ remember her as a 'fairytale princess'. a. would b. will c. did Section 2 – Rewrite and make the necessary corrections 1. I eat Indian food for lunch yesterday. 2. I will borrow you P100. 3. He’s hobbies are listening to music and collecting stamps. 4. Two of her daughter are students. 5. She don’t like taking a trip with her family. 6. My father name is David Cruz. 7. Please borrow me your car. 8. At the second floor of my house is my bedroom. 9. My brother don’t play the piano. 10. The consultant will arrive yesterday. Section 3 1. Which of these sentences is correct? a. The milkman has just been here. b. The milkman have just been here. 2. Which of these sentences is correct? a. The pen do not work. b. The pen does not work. 3. Which of these sentences is correct? a. We were watching television last night. b. We was watching television last night. 4. Which of these sentences is correct? a. The car goes really well. b. The car go very well. 5. Which of these sentences is correct? a. There were a loud noise.
  3. 3. b. There was a loud noise 6. Which of these sentences is correct? a. My sister and I was going swimming. b. My sister and I were going swimming. 7. Which of these sentences is correct? a. The vase of flowers look beautiful. b. The vase of flowers looks beautiful. 8. Which of these sentences is correct? a. The manager and the assistant manager were made redundant yesterday. b. The manager and the assistant manager was made redundant yesterday. 9. Which of these sentences is correct? a. The crowd was singing and cheering loudly. b. The crowd were singing and cheering loudly 10. Which of these sentences is correct? a. Everyone in the office have a computer. b. Everyone in the office has a computer.