Lasik and refractive surgery


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Lasik and refractive surgery

  1. 1. 1) The Intra-Collamer Lens (ICL) The Intra-Collamer Lens, more commonly referred to as Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) is a highly established lens that has been in the market for over 15 years with more than 200,000 lenses implanted world-wide. The ICL is an excellent option to treat refractive errors, especially for patients with high astigmatism. For this surgery, the ICL is placed behind and between the iris and natural lens of the eye and hence is not visible from the outside. 2) Phakic Intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) This lens is an alternative to the Implantable Contact Lens, with the main difference being the placement of the lens. Unlike the ICL, where the lens is placed behind and between the iris, and natural lens of the eye, the IOL is placed in the anterior segment of the eye in front of the iris. Since the lens is inserted in from of the iris, it is more easily accessible, making it less traumatic and easier to insert and remove, if necessary. It also reduces the risk of increased post-surgery eye-pressure. In line with the commitment to maintaining our position at the forefront of technology, EEC continues to acquire the latest in cutting-edge equipment from its technology partners. 1) Flap Creation With established partners like Ziemer and IntraLase, EEC strives to stay abreast of flap-creation technology through the acquisition of the latest versions of the Femto LDV and iFS femtosecond laser systems respectively. Femtosecond lasers make it possible for “Blade-free LASIK” with seamless integration into both LASIK and other corneal surgical procedures. Smoother flaps, optimal centration with improved safety and stability, are just some of the advancements patients can expect from their EAGLELASIK experience. 2) Cornea Sculpting Cornea sculpting involves the shaping of the cornea, utilizing special excimer lasers. By changing the shape and steepness of corneas, we are able achieve lasting correction for a wide range of ocular aberrations. These super-fast lasers combine high speed with superb precision to deliver outstanding outcomes for our patients. Wavelight and Schwind are just some of our renowned partners, with the EX-500 and Amaris ranges respectively defining the cutting-edge in excimer laser technology. 3) Cornea Strengthening Collagen cross-linking is a breakthrough corneastrengthening technology. Using a revolutionary technique to dramatically reduce procedure times while improving the quality of outcomes, EEC is better equipped to make a LASIK a safer and more compatible procedure for patients with thinner corneas. Furthermore, at EEC, we offer a One-Day LASIK experience where our patients can complete both pre-LASIK assessments and LASIK surgery for both eyes on the same day. EEC is motivated to provide top notch quality care for our patients not just for the short trip ahead but for their lifetime as an indication of our commitment to excellence and firstclass service to everyone. Enquiries Eagle Eye Centre @ Mount Alvernia Mount Alvernia Hospital 820 Thomson Road, #02-10/17, Medical Centre Blk B, Singapore 574623 Tel: 6456-1000 / 6-eagleye (6324-5393) Fax: 6456-1006 Eagle Eye Centre @ Mount Elizabeth Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre 3 Mount Elizabeth, #08-02, Singapore 228510 Tel: 6836-0001 Fax: 6836-0002 Since acquiring our latest technology, EEC has performed thousands of bladeless LASIK procedures and to date (Jan 2010) have achieved a remarkable 100% visual success rate of 6/12 (driving vision) or better without need for enhancement. All our refractive procedures were performed and cared by renowed surgeons and specialists in their field. EEC is backed up by our very own highly experienced cornea specialist such that you can be assured that even the most unlikely complications will be cared for and well treated. Eagle Eye Centre @ Parkway East Parkway East Medical Centre 319 Joo Chiat Place, #05-03, Singapore 427989 Tel: 6348-1000 Fax: 6348-1001 Eagle Eye Centre @ Mount Elizabeth Novena Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre 38 Irrawaddy Road, #08-22/23/24, Singapore 329563 Tel: 6570-1000 Fax: 6570-1001 Email: Website: LASIK & REFRACTIVE SURGERY
  2. 2. But otherwise, Epi-Lasik has shown to offer safe and excellent long-term visual outcomes. This technique is recommended to patients with thin corneas, and to those who lead an active sporting lifestyle. W world’s latest and advanced femtosecond laser, the Ziemer’s FEMTO LDV to do this procedure. Unlike the Intralase which requires the patient to have a flap created at a separate sitting, this machine is compact and the procedure is seamless and done at the same sitting, and more importantly, the femtosecond laser uses more precisely focused laser pulses at thousands of times less energy per pulse than Intralase, which makes it even safer. This is a point of drastic differentiation between the femtosecond laser and Intralase. Surgical Alternatives to LASIK