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  • 1. BIWUG – SharePoint CommunityJanuary 29 - 2013
  • 2. DELL Software –Control your SharePoint ChaosVolker PingenSenior Solutions ArchitectQuest Software GmbH – now a part of DELL
  • 3. About Dell Software Data center & cloud Information Mobile workforce management management  Windows Server mgmt  Data management  BYOD  Performance monitoring  App/data integration  Endpoint management  Virtualization mgmt  Business intelligence and analytics Security management & data protection  Identity and access management  Endpoint security  Virtual protection  Network security  Backup and recovery  Application protection3 SharePoint Solutions
  • 4. 4 SharePoint Solutions
  • 5. Your survey – Your choice… Focus: User Adoption Management Migration5 SharePoint Solutions
  • 6. User Adoption6 SharePoint Solutions
  • 7. User Adoption - Challenges How to bring users to work with SharePoint ???7 SharePoint Solutions
  • 8. User Adoption - ChallengesAdoption problems are caused by 2 key areas: Endusers & ITEnduser• Enduser Collaboration = Email – Overtaxed mail stores – Hard to retrieve lost data in mail stores• SharePoint interface ≠ integration into daily workstream• Endusers are confused about SharePoint – Naming – Structure8 SharePoint Solutions
  • 9. User Adoption - ChallengesIT• SharePoint (implementation) projects are IT-driven projects• Enduser is (often) not involded• Missing guidance for EndusersHow to solve the problem?• Integrate SharePoint into the daily workstream of users• Give enduser some guidance what to put where• Make SharePoint UI friendly for the enduser9 SharePoint Solutions
  • 10. AttachThis10 SharePoint Solutions
  • 11. Conceptually11 SharePoint Solutions
  • 12. Highlights• Simple Outlook plug-in• Smart forwarding• Granular permission setting• Personalized smart tagging• Global smart tagging• Trend reporting available with Pro license12 SharePoint Solutions
  • 13. Client Side13 SharePoint Solutions
  • 14. Server Side14 SharePoint Solutions
  • 15. Quick Apps for SharePoint15 SharePoint Solutions
  • 16. Quick Apps for SharePointKey features and benefits• Build solutions that you can easily support, maintain and upgrade – up to 80% faster and with no custom coding• Extend SharePoint beyond out-of-the-box limitations – Controllable, security-aware navigational menus – Intelligent & highly functional web forms – Charting / business intelligence (BI) – Line of business data (LOB) access• Simplify customization – Drag the web part onto a page & configure• Does not require in depth knowledge or development expertise – Includes built-in video training and active product community• Easily repeatable on multiple sites16 SharePoint Solutions
  • 17. Quick Apps for SharePointThis application was built without custom code Data View Data Entry Data Selector Navigation External Data Integration 17 SharePoint Solutions
  • 18. Data Integration with SharePointConnect To Any External Data Source Through ODBC or Web Services 18 SharePoint Solutions
  • 19. EzEditPoint-and-click configuration interface19 SharePoint Solutions
  • 20. Management20 SharePoint Solutions
  • 21. SharePoint Management - ChallengesSharePoint is offering a lack of..• Security Reporting: Who has access where?• User Activity: What are users doing on SharePoint? What is used / unused?• Content: How much and what content is stored where?• Infrastructure: Overview about all farms incl. servers, roles, etc?21 SharePoint Solutions
  • 22. SharePoint Management - Challenges• Lack of Visibility into the environment • Cannot monitor users’ activity in SharePoint. • Expected to support SharePoint sites IT doesn’t know exists• Time consuming management • Unable to effectively manage permissions across the environment (protecting data and people). • Unable to report on the entire environment, including SharePoint Online, auditing who has access and monitoring what they are doing and tracking what is being stored and shared.22 SharePoint Solutions
  • 23. SharePoint Management - Challenges• No delegation of duties • Bogged down by requests from business content owners for permissions and reporting• No scalability • Cannot anticipate SharePoint growth and storage needs23 SharePoint Solutions
  • 24. Site Administrator for SharePoint24 SharePoint Solutions
  • 25. Conceptually25 SharePoint Solutions
  • 26. Increase Visibility into SharePoint• 360° discovery and reporting• Delegated, security- trimmed access• Pre-migration planning• Comprehensive security and content management• User activity auditing• Growth forecasting and management Report >> Act >> Enforce >>26 SharePoint Solutions
  • 27. Security Dashboard and Drill Downs• Centralized SharePoint security reporting, management and policy enforcement to help you: – Protect your SharePoint data – Track security changes – Close loopholes – Manage user access rights Report >> Act >> Enforce >>27 SharePoint Solutions
  • 28. Site Permissions Report28 SharePoint Solutions
  • 29. User Permissions Report29 SharePoint Solutions
  • 30. User Activity Dashboard and Drill Downs• Comprehensive SharePoint user activity monitoring, management and policy enforcement to help you: – Analyze usage and popularity of sites, pages and individual documents – Identify stalled and unused content – Track user activity and content changes Report >> Act >> Enforce >>30 SharePoint Solutions
