05 making informatino pay 2011 -- konzel, john (sterling commerce)

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  • 1. Smarter Commerce for Publishing Using Business Insight to Drive Greater Revenue and Profitability Making Information Pay 2011 John Konczal Industry Executive, Communications, Media, & Entertainment Commerce Solutions, IBM Software Group
  • 2. Introducing: Smarter Commerce for Publishing 05/06/11 IBM Media and Entertainment
  • 3. Smarter Commerce works to transform and optimize every phase of the commerce cycle 05/06/11 IBM Media and Entertainment
  • 4. Smarter Commerce uses business insight to drive smarter actions, decisions, and processes 05/06/11 IBM Media and Entertainment You need an approach that allows you to to collaborate profitably with sales and distribution channels to create optimal market presence
      • In today’s world of instant business, you need deep consumer and partner insights that can be turned into intelliigent business actions
    Business Insight To compete, you need dynamically re-think how you define value for your customers across all interactions - profitably Customer Engagement Partner /Supplier Management … increasing the value companies generate for their customers and shareholders in a rapidly changing digital world
  • 5. IBM Smarter Commerce Sales Channel Enablement Connectivity Core business processes CHANNEL ENABLEMENT PLATFORM Example Business Flow Digital Sales File Processing 05/06/11 IBM Media and Entertainment Supports any connection type, method, and protocol to integrate and communicate with partners Routing Routes data/files to appropriate systems including split file processing. Integrates directy with internal systems. Visibility Offers aggregated views of business data by partner, time period and product . Real time tracking of transactions by business and IT. Transformation Provides any-to-any data transformation for integration between eRetailers and your financial systems, including data prevalidation and exception processing
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  • 7. IBM Media and Entertainment
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  • 9. 05/06/11 IBM Media and Entertainment
  • 10. 05/06/11 IBM Media and Entertainment
  • 11. Next steps
    • Engage with us for an overview and assessment of digital sales channel e nablement
      • Russell Longo, Publishing Specialist, [email_address]
    • Learn how other IBM clients are benefiting from Smarter Commerce
      • http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/commerce
    Gathering partner & consumer insight and applying it dynamically to commerce processes enables intelligent actions & decisions that increase revenue and profitability © 2011 IBM Corporation Key Takeaways & Next Steps