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BISG WEBCAST -- Digital Book Printing

  1. 1. This BISG WEBCAST took place Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. ET To register for future BISG Webcasts, please visit: http://www bisg org/event cat 6 webcasts php Special thanks to our webcast sponsor BISG WEBCAST 1
  2. 2. “Working to create a more informed, informed empowered and efficient book industry supply chain for b h h f both physical and digital products.” l dd l d ” BISG WEBCAST 2
  3. 3. SPONSORS CreateSpace Hewlett-Packard Independent Book Publishers Association Lightning Source FEATURED CONTRIBUTORS Barnes & Noble Blurb Bridge Publications CreateSpace Harvard University Press Hewlett-Packard IBT John Wiley & Sons Library of Congress Lightning Source, Inc. Malloy Océ On Demand Books Oxford University Press Unlimited Publishing LLC Xerox © 2010, Wiley Publishing, Inc. Digital Book Printing For Dummies® 5.5" X 8.5" 84 pages Digital Book Printing For Dummies® was produced by BISG BISG, under license from and with the editorial assistance of Wiley Publishing, Inc. BISG WEBCAST 3
  4. 4. Introductions & Housekeeping Angela Bole, Deputy Executive Director, BISG Overview: Using digital printing to improve availability and maximize sales il bilit d i i l Kurt Biedler, Senior Manager of Business Development, Case Study #1: John Wiley & Sons Lynn Terhune, Global Digital Print Administrator, John Wiley & Sons Case Study #2: Harvard University Press Sara Davis Anderson, Operations Manager, Harvard University Press Moderated Q&A Q BISG WEBCAST 4
  5. 5. BISG WEBCAST 5
  6. 6. The presenter has requested that this portion of the presentation be removed from public posting. Please contact Kurt Biedler at f more i f bli h @ t for ti information. Using digital printing to improve availability and maximize sales Kurt Biedler Senior Manager of Business Development BISG WEBCAST Http:// 6
  7. 7. John Wiley & Sons Lynn Terhune Global Digital Print Administrator BISG WEBCAST John Wiley & Sons 7
  8. 8. How does Wiley use digital printing? •Ultra Short Run (USR) fulfillment back to one of our Ultra DC’s (Wiley forwards a standard manufacturing po or EDI order to vendor for a qty range of apprx 10-500 product is delivered back to a Wiley DC) •POD / Drop Ship (DS) directly to a customer (Wiley routes EDI order to vendor and vendor ships to customer)) •Distribution (DI) business thru wholesalers and on- line retailers like Ingram & Amazon (Customer orders directly from Amazon - Print & fulfill.) BISG WEBCAST
  9. 9.  y y Currently Wiley has 822 US titles in an USR status  During calendar year 2009:  425 printings of USR titles  Average of 35 USR printings per month  105,413 units printed  Average print run was 248 units  5 digital vendors used (b t skewed t 1 vendor) (but k d to d ) BISG WEBCAST
  10. 10.  My focus for today’s Webcast will today s be on Wiley’s use of digital book printing thru our Global Demand Print Program.  Fulfillment Models are: -POD in US POD -USR in the UK -DI in US and UK DI BISG WEBCAST
  11. 11. Currently almost 12,000 Wiley titles available in our Global Demand Print Program Program. And now HE WCS titles available too… BISG WEBCAST
  12. 12.  A Global Demand Print Program offers a virtual database/library/warehouse of titles available to d b /lib / h f il il bl customers on an as needed basis.  Receive an order; fill it easily, economically and efficiently. BISG WEBCAST
  13. 13.  Content kept available and in print  No more out of stock situations due to exact quantity supplied  Product supplied in a timely manner BISG WEBCAST
  14. 14.  Additional sales revenue  No lost revenue from out of print or back out-of-print back- order cancellation  Not having to tell an author the work is going  out of print out-of-print  No minimum quantity reprints  Reduce Distribution Center space requirements  Reduce obsolescence  Improve customer service  Improved title visibility and sales uplift thru exposure from distribution channel  Improve cash flow  GREEN advantage BISG WEBCAST
