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Socialize your enterprise make it network
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Socialize your enterprise make it network


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. How to Survive? Socialize your Enterprise make IT network!
  • 2. 9. Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 10. Social Business Intelligence (BI) 11. Social Information Working (IW) 12. Social Information Architecture (IA)1. Introduction. 13. The “Social Layer”.2. Social Defined. 14. Change & Change3. Empathy World! Management4. Enterprise Social Networking 15. Sourcing Approach. - Part I (Introduction) 16. Our Own Reference Case.5. Evolution Theory of Ensoné. 17. Products.6. Speaker Biography. 18. What’s in it For Everyone?7. Today’s Workplace. 19. Project Approach?8. Enterprise Social Networking 20. Enterprise Social Networking - - Part II (Definition) Part III (Conclusion)
  • 3. Empathy World
  • 4. Scenario 1Communication.
  • 5. Scenario 1Communication. • Mission: Email Elimination? • • The Future Of Work Wont Include Email. • • Why Enterprise Social Networking will Overtake Email. •
  • 6. Scenario 1Communication.Advantages of an “Enterprise SocialNetwork” in Communication &Collaboration?• Breaking through Information Silos• Improve Corporate Visibility & Awareness• Pull (as apposed to “Push”) Communication
  • 7. Scenario 2Onboarding.
  • 8. Scenario 2Onboarding. • The Enterprise Social Path Leads to Decentralization, Engagement. •
  • 9. Scenario 2Onboarding.Advantages of an “Enterprise Social Network”for the Onboarding of Employees?• Dynamic (as apposed to “Procedural”)• Quick Camaraderie• Absorb Tribal Knowledge.• Immediate Contributions.• Rapid Time to Productivity.
  • 10. Scenario 3Sales.
  • 11. Scenario 3Sales. • If You Dont Have a Social CEO, Youre Going to be Less Competitive. •
  • 12. Scenario 3Sales.Advantages of an “Enterprise Social Network”for Sales Enablement?• Real-time Responses to Sales Questions • Responses from Anywhere in the Company• Build-Up Sales Knowledge (Archived Questions)• Improve Ramp-up Time 4
  • 13. Empathy WorldThere is genuine business valuefor “Enterprise SocialNetworking”.We reviewed the advantages of(only) 3 use cases in moredetail:• Communication• Employee Onboarding• Sales Enablement
  • 14. Enterprise Social
  • 15. Enterprise Social• The Continuing Rise of the Social Enterprise. •• Social networking in the workplace is coming of age. •
  • 16. Enterprise SocialWhat is “Enterprise SocialNetworking”?It’s the Collision of the Socialand Consumerization Trends.Features:• Social Media Features• User Centric Approach• aNyone - aNyone & Pull Communication
  • 17. The Social Layer
  • 18. The Social Layer• Building the Social Layer. •
  • 19. The Social LayerWhat is “The Social Layer”?• The implementation of one (shared) social layer in the enterprise software stackWhat’s the advantage?• It enabled the implementation of the same social workflows across all enterprise applications.
  • 20. Thank YouFor up-to-date information on“Enterprise Social Networking” follow me on Twitter. @MrPetrovic