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What if one beautiful community was really made up of an eclectic group of neighborhoods? Some homes were across from the Country Nine on Bishops Bay Golf Course. Some looked out to rolling prairie. …

What if one beautiful community was really made up of an eclectic group of neighborhoods? Some homes were across from the Country Nine on Bishops Bay Golf Course. Some looked out to rolling prairie. Others were in the hub of an urban town center. And some had breathtaking woods that marched right up to their front door. And what if the residents of those neighborhoods were brought together by walking trails and parks, concerts and farmers markets, and the simple idea that every age should have the best things in life right outside the front door?

Published in: Real Estate, Business

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  • 2. The Community of Bishops BayThe Community of Bishops Bay is a placefull of happiness and fresh out ofstereotypes. We offer a unique combinationof new homes for sale in Middleton,Wisconsin, a Money Magazine top-ten, and dynamic neighborhoods so you canchoose the one that fits you perfectly. Andwe dont hem you in with people andactivities that are all the same. Interestingpeople have eclectic tastes. Differentgenerations find each other captivating. Andno one wants to be surrounded by otherhouses that look just like their own. Bymixing things up, weve found a way to bringpeople together. So look around. Getcomfortable, and make yourself at home.Because The Community of Bishops Bay isone of Wisconsins most innovative newhome communities located in the greaterMadison metropolitan
  • 3. The Back NineThe first opportunity to live at The Community of Bishops Bay is finally here. At the Back Nine, our initialneighborhood, you can select from just 31 single-family homes, 6 exclusive golf course lots or ourspectacular Golf
  • 4. The FarmFarm fresh happiness daily. This is the answer to the old question, can I have a farm and my city life, too?Yes, you can. Weve clustered beautiful family homes into the heart of real farmland. The result? A chanceto sow more quality family time. Reap a whole new level of relaxation. And harvest a renewed love of theland and all of its bounty. Its like having your own private farm without ever having to milk a cow or drive
  • 5. The PrairiePrairie. Home. Companions. This is the kind of place that takes your breath away and leaves you standingin wonder at the sunrise. And the sunset. And pretty much every beautiful hour in between. This is wherehomes are surrounded by some of Mother Natures very best work and where the colors and hush of theprairie provides a natural buffer from the hectic world. This gives a whole new meaning to rooms with
  • 6. The WoodsStarlight, star bright, who needs a porch light? You may have just found your happy place. The Woodsincludes twenty (thats right, just twenty) sumptuous homes tucked away amidst large plots of gorgeous,lush woodland. This is a place where your home and your weekend getaway are one in the same. Wherecoffee on your front porch makes you feel like youre at a posh mountain resort. And where privacy isblissfully in full
  • 7. The WatermarkWe simply refuse to use the words generation gap. This is a neighborhood that relishes diversity, applaudsbirthdays of all numbers, and believes that people of different ages make the most exquisitely interestingneighbors. So here, youll find beautiful multi-family homes and senior housing not far from a richly vibrantcommunity dedicated to independent living. All nicely connected by winding streets and walkways thatinspire all kinds of wonderful multi-generational
  • 8. Reserve HillWell, Ill be. Heres the perfect little neighborhood in the most amazing setting. This is a place just right forfamilies of all shapes and sizes. Youll find warm, welcoming homes that are unique and personable (not allme-too-ish.) And theyre arranged in a way that invites kids to find their best friends, parents to stop andchat, and neighbors to spend more time being neighborly. Here, youll find homes perfectly designed tomake everybody feel right at
  • 9. Town CenterNo commute necessary. Our Town Center is just the right balance of city life, sweet homes and the perfectbrew (coffee or pub). Here, youll find apartments and attached homes that let you enjoy all the perks of lifewithout a single weekend spent on yard work. Youll find yourself right in the heart of things with chic,modern homes that offer all the fun of being in the city, and not a single one of the
  • 10. CONTACT USFeel free to contact Andy