  15. 15. Pub’d Feb 2003 Pub d 1st printing of 2,000 +900 written-off & destroyed POD Dec 2005 Sales uplift of 178 units for past 3 FY’s BISG WEBCAST
  16. 16.  Pub’d August 2001  Conventional printings from ‘01 to ‘05  1st printing of 3,000 & reprints of 3 000 1,000 each  Sales decline in ‘06  POD Nov 2006  Sales uplift of 2,414 units for past 3 2 414 FY’s w/ 468 comp copies  Sales in FY08 greater than sales in g FY06 by +600 units! BISG WEBCAST
  17. 17. 8% 22% No change Decrease Increase 70% BISG WEBCAST
  18. 18.  Time to customer / market reduced due to file sharing  Reduction in shipping costs  Title is available to customers in all our markets  Green advantage – eliminate inter-company freight BISG WEBCAST
  19. 19.  No Po’s to cut  No vendors to follow-up with on specific orders  No Bound Book dates to watch  Minimal inventory to monitor BISG WEBCAST
  20. 20.  No estimates for individual titles  No individual invoices  No Reprint Requests  No more film flat storage charges BISG WEBCAST
  21. 21.  Quality (Care is need if book scanned. QC needed on the publisher side if files supplied.) d d h bli h id fil li d )  Savings in some departments, but additional tas s o ed tasks moved to ot e a eas ( o e a p e, other areas (For example, Operations for order monitoring)  Back office sales reporting and invoicing can be clumsy l BISG WEBCAST
  22. 22.  What kind of growth has Wiley experienced overall th our i d ll thru Global Demand Print Program? *Please note Wiley Fiscal Year runs May 1st to April 30. BISG WEBCAST
  23. 23. Units FY07 379,186 FY08 561,720 FY09 579,005 FY10 (TD 11/09) 355,956 BISG WEBCAST
  24. 24.  Trim size  Page count  Text color  Cover colors / special effects  Bind style  Halftones  Prior sales units BISG WEBCAST
  25. 25.  1st Prints  Reprint Stop-Gaps Stop Gaps  HE Supplements  Journals  Custom Publishing C t P bli hi  Out-of-Print (POD Zzzz’s or Zombies)  Test Market runs  Sets S  Convention orders  All product - Higher run length reprints BISG WEBCAST
  26. 26.  4 color  Distributed printing in Australia, Asia & Canada  Print /M di P i t w/Media BISG WEBCAST
  27. 27. Harvard University Press Short Run Digital Printing Sara Davis Anderson Operations Manager BISG WEBCAST Harvard University Press 27
  28. 28. • Established in 1913 • 4,500 titles in print, roughly 15% digital reprints • Notable authors include:  Emily Dickinson  Stephen Jay Gould  Greil Marcus  John Rawls • Publish about 120 new titles a year BISG WEBCAST 28
  29. 29. • Short run originally for out of print hardcovers with high print runs  High prices in the used book market  Average page count: 586 pages  Average price: $100 g p $ • Identified 90 titles to print 25 copies each  Quickly learned that uniformity would not work  Some sold 100 immediately, others none • Expanded to 200 titles, four month supply BISG WEBCAST 29
  30. 30. • Focus switched to paperbacks with sales under 150 copies per year i  Previously uneconomical to keep in stock  OSI • Print by carton quantity, reprint one carton whenever stock falls below single carton quantity • 420 titles • Two week turnaround, drop ship option • Print 100 cartons a month BISG WEBCAST 30
  31. 31. • UK warehouse ordering three copies of slow selling titles lli il • Customers waiting six weeks • Set up titles for short run in the UK only • Separate list for US and international markets BISG WEBCAST 31
  32. 32. • Warehouse designed to store bulk quantities • Warehouses need obsolescence to make room for new stock ◦ OPs back in print, fewer OSIs means more locations are required • Built half-size and quarter-size rack locations • Change philosophy of picking BISG WEBCAST 32
  33. 33. Bob Berman Vice President of Graphic Arts BISG WEBCAST Océ 33
  34. 34. Angela Bole Deputy Executive Director Book Industry Study Group, Inc. Group Inc Sara Davis Anderson Operations Manager Harvard University Press Lynn Terhune Global Digital Print Administrator Kurt Biedler John Wiley & Sons Senior Manager of Business Development BISG WEBCAST 34