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BISG WEBCAST -- BookServer

BISG WEBCAST -- BookServer






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  • 7/29/2009
  • 7/29/2009
  • “ Hold Hands”, wickenden, Flickr
  • 7/29/2009
  • 7/29/2009
  • 7/29/2009

BISG WEBCAST -- BookServer BISG WEBCAST -- BookServer Presentation Transcript

  • This BISG WEBCAST took place Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. ET To register for future BISG Webcasts, please visit: http://www.bisg.org/event-cat-6-webcasts.php BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 1
  • ANGELA BOLE Deputy Executive Director, Book Industry Study Group, Inc. k d d Angela Bole is Deputy Executive Director of the Book Industry Study Group, Inc. (BISG). Based in New York City, BISG is an industry trade association working to create a more informed, empowered and efficient book industry supply chain for both digital and physical products. products KEITH FAHLGREN Publishing Technology Consultant, Threepress Consulting, Inc. Keith Fahlgren is a Publishing Technology Consultant at Threepress Consulting, Inc. Keith was formerly a Publishing Technology Engineer at O'Reilly Media, where he developed systems that helped create, maintain, enhance and reuse content. BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 2
  • “Working to create a more informed, informed empowered and efficient book industry supply chain for b h h f both physical and digital products.” l dd l d ” www.bisg.org BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 3
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 4
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 5
  • In a digital world BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 6
  • BISG WEBCAST http://www.flickr.com/photos/wickenden/3742547535/ www.bisg.org 7
  • g g , Readers are entering a digital, tangled landscape. They struggle to: 1 Find books that are interesting 2…in format they can read in 3…that they can actually acquire BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 8
  • Fragmented digital channels: • web search? (Google, Bing) • publisher site? (tor.com) • the local library? (lend?) • online bookstore? (Amazon, Indigo) ( d ) • other? (Smashwords, kobo) BISG WEBCAST http://www.flickr.com/photos/wickenden/3742547535/ www.bisg.org 9
  • What is the reader getting? • highly structured display (PDF) • downloadable book (ePub, Mobi) • cloud-based ( P b > HTML l d b d (ePub HTML, as ) Flash) BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 10
  • • , ( ) Phones: iPhone, Android(s) • Dedicated: Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, Nook Bookeen Orizon eReader, Copia eReader, Entourage Edge, Fujitsu FLEPia, Hanvon WISEreader, iRiver Story, Jinke 6 and 9-inch SiPix panel e-readers, Plastic Logic QUE proReader, RCA/Audiovox Lexi eReader, Skiff eReader, Samsung E6 & E10 eReaders, Spring Design Alex eReader, Liquidvista, MSI Dualscreen eReader, Notion Ink Adam, Blio, Intel Reader • Laptops & specialized screens (Pixel Qi) • Game consoles (Wii) • Apple Tablet BISG WEBCAST http://bit.ly/8ieR0i www.bisg.org 11
  • Device D i + Format + Discovery + Acquisition + Installation ( + DRM ) CONFUSION. BISG WEBCAST http://www.flickr.com/photos/dan4th/2295925353/ www.bisg.org 12
  • With the least amount of effort: Be able to find the books they want, in the formats that they can use, y , for the device that they have. …and not have it be painful. BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 13
  • With the least amount of effort: Make as many books as possible available for discovery, with accurate descriptive information, at as many different places as possible, under the sales / use terms permitted. …and not h d have it b painful. be f l BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 14
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 15
  • U.S. Department of J p Justice advocates: [book] data provided should be available in multiple, standard, open formats supported by a wide variety of different applications, devices, and screens. BISG WEBCAST http://www.usdoj.gov/atr/cases/f250100/250180.pdf www.bisg.org 16
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 17
  • A future for books: A new architecture using common, open standards that helps people find, buy, acquire, and read books from any source, on any device, using many different ebook applications. li ti BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 18
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 19
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 20
  • • g g Library 2.0 Gang (02/09): Google books and libraries • Various email discussions of nascent “Open Catalogue Crawling Protocol” • Google, DLF, Talis, and others in Atom vs. Sitemap discussions • BookDROP BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 21
  • • IDPF Board with conference calls • Tools of Change (NYC, Feb 2009)with g ( , ) hallway conversations • Web Expo 2.0 (SF, Apr 2009) with pinot noir BISG WEBCAST http://www.flickr.com/photos/dominicspics/2884138007/ www.bisg.org 22
