Communilytics on a shoestring


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Slides from the Communilytics Intensive at Web2Expo San Francisco, May 2, 2010. This contains tips for monitoring communities cost-effectively.

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  • Let’s look at a second social media marketing campaign. This one was about building awareness in the industry of the relationship between performance and conversions.

  • Malcolm

  • Hand off to AC

  • First, I create the message I want to track. In GA’s case, this gives me a long URL I can use -- every visit will bear the markings of the campaign.
  • Then I shorten that long URL with a service
  • I Tweet the message with the short URL
  • When I get traffic, I can see which message worked best. I’ll also see ALL Tweets -- even those that came from other clients and desktops. I’ll even see viral spread to other networks.

  • in this case, bigco announces that they’ve got a 20% discount for T-shirts in the next 10 minutes.
    a couple of people respond. @bigco then D messages each person with a unique shorturl identifier. As a result, they’re able to trace each shortened URL to an actual person and measure both virality and conversion rates for each ‘micro-campaign’.

  • Communilytics on a shoestring

    1. 1. Communilytics Tips Sean’s Top 10 list
    2. 2. 10: When to tweet
    3. 3. 4:01 PM
    4. 4. 9: Being everywhere
    5. 5. 8: Being stalky
    6. 6. 7: Watching Short URLs
    7. 7.
    8. 8. 6: Configuring Alerts
    9. 9. Alerts based on sentiment
    10. 10. 5: Geographic Targetting
    11. 11. 4: Platforms on platforms
    12. 12. 3: Facebook analytics
    13. 13. Omniture, Coremetrics, Webtrends, Unica
    14. 14. 2: Using keywords to find communities & vocabulary
    15. 15. 1: Google URI builder!
    16. 16. Tying community back to other monitoring.
    17. 17. Twitter coupons on the cheap
    18. 18. @bigco Twitter Conversion followers funnel “20% discount on T-shirts for the next 10 minutes. Reply with ‘shirt’ in the message if you want one.” 12 followers <friend1> “@bigco Gimme a shirt discount!” <friend2> “@bigco WANT shirt kthxbai” 3 responded to o er <friend3> “@bigco I’ll take a shirt code, pls” “D <friend1> go to “D <friend2> go to 0 blocked or bounced “D <friend3> go to … Abandoned 2 visited site Converted 1 conversion
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