My Heavenly Secrets


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My Heavenly Secrets

  1. 1. My Heavenly SecretsBy Bishop Winny CaymeWhen I started my life of faith, it was a calling from Heaven that I felt therewas a strong force that pushed me to this destiny. It was really strong thatdespite the fact that religious life was completely opposite to my thenpersonality and lifestyle, I couldn’t resist it. It was blind obedience that Ifollowed this path and just allowed God to lead me to my God-prepareddestiny. I think this is what faith really means.Looking at the disciples of Jesus and the saints and sages of history, I knewfor sure that to take this course will eventually lead me to suffering, becausefollowing the path of faith requires a lot of pains, sacrifices, self-denial andself-discipline. That is why when I absolutely decided to go this road, Iprepared my heart and mind and surrendered myself to God and HisHeavenly Will by saying:“Winny you’re not existing anymore. You’re just a property owned byGod and have to do what the owner’s will is.”This attitude made me survive and keep this path for 26 years and I realizedthat the more I unite with the Will of God to a designed destiny for me, themore I could see brightly the blessings from Heaven.However, true to my confession, within the period of taking up the course offaith, there are times that human fallen natures and life’s realities pushed usto hit our own boundaries, patience, and enthusiasm to continue. I realizedthat the more I tried to deviate from it, the more I had experienced sufferinglife and difficulties.
  2. 2. Comparing the pains and suffering we could experience between followingthe path of faith and the life with total individual freedom, I could say that Iexperienced more loneliness and emptiness in my heart when I was outsidethe realm of God’s calling.Therefore, I tried to abandon the idea of self and tried to live according to thedesire of Heaven. I kept within me the following ideas and I always used themin my lectures to remind me of the course of My Life of Faith.I call them MY HEAVENLY SECRETS: (I will share some of them here.)1. Selfless Attitude (this is TF’s motto in life)I should not expect to be understood rather I should respect and humbleI should not expect to be served rather I should serve and careI should not expect to be loved rather I should love and love more2. My 3 Prohibited Cs in LifeI should not compareI should not complainI should not criticize3. True Humility : It is easy to humble to people who are more capable andolder/elder than us but for me true humility is when we can humbleourselves to people younger, less capable and those who (and even once) areour subordinates as well as our children.
  3. 3. 4. True Love is an Action Word (TF’s definition of TL)*Give and forget what you have given*Forgive and forget even the pains and leave no scars*Invest and forget what you have invested*Sacrifice and forget and continue to live for others’ sakeTrue Love is painful because you have to invest yourself 100%, give yourself100% and forget yourself 100% by going beyond life and death. On thecontrary, false love is when you expect something in return and puttingyourself as the first priority.5. I should become a person whom God and Others can say “I CANT LIVEWITHOUT YOU”6. Blessing is not what i want but what i need in order to reachperfection. Our ultimate GOAL is perfection and ultimate DESTINY isKingdom of Heaven. Blessing is God’s gift to us and making it successful isour gift to God. It is INHERITANCE of heavenly LOVE-LIFE-LINEAGE.7. I should become a person with~HANDS to help and work~EARS to listen~HEARTS to guide and care~EYES to appreciate the beauty and goodness of others~MOUTH to speak only heavenly words
  4. 4. 8. Leadership is Parenthood – if we lead we must have parental heart,public mind, selfless attitude, undying commitment and strong will to saveour children. This is a parent! We must have utmost sincere love for God,absolute faith to TPs, deep commitment to fulfill God’s will and strong desireto build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.9. Witnessing is my life! Without it i cant live!It is life giving, soul searching that needs to exert my love-sweat-tears-prayersand willingness to die for the salvation of others.10. Substantial results are the manifestation of our internal situations.11. Foundation to receive the MessiahIt requires Purity (FF) and HUMILITY (FS). It is a life with absolute faith-love-submission to God and to TPs (this is life of attendance) as FF. It needsharmony and unity among ourselves (victory in all sorts of relationships) asFS.12. 4 important Fs in my lifeFaith to God – Filial Piety towards TPs – Fidelity to spouse – Familycommitment13. the Sinful I’s~ inferiority as opposed to 1st blessing~ infidelity & incest as opposed to 2nd blessing~ irresponsible attitude as opposed to 3rd blessing
  5. 5. 14. Be contented with what you receive but never be contented withwhat you have accomplished.Always be grateful with what you have and offer to heaven what you havefulfilled.15. my spirit self needs: HDH is food for my spirit self. Prayer is air for myspirit self. Witnessing is water for my spirit self. Tithing is blood of my spiritself.16. Committing to live a Public life is similar to a plane that starting totake of, once it did… it would not stop unless it reached its destination place.A plane that doesnt reach its destination could either mean 2 things: it hasencountered problem and lose its flight or it crashed.These heavenly secrets helped me focused my spiritual life to the direction ofHeavenly calling and it became my guiding principle to overcome allobstacles along the way.