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 TIMD Winter Camp Training in Korea
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TIMD Winter Camp Training in Korea


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Published in: Sports
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  • 1. World Tong IL Moo DO Federation Tong-IL Moo Do – Korea Activity Report For 1st Tong – IL Moo Do National Winter Camp 2014 January 3-5, 2014 Cheong-A Camp, Gapyeong gun, Cheongpyeong Prepared By: Tong IL Moo Do Presented to: Regional Church
  • 2. I. Participants (Self Introduction) a. Busan- Ulsan Delegates b. Seorak Delegates
  • 3. Chungbuk Delegates (Goesan) (Chungju)
  • 4. Kyeonggi-Bukbo Delagates (Guri) (Dongducheon) (Maseok)
  • 5. Seoul Delegates (Cheong Buk Gung) (KAngbuk)
  • 6. II. Welcoming Remarks a. Rev. Pyeong Rae Moon, President of Martial Arts Federation for World Peace-Korea (MAFWP) b. Mr. Il Jing Seuk , Vice President of Martial Arts Federation for World Peace-Korea (MAFWP) with his first Lady, Mrs. Seuk
  • 7. III. Inspirational Messages a. Dr. Kim Jin Chun President of Cheong Shim School of Theology “Tong-il Moo Do is different from other martial arts.” “There should be unity between mind and body as we practice these heavenly martial arts (Tong-il Moo Do)” “God and True Parents should be part in our every action”. “Give and take action is very important.” “We should not take it externally. But we will keep it in mind that we will focus internally. Let's feel gods heart. Filial piety towards our true parents and physical parents can be realized.”
  • 8. b. 조 만웅 회장님 - 다문화 연합 복지 센터 “Because you are wearing your doboks, It looks more nice.This position gives me more inspiration as I've seen you all.” “You look so great..Philippines is very famous of TIMD. And it’s a big pleasure for me that TIMD is here now in our fatherland. You should be proud as you wear your dobok and feel like you are bringing our mark as TIMD practitioners.” “Tong-IL Moo Do techniques should be used by those who are in God side.” “Tong Il Moo Do is universal. Even in Africa, Martial arts like taekwondo are very famous.” “We should promote also TIMD and let them know the inner purpose in this martial arts.” “True parents founded this heavenly martial arts. Let’s be proud that we are part of this organization. Like Kim Yuna( skate champion). Lets become champion like Yuna . “Practice TIMD techniques even in your house, even in front of your parents”
  • 9. IV. Training and Workshops a. Basics Training with Donald Arbolario SAhbumnim
  • 10. b. Self Defense with Kim Dong Hyun SAhbumnim Kim Dong Hyun sahbumnim teaches the basic self defense that is applicable for even small children.
  • 11. c. Ground Training with Kim SAlamanque SAlamanque Sahbumnim Advanced Ground Techniques: drills, submissions, and transmissions thought by Kim Lisay Salamanque Sahbumnim.
  • 12. d. Standing Sparring Training with Junelle Tumanda Sabumnim Selected sparring competitors are having pre-orientation and training for the rules and regulations required during the fight Led by Sahbumnim Junelle Cubar Tumanda
  • 13. e. TIMD Forms Training with Marlon Oranda SAhbumnim Practicing Tong Il Moo Do forms by different belt level as a preparation for promotion and pomsae competition.
  • 14. f. General Training and warming-up exercises Before you become the king of the Universe You must first become the champion of yourself.
  • 15. g. Rolling Practice As TIMD practitioners, everyone should learn the basic rolling and falling techniques. Building courage and confidence will let them explore the next episode of training,
  • 16. V. TIMD visit in Cheongpyeong Tong Il Moo Do emphasizez not just physical but also spiritual aspect of training. This visit to Cheong Pyung allows them to elevate and develop the spiritual aspect of Tong Il Moo Do.
  • 17. VI. Games and Bonding Despite of race, backgrounds, and colors everyone developed a sense of relationship.
  • 18. VII. Semi - Tournament a. TIMD Forms Selected practitioners to join the Forms competitions were graded based on their stances, execution of power, spirit, timing and attitude. In that, the winner will be determined.
  • 19. b. Sparring As the practitioners are still beginners, they are only allowed to use to techniques, punches and kicks. The winner determined by their points they’ve got as they hit their co-sparring partner.
  • 20. VIII. Awarding a. Belt Ceremony After several months of training, and enduring all difficulties, they were given the next level of responsibility, the next level of belt.
  • 21. b. Medals and Trophies The champion in Forms Competition received a trophy, and medals for the next winners. While in Sparring Competition, the winners receive a gold medal, silver medal, and bronze medal.
