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BISG WEBCAST -- Digital Book Printing

BISG WEBCAST -- Digital Book Printing






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    BISG WEBCAST -- Digital Book Printing BISG WEBCAST -- Digital Book Printing Presentation Transcript

    • This BISG WEBCAST took place Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. ET To register for future BISG Webcasts, please visit: http://www bisg org/event cat 6 webcasts php http://www.bisg.org/event-cat-6-webcasts.php Special thanks to our webcast sponsor BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 1
    • “Working to create a more informed, informed empowered and efficient book industry supply chain for b h h f both physical and digital products.” l dd l d ” www.bisg.org BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 2
    • SPONSORS CreateSpace Hewlett-Packard Independent Book Publishers Association Lightning Source FEATURED CONTRIBUTORS Barnes & Noble Blurb Bridge Publications CreateSpace Harvard University Press Hewlett-Packard IBT John Wiley & Sons Library of Congress Lightning Source, Inc. Malloy Océ On Demand Books Oxford University Press Unlimited Publishing LLC Xerox © 2010, Wiley Publishing, Inc. Digital Book Printing For Dummies® 5.5" X 8.5" 84 pages Digital Book Printing For Dummies® was produced by BISG BISG, under license from and with the editorial assistance of Wiley Publishing, Inc. BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 3
    • Introductions & Housekeeping Angela Bole, Deputy Executive Director, BISG Overview: Using digital printing to improve availability and maximize sales il bilit d i i l Kurt Biedler, Senior Manager of Business Development, Amazon.com Case Study #1: John Wiley & Sons Lynn Terhune, Global Digital Print Administrator, John Wiley & Sons Case Study #2: Harvard University Press Sara Davis Anderson, Operations Manager, Harvard University Press Moderated Q&A Q BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 4
    • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 5
    • The presenter has requested that this portion of the presentation be removed from public posting. Please contact Kurt Biedler at publisher@createspace.com f more i f bli h @ t for ti information. Using digital printing to improve availability and maximize sales Kurt Biedler Senior Manager of Business Development Amazon.com BISG WEBCAST Publisher@CreateSpace.com www.bisg.org Http://Www.CreateSpace.com/info/publisher 6
    • John Wiley & Sons Lynn Terhune Global Digital Print Administrator BISG WEBCAST John Wiley & Sons www.bisg.org 7
    • How does Wiley use digital printing? •Ultra Short Run (USR) fulfillment back to one of our Ultra DC’s (Wiley forwards a standard manufacturing po or EDI order to vendor for a qty range of apprx 10-500 product is delivered back to a Wiley DC) •POD / Drop Ship (DS) directly to a customer (Wiley routes EDI order to vendor and vendor ships to customer)) •Distribution (DI) business thru wholesalers and on- line retailers like Ingram & Amazon (Customer orders directly from Amazon - Print & fulfill.) BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  y y Currently Wiley has 822 US titles in an USR status  During calendar year 2009:  425 printings of USR titles  Average of 35 USR printings per month  105,413 units printed  Average print run was 248 units  5 digital vendors used (b t skewed t 1 vendor) (but k d to d ) BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  My focus for today’s Webcast will today s be on Wiley’s use of digital book printing thru our Global Demand Print Program.  Fulfillment Models are: -POD in US POD -USR in the UK -DI in US and UK DI BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    • Currently almost 12,000 Wiley titles available in our Global Demand Print Program Program. And now HE WCS titles available too… BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  A Global Demand Print Program offers a virtual database/library/warehouse of titles available to d b /lib / h f il il bl customers on an as needed basis.  Receive an order; fill it easily, economically and efficiently. BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  Content kept available and in print  No more out of stock situations due to exact quantity supplied  Product supplied in a timely manner BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  Additional sales revenue  No lost revenue from out of print or back out-of-print back- order cancellation  Not having to tell an author the work is going  out of print out-of-print  No minimum quantity reprints  Reduce Distribution Center space requirements  Reduce obsolescence  Improve customer service  Improved title visibility and sales uplift thru exposure from distribution channel  Improve cash flow  GREEN advantage BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    • Pub’d Feb 2003 Pub d 1st printing of 2,000 +900 written-off & destroyed POD Dec 2005 Sales uplift of 178 units for past 3 FY’s BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  Pub’d August 2001  Conventional printings from ‘01 to ‘05  1st printing of 3,000 & reprints of 3 000 1,000 each  Sales decline in ‘06  POD Nov 2006  Sales uplift of 2,414 units for past 3 2 414 FY’s w/ 468 comp copies  Sales in FY08 greater than sales in g FY06 by +600 units! BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    • 8% 22% No change Decrease Increase 70% BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  Time to customer / market reduced due to file sharing  Reduction in shipping costs  Title is available to customers in all our markets  Green advantage – eliminate inter-company freight BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  No Po’s to cut  No vendors to follow-up with on specific orders  No Bound Book dates to watch  Minimal inventory to monitor BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  No estimates for individual titles  No individual invoices  No Reprint Requests  No more film flat storage charges BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  Quality (Care is need if book scanned. QC needed on the publisher side if files supplied.) d d h bli h id fil li d )  Savings in some departments, but additional tas s o ed tasks moved to ot e a eas ( o e a p e, other areas (For example, Operations for order monitoring)  Back office sales reporting and invoicing can be clumsy l BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  What kind of growth has Wiley experienced overall th our i d ll thru Global Demand Print Program? *Please note Wiley Fiscal Year runs May 1st to April 30. BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    • Units FY07 379,186 FY08 561,720 FY09 579,005 FY10 (TD 11/09) 355,956 BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  Trim size  Page count  Text color  Cover colors / special effects  Bind style  Halftones  Prior sales units BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  1st Prints  Reprint Stop-Gaps Stop Gaps  HE Supplements  Journals  Custom Publishing C t P bli hi  Out-of-Print (POD Zzzz’s or Zombies)  Test Market runs  Sets S  Convention orders  All product - Higher run length reprints BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    •  4 color  Distributed printing in Australia, Asia & Canada  Print /M di P i t w/Media BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org
    • Harvard University Press Short Run Digital Printing Sara Davis Anderson Operations Manager BISG WEBCAST Harvard University Press www.bisg.org 27
    • • Established in 1913 • 4,500 titles in print, roughly 15% digital reprints • Notable authors include:  Emily Dickinson  Stephen Jay Gould  Greil Marcus  John Rawls • Publish about 120 new titles a year BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 28
    • • Short run originally for out of print hardcovers with high print runs  High prices in the used book market  Average page count: 586 pages  Average price: $100 g p $ • Identified 90 titles to print 25 copies each  Quickly learned that uniformity would not work  Some sold 100 immediately, others none • Expanded to 200 titles, four month supply BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 29
    • • Focus switched to paperbacks with sales under 150 copies per year i  Previously uneconomical to keep in stock  OSI • Print by carton quantity, reprint one carton whenever stock falls below single carton quantity • 420 titles • Two week turnaround, drop ship option • Print 100 cartons a month BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 30
    • • UK warehouse ordering three copies of slow selling titles lli il • Customers waiting six weeks • Set up titles for short run in the UK only • Separate list for US and international markets BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 31
    • • Warehouse designed to store bulk quantities • Warehouses need obsolescence to make room for new stock ◦ OPs back in print, fewer OSIs means more locations are required • Built half-size and quarter-size rack locations • Change philosophy of picking BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 32
    • www.oceusa.com/ Bob Berman Vice President of Graphic Arts BISG WEBCAST Océ www.bisg.org 33
    • Angela Bole Deputy Executive Director Book Industry Study Group, Inc. Group Inc http://www.bisg.org/ angela@bisg.org Sara Davis Anderson Operations Manager Harvard University Press Lynn Terhune Global Digital Print Administrator Kurt Biedler John Wiley & Sons Senior Manager of Business Development Amazon.com BISG WEBCAST http://www.CreateSpace.com/info/publisher www.bisg.org Publisher@CreateSpace.com 34