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Hoon Dok Providence by Rev Yong
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Hoon Dok Providence by Rev Yong


5 lectures compiled & edited (by Winny Cayme) for better understanding the significance of HDH providence

5 lectures compiled & edited (by Winny Cayme) for better understanding the significance of HDH providence

Published in Education , Spiritual
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  • 1. The Hoon Dok Providence By Rev YongContinental Director of ASIA
  • 2. The Settlement of Home GroupsPromoting the Hoon Dok tradition in all familiesAll family members to become DP lecturersAll families to become Home churches
  • 3.  John 1:1~3 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God; all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made.”
  • 4. When you do Hoon Dok (Read),always remember that Hoon Dokmeans reading God’s words and thatGod’s Words are reflection of God’slove. For this reason, Hoon Dok is atime to meet God and receive lovefrom God.
  • 5.  Always read with the God thought that Hoon Dok is the time when God’s mind and my mind become one, and that it is also the time mind when my mind and body become united. Connection with the 1st body Blessing (Individual perfection)
  • 6.  Satan will always come and interrupt every time you are determined to read God’s words. Every time you read you have to fight Satan’s test and win the battle. Therefore you must always be ready to fight Satan and focus on reading. Hoon Dok is training for winning the battle with Satan and restoring the ability of self-control.  Satan’s temptation: Satan says “You have no time to read”  Make your mind disturbed when you do Hoon Dok
  • 7.  HDH helps us understand God’s intention for the Providence and clearly grasp the overall structure of the DP by reading about, at a single sitting, the Creation, Fall, and Restoration.
  • 8.  When you have done Hoon Dok, you will gain a sense of achievement and feel rebirth in your spirit.  You will gain a sense of delight as you realize that your body was under the control of your mind while you read for 70 minutes.  If you have difficulty in reading the speeches in a single sitting, divide them into 2 or 3 sessions or make a plan to read them over 2~3 days
  • 9.  Think of the words of the Principle being more than simply God’s eternal truth. Think of Hoon Dok time as being the time when God’s love is infused into me, pouring eternal breath into my spirit body. If you think of Hoon Dok time as the time when you are absorbing the nutrition of God’s love, you will come to feel each day that your spirit body is growing when you read.
  • 10.  At the same time, all the ancestors and spirit persons who are helping me digest the elements of God’s love and resurrect through Hoon Dok time. Therefore, when you do Hoon Dok, you should read loud enough so that all spirits can hear.
  • 11.  The hoon dok of Principle helps us to comprehend the basis of our faith and the contents of the core of our faith. Also, it becomes a source helping us to understand other teachings and writings more deeply. If, after doing Hoon Dok, you share the contents and the points that inspired you with others, you can receive even greater stimulation.
  • 12. Eyes If you verify things as you go,Mouth you will read the contents more correctlyEars  Follow the text correctly with your eyes as you read  Pronounce the sounds of the words clearly and with punch as you read • Your ancestors are listening as you read  Listen to the sound of your own voice as you read
  • 13.  Understanding through Hoon Dok  There is standard for comprehension in doing Hoon Dok. For example when you do Hoon Dok, you might feel “I understand this part”, “I dont understand this part”, “I feel inspired”, “I don’t feel inspired”, “it’s cryptic”, “It’s vague” etc..  Leave the part that you can’t understand as you will eventually come to understand after doing Hoon Dok again and again.
  • 14.  [E.g.] a new born baby can naturally tell between his or her mother’s voice and other general noise. You will realize the meaning after hoon dok in the same way as a new born baby learns to recognize its mother’s voice. Even though you may not understand very well in the beginning, you will realize that the words are the essence of God’s love, and you will feel God’s love and understand the meaning of the DP words as you continue to read.
  • 15. The 3 levels of Hoon Dok(1) Formation-level Hoon Dok  Simply reading by itself can revive your spirit. You will see the change in yourself as you continue to read.  If you read with the heart that Hoon Dok provides which is the nutrients of God’s love, you will feel God’s love even if you have difficulty in understanding the truth itself.
