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Creating amazing work   session presentation #blissdomca

Creating amazing work session presentation #blissdomca



Creating Amazing Work: The Framework for Great Writing: Presented at Blissdom Canada 2013 by Rebecca Stanisic, Elan Morgan and Haley Overland.

Creating Amazing Work: The Framework for Great Writing: Presented at Blissdom Canada 2013 by Rebecca Stanisic, Elan Morgan and Haley Overland.



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    Creating amazing work   session presentation #blissdomca Creating amazing work session presentation #blissdomca Presentation Transcript

    • #Blissdomca Creating Amazing Content: The Framework For Great Writing Haley Overland @cheaty Elan Morgan @schmutzie Rebecca Stanisic @bitofmomsense
    • Part 1: Your Blog As A Portfolio #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Discover Your Voice! Own your voice. It’s the most powerful tool you have #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Write content on your blog that you want to write, that you feel connected to #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Write content your readers care about – is it helpful? Funny? Is it informative? Are they connecting? Know your audience #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Push through writer’s block – find new ways to help you write. Crowdsource, photos, themes – something to keep you writing #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Write often #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Consume the type of content you want to create – reading great writing inspires great writing. Read more than you write #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Get your content noticed– seek out ways to share your content where your readers (and new readers) can find it #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • The definition of success is subjective. Decide what your definition is #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Part 2: Expanding Your Blog Writing Reviews, Sponsored Posts, Paid Writing #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Seek out the brands and products you want to work with. Don't be shy! #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Tell them why you are a good match for each other, and say it like you mean it #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Be original. Tell your story about your relationship with the product #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Keep your voice. It's you who brings all the readers to your yard, not the product #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Remember your audience. You know them, so speak to them like friends, not like you're feeding strangers ad copy #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Include your own images in sponsored and review content #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Ask the brand to clearly outline their expectations and then meet them. This is a rare and valuable skill #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Editing rules. It's how you show love and respect for your content, readers, and the companies you work for #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Part 3: Writing for publications and clients #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • I got my job the day before a momentous tooth operation at a blogger event that I was FORCED to go to #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Your blog is your portfolio: Write regularly, write well, and write as if a potential employer might be reading #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Decide whom you want to work with, and get to know those brands well #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Pitch content that is relevant, timely, newsy, fresh, detailed and creative #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Creating content often involves creating something out of nothing. Get inspired; have faith in your thoughts & ideas #Bissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Challenge yourself to write content you don’t normally write – while maintaining the voice you were hired for #blissdomca #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • TERMS TO KNOW           HED: Title/headline of your article. DEK: A catchy sentence or two describing your article; often appears as the subtitle in magazine articles. LEDE: The first paragraph or lead of your article. PITCH: An abstract or one-sheet description of your article, including HED, DEK, LEDE, outline and anything you think is essential to conveying the value of your piece —> like a sales pitch! BLOG (online personal response/commentary, i.e., to a news event) vs. ARTICLE (editorial, may also be first-person). FACT-CHECKING: Magazine hires its own fact-checker, but check your own facts, as well. GALLERY: Online series of slides, including photos and blurbs SEO: Search Engine Optimization — get to know “keywords” (Google), etc., that make your online work searchable. ADVERTORIAL: Sponsored material must always be transparent — usually marked with "sponsored." MULTI-PLATFORM: The latest buzzword! Think about the various iterations in which your work will appear — online, print, iPad, eBooks, apps, etc. #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013
    • Do you want to create content? Can you get passionate about it? That’s What Will Drive Amazing Content #blissdomca @cheaty @schmutzie @bitofmomsense October 4, 2013