  • 31. Site Usage Report31 SharePoint Solutions
  • 32. Site Activity Report32 SharePoint Solutions
  • 33. Content Dashboard and Drill Downs• Complete SharePoint content monitoring, management and policy enforcement to help you: – Control your SharePoint storage and growth – Secure your business critical content – Restructure data Report >> Act >> Enforce >>33 SharePoint Solutions
  • 34. Enterprise & Cross Version Report34 SharePoint Solutions
  • 35. Site & Site Collection Report35 SharePoint Solutions
  • 36. Content Database Report36 SharePoint Solutions
  • 37. Site Metrics Report37 SharePoint Solutions
  • 38. Infrastructure Dashboard and Drill Downs• Detailed IT infrastructure reports of your SharePoint environment (across multiple farms and multiple versions), including: – Approach SharePoint governance by discovering what’s in your environment – Inventory SharePoint physical and logical topology across multiple farms – Start with enterprise view and drill down into any details on sites and users Report >>38 SharePoint Solutions
  • 39. Farm Report39 SharePoint Solutions
  • 40. Web Application Report40 SharePoint Solutions
  • 41. Information Portal Delegated Access41 SharePoint Solutions
  • 42. Advanced permissions management with Security Explorer • Single permissions management tool for SharePoint Administrators to: – Manage all permissions across multiple farms and versions – Find security weaknesses and over-privileged users – Backup and restore permissions – Search by user or access level across the enterprise42 SharePoint Solutions
  • 43. Prepare Before You Migrate • Pre-migration assessment and planning, enabling you to: – Discover the true extent of your SharePoint environment – Review usage reports to prioritize your migration plan – Monitor content growth to ensure a scalable future environment – Analyze IT infrastructure to ensure you meet requirements43 SharePoint Solutions
  • 44. SharePoint Online (o365)44 SharePoint Solutions
  • 45. Migration45 SharePoint Solutions
  • 46. Considerations for SharePoint Migration• SharePoint migrations are challenging: – Requires new hardware – Server – SQL – Windows• Different types of SharePoint migration: – Cross version (2007  2010 or 2007/2010  2013) – In version (2010  2010 or 2010  SharePoint Online) – Different source platforms (SharePoint, File System, Public Folder or Lotus Notes)• Not ideal to combine SharePoint roll-out with content migration – Dependency – IT burden – Budget splitting46 SharePoint Solutions
  • 47. Considerations for SharePoint Migration• Migration projects are time consuming• Migration should have no impact on End-users and IT• SharePoint migrations are challenging: – Requires new hardware – Different types of SharePoint migration: – Cross version (2007  2010 or 2007/2010  2013) – In version (2010  2010 or 2010  SharePoint Online) – Different source platforms (SharePoint, File System, Public Folder or Lotus Notes)• No matter what migration method is used, IT has to deal with data migration & hardware implementation47 SharePoint Solutions
  • 48. Considerations for SharePoint Migration• Not ideal to combine SharePoint roll-out with content migration – Introduces too many dependencies – Hardware roll-out – SQL Upgrade – Configuration – Content migration• SharePoint 2013 introduces its own changes (UI & capabilities) – Better if content remains consistent• Potential to split upgrade cost over budgetary periods – Consolidate content in FY1 – Upgrade to SharePoint 2013 in FY2• Upgrades can and do get postponed/cancelled48 SharePoint Solutions
  • 49. Considerations for SharePoint Migration• Native migration only supported for SharePoint 2010• Consolidate the number of SharePoint farms in your environment• Plan for and monitor content database sizes during migration• Start preparing for custom application development migration ASAP• Remember: Upgrade from a pre-release version of SharePoint 2013 to the release version of SharePoint 2013 is not supported49 SharePoint Solutions
  • 50. SharePoint to SharePoint Migration – the native way• All-or-none approach • No gradual process • No cleaning process• Can’t filter content• Can’t change site structures• Can’t tag or remap metadata• Can’t upgrade from older versions (2003-2010 or 2007-2010) directly• Can’t re-templates sites or migrate users• Centralized IT driven migrations50 SharePoint Solutions
  • 51. Migration Suite For SharePoint51 SharePoint Solutions
  • 52. Conceptually53 SharePoint Solutions
  • 53. Highlights• Agentless – Nothing deployed to source or target servers• Uses SharePoint web services; No direct database writes• Leverage existing SharePoint permissions; No need for privileged account• Works across domains, proxies, and firewalls• Synchronizes post migration changes• Retain, reassign, or add metadata; remap content types; tag content• Migration can be scheduled, run in bulk, run in various ways• Supports ALL SharePoint: 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 on-premise & online• Supports local or mapped windows disks & Exchange 2003, 2007, & 201054 SharePoint Solutions
  • 54. Restructure & Filter Your Content55 SharePoint Solutions
  • 55. Map To Custom Content Types and Managed Metadata56 SharePoint Solutions
  • 56. Your questions?57 SharePoint Solutions
  • 57. Thank You58 Confidential Pre Sales