  • 16. (2) Growth-level Hoon Dok  Partly realizing the meaning of the contents  Realizing that God is teaching you through the words according to the level of your spirit.(3) Completion-level Hoon Dok  Knowing God’s word with your heart and understanding God’s intention for the Providence  Experiencing spiritual reality through the words
  • 17.  You will be taught directly by God. You will feel peace of mind from the unity between God’s heart and your own. Even if, at first, you cannot deeply grasp the meaning of DP, you will see your character change and receive grace in your heart the more you continue to read. You will feel a heartistic connection between God and your own spirit self.
  • 18.  Becoming humble: envy and aggression will disappear, and you will sense that God truly loves you Even if you feel depressed, you will feel revived when you do Hoon Dok. Instead of a simple sense of duty or mission, that “I must do this”, you will develop a sense of eagerness and a forward-looking mentality, feeling “I truly want to do this”.
  • 19. The tradition of Morning 5 o’clock Hoondokhae
  • 20. “Be joyful always, praycontinually; give thanks in allcircumstances, for this isGod’s will for you in ChristJesus” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
  • 21. Father Moon’s Word (1)“When you pray at dawn, the floor under you should never be dry, but constantly wet with tears. If you have sent your children out into the world, how can you just live with an easy-going mind? Your tears for them are your love for them. Love and tears are actually the same thing. Do you understand?” (265-237)
  • 22. Father’s Word(2)“A patriot is someone in whose life tears for hisnation have the priority. When a patriot looks athis people, he sheds tears. Tears are the firstthing that come. When a filial son or daughterthinks of his or her parents, tears fall. If he shedstears when he is buying things for his parents,and chooses the items in this way, then hisparents will be totally melted, even if they arethe worst parents on earth. Thats true, dont youthink? A parent’s love always follows where thetears lead. Right? It is the same with lovebetween siblings, brothers and sisters. That ishow things are...”
  • 23.  Martin Luther, author of the Religious Reformation“If I don’t pray for 2 hours in theearly hours every day, then thevictory for that day passes toSatan. I have so many things to do,I do not think I would be able tocarry this load if I did not spend atleast 3 hours each day in prayer.”
  • 24.  John Wesley, Founder of the Methodists  Was said to rise every morning at 4 am and pray for 2-3 hours  From his diary (Christian Digest):  “Believers who do not attend pre- dawn prayer have already lost their first love”  Until the age of 88, over a 50-year period, traveled a distance of some 400,000 Km by horseback, preached some 4200 sermons, and authored more than 200 books
  • 25. John Wesley, Founder of the Methodists  Despite his hard schedule, he was in good health (why?)  1. Continual exercise  2. All his life, always slept regularly at night. Whether on the ground, on the floor, whether sick or well.  3. Rose at 4am for more than 60 years. Would rise before dawn, prayer and preach.
  • 26.  To live a healthy life and carry out your mission with ability and power, always live by rising at dawn People who rise at the early dawn get many times more work done. If you have lots of things to do, practice rising before dawn What was the origin of the great Pyongyang revival of 1907 in Korea?  It started in 1903 at Wonsan with a dawn prayer movement
  • 27.  When did God provide the manna to the Israelites?  Before dawn  Would ‘melt’ and disappear when the sun rose  For 40 years, God trained the Israelites to rise before dawn The way to bring miracles is to kneel down your knees in prayer before dawn  Every morning wake and proclaim your victory
  • 28.  What is ‘Prayer at Dawn’? Reflection on God Without prayer and calling on God, everyone is just the same No one can sleep because everyone is tired by work, oppressed by problems and worry about all kinds of strange things Why Dawn Prayer is important: turning one’s focus away from the resentment and problems of people and towards God
  • 29. Lessons from Moses aboutthe importance of prayer“What was Moses’ fatal weakness? Heonly focused on the mistakes of thepeople. He spent his time observingonly their rebelliousness, theirdisobedience, their faithlessness. Butwhat is the leader’s main job? You cannever become a leader if you onlyobserve the faults and shortcomings ofyour flock. A leader has to hold onGod’s promise and God’s vision,regardless of their shortcomings. Youhave to focus only on God.”