  • The Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) is a generalization of the Atom [XML] approach used by Stanza's online catalog… catalog I believe this effort has the potential to be a critical enabler to the growth in access to, and adoption of, digital books. —Bill McCoy, Adobe, Apr 2009 BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 23
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 24
  • • BookServer is the architecture. • OPDS is the (first) technical specification. specification • Catalogs are made using OPDS. • Atom is the XML schema for h h f OPDS. BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 25
  • Because OPDS is based on Atom, a commonly-used XML standard, OPDS Catalogs can be rendered or read by: •web browsers •news readers ( RSS ) (“RSS”) •mobile applications BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 26
  • Catalogs are manifests: • list of the available titles • …and their basic metadata • …and their format(s) • …and how to get and them BISG WEBCAST http://www.flickr.com/photos/stupiddingo/3727615803/ www.bisg.org 27
  • g Catalogs can be derived from basic bibliographic metadata like ONIX, MARC, MARC (ahem) spreadsheets spreadsheets. Internally, OPDS Catalogs use I ll C l simple Dublin Core metadata to describe the titles offered. BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 28
  • Because Catalogs are g straightforward to create: •Any web site can add a Catalog. •Libraries, bookstores, publishers can play. •Search engines can serve as book gateways. •Aggregators (IA, Ingram, etc.) can harvest multiple catalogs. p g BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 29
  • Because Catalogs p g publish simple p data describing titles and their availability: •can be used for B2B •can complement ONIX •can be pulled rather than pushed BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 30
  • ONIX ( ) (and BISG “BookDROP”) are: • designed for a different use cases • complex standards with many options p y p • not widely used beyond publishing • not understood by p g y programmers • established, so change is difficult BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 31
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 32
  • A reader ... 1. Browses a Catalog of titles 2. Selects a title for more information 3. Decides to acquire (free/purchase/borrow) 4. Obtains the title (direct, PayPal, Amazon, etc.) etc ) 5. Installs and reads the book BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 33
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 34
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 35
  • $ BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 36
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 37
  • pp Make Books Apparent, Oct 2009 • Adobe • Ingram Digital • Aldiko • Inkmesh • (Amazon) Lexcycle • O’Reilly Media • Applewood Books • OLPC • Book Oven • Pixel Qi • Feedbooks • Shortcovers • Floss Manuals • Threepress • HumanWare • and others BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 38
  • http://code.google.com/p/openpub/wiki/CatalogSpecDraft BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 39
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 40
  • $ BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 41
  • Lucicat calibre2opds BISG WEBCAST Trook www.bisg.org 42
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 43
  • BISG WEBCAST http://www.flickr.com/photos/mindaugasdanys/3766009204/ www.bisg.org 44
  • p g OpenPub wiki and mailing list: • http://code.google.com/p/openpub/ • http://groups.google.com/group/openpub BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 45
  • BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 46
  • g g Catalogs could tie together: • book reviews • reading lists g • annotations • fan fiction BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 47
  • BookServer could enable: • loans and borrowing • p y physical discovery y • seamless updates • simpler affiliate systems p y BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 48
  • Start: Newsflash! • Acquiring worldwide digital rights • Publishing catalog pages for every title g gp g y • Developing at least one easy purchasing experience (perhaps via a partnership) BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 49
  • Start: • Following the progress of the spec • Discussing integrations with existing g g g implementations (free first?) • Publishing a small Catalog BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 50
  • Aldiko Aldik Stanza …and others in development BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 51
  • For publishers: p • For everyone: y • Attractive revenue • Easy shopping split experience with no • Real-time reporting DRM • Help getting started • Total commitment to with BookServer giving readers what d h they want BISG WEBCAST info@ibisreader.com www.bisg.org 52
  • Angela Bole ge a o e angela@bisg.org www.bisg.org Keith Fahlgren keith@threepress.org threepress.org BISG WEBCAST www.bisg.org 53