  • 22. IX. Congratulatory Message a. Dr. Joon Ho Seuk President of World Tong IL Moo DO Federation Dr. Joon Ho Seuk emphasized in his message the role of Tong il moo do in educating the blessed children to become the future leaders of the world and bearers of truth.
  • 23. X. Sponsors MAFWP Martial Arts Federation for World Peace DAmunhwa Center PBMK Philippines Blessed- Missionary in Korea World Tong-Il Moo DO Korea
  • 24. List of Participants Country Belt Dojang 1. 다니엘 그레이 이타리-미국 파랑띠 ++ 구리 2. 강수훈 한-일 파랑띠 ++ 구리 3. 황보경 한-필 파랑띠 구리 4. 마사모토 일-일 파랑띠 구리 5. 유홍업 한-필 파랑띠 미금 6. 김유빈 한필 파랑띠 마석 7. 깅유창 한-일 파랑띠 동두천 8. 창승진 한필 파랑띠 동두천 9. 정성진 한필 초록띠 동두천 10. 정종환 한필 파랑띠 강북 11. 정용환 한필 파랑띠 강북 12. 김오석 한필 파랑띠 천복궁 13. 김은수 한필 파랑띠 천복궁 14. 김강민 한필 파랑띠 천복궁 15. 제이손 브란드네 미국-마레이스야 노랑띠 천복궁 16. 애얀 브란드네 미국 –마레이스야 노랑띠 천복궁 17. 조병근 한필 노랑띠 천복궁 18. 조현근 한필 노랑띠 천복궁 19. 김영수 한필 파랑띠++ 부산 20. 김영진 한필 초록띠 울산 21. 김영규 한필 초록띠 울산 22. 김민성 한필 초록띠 울산 23. 유대건 한필 초록띠 울산 24. 유윤억 한필 초록띠 울산 25. 김준수 한국 파랑띠 설악 26. 김동근 한일 파랑띠 설악 27. 정종인 한일 파랑띠 설악 28. 준원 한국 파랑띠 설악 29. 김대숩 한일 파랑띠 설악 30. 경석 한일 파랑띠 설악
  • 25. 31. 정성 한필 노랑띠 설악 32. 이완주 한일 초록띠 설악 33. 이헌찬 항일 파라띠 설악 34. 김준대 한국 노랑띠 설악 35. 김지원 한국 노랑띠 설악 36. 긴오영 한국 노랑띠 설악 37. 박준수 한필 파랑띠+ 충주 38. 박대견 한필 파랑띠+ 충주 39. 박표성 한필 파랑띠+ 충주 40. 박보성 한일 파랑띠 + 충주 41. 김한수 한일 파랑띠+ 충주 42. 최정선 한필 파랑띠 + 충주 43. 최정연 한필 파랑띠 + 충주 44. 권보우 한일 파랑띠 충주 45. 윤대관 한일 파랑띠 충주 46. 이원석 한필 파랑띠+ 괴산 1. 정윤화 한일 노랑띠 마석 2. 반정미 한필 파랑띠 동두천 3. 반정미 한필 파랑띠 동두천 4. 브레싱 조보 토고 파랑띠 동두천 5. 최민정 한필 파랑띠 강북 6. 최민지 한필 파랑띠 강복 7. 김지선 한필 초록띠 강복 8. 김유미 한필 초록띠 강복 9. 크레산타 브란드네 미국 con-거믄띠 천복궁 10.김은비 한필 파랑띠 천복궁 11.김영정 한필 파랑띠 천보궁 12.김아름 한필 초록띠 부산 13.김은수 한필 초록띠 부산 GIRLS
  • 26. 14.이모애 한일 파랑띠 설악 15.김영주 한일 노랑띠 성악 16.이원영 항일 노랑띠 설악 17.이원희 한필 초록띠 괴산 18.이은하 한필 초록띠 괴산 19.김준서 한필 초록띠 괴산 20.최원희 한일 초록띠 괴산 Instructors and Staffs 1. 레요카룸바 필리핀 사범 네팔 2. 김동윤 한국사범 설악 3. 매론 오란다 필리핀 사범 부산-울산 4. 킴 사라만케 필리핀사범 충주-괴산 5. 도날드 알보라요 필리핀사범 청주 6. 이준우 필리핀사범 서울-경기복보 7. 숭곤 존손 미국-일 천복궁 8. 이규원 한국 설악 9. 이오립 스탭 괴산 10.오고스트 베실야스 스탭 동두천 11.테리시타 세구라 스탭 동두천 12.윌마 소로냐 스탭 천복궁 13.닌냐 로살요 PBMK Rep. HQ 14.Guest