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Alldayeveryday the newsstand

  1. 1. ALLDAYEVERYDAY presents The Newsstand WHAT:An independent media take over of the Newsstand at theMetropolitan Avenue station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.Located at the intersection of the G and L trains, theNewsstand sees thousands of commuters pass by every day.This new shop will feature independent magazines andzines from around the world, curated by Lele Saveri ofthe 8-Ball Zine Fair especially for ALLDAYEVERYDAY. WHO: ALLDAYEVERYDAY, a creative company centered aroundcreating experiences that engage and entertain audienceshas produced The Newsstand in partnership with 8-Ballbecause of the zine fairs reputation as one of theleading underground and independentpublishing specialists.Zines and publications have been curated to include someof the top publishers of independent printed matter,including selections from Dashwood Books, Hamburger Eyes,Ed Varie, Pau Wau Publications, Toilet Paper Magazine,McNally Jackson, and more. The Newsstand will be a one-month open platform to give avoice to the community of independent publishers throughbook launches, artist signings and other events.WHEN:The Newsstand will open to the public on June 15th andwill be open weekdays from 9am-8pm, weekends from12pm-5pm and close on July 20th. 604 E 11TH ST, NYC 10009 / 212 625 8844 / INFO@ALLDAYEVERYDAY.COM© 2013 ALLDAYEVERYDAYALLDAYEVERYDAYPRESENTSTHENEWSSTAND13071711:05AM/PM
  2. 2. THE NEWSSTANDThe way in which we consume information is changing. Somewill say traditional print media is obsolete. But itsapparent demise has opened the door for independentcreative self expression.Zine culture has been producing influential independentpublications for decades and a recent rise of awarenesshas given this platform a renewed life. With a focus onpersonal creative expression these modern zines offers adeeper look at culture in a way rarely seen in massmedia.It is as supporters, afficionados and participants inthis community that ALLDAYEVERYDAY launches TheNewsstand. The month long pop-up space takes the formatof the Subway Newsstand and utilizes it as a venue forindependent publishers by offering a selection of theleading zines and artists publications availabletoday. The temporary retail shop will be housedunderground, at the Metropolitan Avenue subway station inWilliamsburg, Brooklyn. Located at the intersection of tothe L and G trains, it is a space and opportunity uniqueto New York City.Produced by ALLDAYEVERYDAY, The Newsstand is curated byLele Saveri of the The 8-Ball Zine fair, with over 100titles and publications from some of the most wellrespected names in independent publishers around theworld.The shop will also house a small selection of independentmusic with a listening station for Vinyl, cassette tapesand CDs. ALLDAYEVERYDAY encourages the creation of artfor the purpose of self expression and we believe thatthe physical nature of these products can create a deeperconnection to the arts for the fans.604 E 11TH ST, NYC 10009 / 212 625 8844 / INFO@ALLDAYEVERYDAY.COM© 2013 ALLDAYEVERYDAY
  3. 3. ALLDAYEVERYDAYALLDAYEVERYAY is a creative company that cultivatesthe personal aspirations and drive of its community. Ouroriginal work centers around generating content inpartnership with writers, artists and photographers whilegiving them a platform for exposure and collaboration.ALLDAYEVERYDAY also offers a creative services divisionproviding tailored digital, creative, entertainment andcontent executions for clients including Nike, StandardHotels, Club Monaco, Express, Land Rover andothers.  ALLDAYEVERYDAYs team is a mix of makers,breakers, thinkers and doers that creates experiences toengage and entertain audiences. LELE SAVERILele Saveri was born in Rome and studied photography atthe University of Greenwich, in London. After a period inthe UK, he moved back to Italy to work as photo-editorfor Vice magazine in Milan, where he also ran the ViceGallery on via Watt. In 2007 he founded and has sincecurated the online gallery ithoughtiwasalone, for whichhe has shown in London, Venice, Milan and Valencia. Lelecurrently lives and works in New York where heregularly contributes to Apartamento, RivistaStudio, Rolling Stone, Sang Bleu,  L’UomoVogue and Vice. Since June 2012, Lele has organized andcurated the bi-annual 8-Ball Zine Fair. 8-BALL8 Ball is an independent art book fair that started inJune 2012 by curator, Lele Saveri at the Grand Billiard(R.I.P.) in Brooklyn. The zine fair continues to runtwice a year in New York City in different billiardhalls. 8-Ball celebrates different independent bookpublishers as well as artist books during the fair, whichis free to the public. The main table at the fair is a"drop-off" table, where anyone can bring their own self-made zines, posters, t-shirts, patches to be sold by the8-Ball team free of charge. With every edition of thefair, 8-Ball curates a new set of zines by differentartists, each with a unique publisher. The Fair recently604 E 11TH ST, NYC 10009 / 212 625 8844 / INFO@ALLDAYEVERYDAY.COM© 2013 ALLDAYEVERYDAY
  4. 4. added a table for independent music drop-offs, to featuremixtapes, CDs and records. The fair days include videoscreenings, records spinning, food, drinks and lots ofzines. The Newsstand: Participating PublishersDesert Island booksDashwood BooksEd VarieJason PolanHamburger EyesNoworkMiniature GardenMOSSLESSPau Wau PublicationsPeradamSwill ChildrenRumore NeroToilet Paper MagazineKarmaSelected magazines by McNally JacksonDan Murphy ZinesSelected records by COOP-87For more information, or to schedule an interview pleasecontact:Jamie FalkowskiMARKETING DIRECTORALLDAYEVERYDAYjamie@alldayeveryday.com604 E 11TH ST, NYC 10009 / 212 625 8844 / INFO@ALLDAYEVERYDAY.COM© 2013 ALLDAYEVERYDAY