Father Moon visited Osan School


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Father Moon visited Osan School

  1. 1. True Father visited Osan school on HC 6. 15 (Aug. 2, 2012)Following is the translation of the Korean text by Katsumi Kambashi.True Father visited Osan school on HC 6. 15 (Aug. 2, 2012). That day, TF suddenlydecited to visit the school and moved to Seoul. He seemed to miss his school years.In the car, he asked to call Chang Yeol Lee who is his cousin on mothers side (Ex-president of Il Seong construction company), President Seon Jo Hwang, PresidentNan Young Moon, Vice-president of UBC Ro Hee Park, President Jeong Ro Yoon, Ex-director of Yook-Young Foundation Keun Young Park.Osan school was found by TFs great grandfather Yoon Kook Moon and TeacherSung Hoon Lee in Jeong Ju, North Korea. It was reopened in Busan after theKorean war and re-established in November 26, 1955 in Bo Kwang Dong, Yong SanKu, Seoul.TF was admitted to Osan school in 1934, at the age of 15 to learn modern science.He had received patriotic education based on Christianity at this school until he wastransferred to Jeong Joo school one year later.TF visited the school at around 5 pm and there was a scorching heat on thatday. TF listened to the testimony by Chang Yeol Lee, his cousin on mothers sideand is an Ex-president of Il Seong construction company. TF recalled his past whilelistening to the testimony and spoke for 3 hours and returned to Cheong Pyeong.While speaking that day, he coughed quite often but it didnt seem to botherhim. He kept on speaking to the people who were attending him and they all feltsorry for his condition.참아버님께서 6 월 15 일에는 오산학교를 찾으셨습니다.이 날 오후 불현듯 어린 학창시절이 그리우셨는지 갑자기 오산학교를 가보고 싶다고하시어 서울로 이동하셨습니다. 아버님께선 차안에서 외사촌조카인 이창렬 전일성건설사자, 황선조회장,문난영회장,박노희 UBC 부이사장, 윤정로 회장, 박근령전육영재단이사장을 찾으셨습니다.오산학교는 참아버님의 종조부이신 문윤국할아버지께서 북한 정주에서 남강이승훈선생을 도와 세우셨는데, 6.25 전쟁뒤 남한 부산에서 다시 개교한뒤1955 년 11 월 26 일에 용산구 보광동자리에 자리하였습니다.유학을 배우던 아버님게서 1934 년 15 세때 신학문을 배우기 위해 오산학교에입교하시고, 1 년뒤 정주보통학교로 전학갈 때 까지 이 학교에서 기독교적인 바탕위에민족주의 교육을 받으셨습니다.아버님께선 한여름의 폭염이 내리쬐던 오후 5 시쯤 이곳을 방문하셨습니다.아버님께선 외조카인 이창렬 전 일성건설 사장의 오산학교에 대한 간증을 듣으시며옛날을 회상하신 뒤 3 시간여동안 말씀을 주시고 청평으로 돌아가셨습니다.이 날도 말씀도중 기침을 여러차레 하셨지만 게이치 않으시고 말씀을 계속이어가시어참석자들도 안타까운 마음을 금할 수 없었다고 합니다.