A bite of success


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A bite of success

  1. 1. A bite of successLAYLA HAROON (Contributor)15 November 2007Seema Shetty, the Managing Director of NMC group tells City Times about her successful entreprenueral venturesENDOWED WITH a great personality, Seema Shetty, the Managing Director of NMC group and itssubsidiaries, is not one to rest on her laurels.Born in Abu Dhabi, she completed her schooling at Al Khubairat Primary School and proceeded toChouiefat School for her secondary studies. She then earned her bachelors in Marketing andEntrepreneurship at Boston University.Seema Shetty speaks to City Times about her successful ventures and her passion for business.What motivates you in business?The people in business are extremely knowledgeable; it is amazing how much you can learn from them. Itis a place where an entrepreneur can grow. You learn something new every day, and that is the best partof it.What prompted you to start BiteRite?It all kicked off three years ago, when I suggested to change my lifestyle to a healthy one, and limit myintake of calories to 1500. As I love food, it was quite difficult to be on diet. I discussed this with myparents, and they said Well, imagine how it is for us, being a diabetic. The rest, as they say, is history.What is BiteRite?BiteRite is not a special food line, but it is a perfect food line primarily for people with diabetes,hypertension and obesity. Its menus cover world cuisine and are low in sodium, cholesterol and calorie.They are developed and screened by a panel of endocrinologists, nutritionists and expert chefs.What impedes women from being triumphant?The fact that she sees being a woman as an issue. Being a woman has worked to my advantages manyof the times. Predominantly because women are now growing in their respective fields, they alwayssupport other woman. We build ourselves on grounded principles. That is proved by the latest researchthat men find difficult to handle multitask jobs.Many people believe that your father’s goodwill has made you successful. Would you like tocomment on this?Yes, it is true that without my father’s goodwill, I would never have gained the support or confidence Ineeded locally and internationally. However, you cannot say that it made my ventures becomesuccessful. My father never gave me anything on a silver platter, however, I did get a lot ofencouragement and advice.What does one need to be a successful businessperson?Each person who drives the business should have three basic elements: innovation, dedication, andhonesty. A business should always grow under a person ensuring these three elements. Growing up insuch a diverse environment helped me a lot. Here I understood the various likes, dislikes, needs andviews of the different cultures, which is huge advantage when it comes to business.Whats next?My present focus is on BiteRite; perfecting and expanding it. We are opening many BR outlets in AbuDhabi and Dubai. I am also currently working on opening up Zari Zardozi in Al Raha Mall with a hugemarket sourcing from designers in India. It is three times the size of our current one in Le Royal Meridienand Iam also working on expanding our jewellery stores from two to six by the end of the year.