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Recruitment Recruitment Presentation Transcript

  • Recruitment Define recruitment Constraints on recruiting sources Sources of recruitment
  • News you can use  [Source: Business line Monday 02 April 2007.] New Delhi April 1 It costs an Indian firm Rs 250 crore over and above the compensation component to hire 500 people with an average salary of Rs 5 lakh per annum. This is a result of unattractive employment value propositions (EVP) in the labour market, according to a study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB). In fact, according to the study – if a company were to get their EVP right, only a 20 per cent increase in salaries would be required to attract new employees, juxtaposed to a 34 per cent increase in the same if the company has an unattractive EVP. 10 per cent increase in commitment results in an increase of 7 per cent in work effectiveness and decreases the chances of the employee quitting by 8 per cent amongst Indian employees.
  • What is EVP ? [Source: Ed Newman, the Newman Group, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, October 26, 2007.]
    • Employment Value Proposition is the list of attributes that people value in an employment relationship.
    • There are five main categories of attributes which drive and individuals satisfaction with the employer –
    • organization’s success and reputation
    • rewards and compensation
    • career advancement opportunities
    • work/life balance
    • quality of people who work there
  • What is EVP ? [Source: Ed Newman, the Newman Group, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, October 26, 2007.] Eg: Attributes important to current & prospective employees Compare – the desired with the actual – Gap analysis Top 5-10 attributes that were listed as important and determine co. performance on those parameters Identify your strengths and weaknesses Apply the learning’s and decide what is to be communicated to the potential employees
  • Recruitment is … the discovering of potential applicants for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies. Factors like – size of the organization, prevailing employment conditions, effectiveness of past recruitment efforts, performance of the organization etc. influence the recruiting efforts.
  • Constraints on the Recruiting Sources
          • Image of an organization
          • Attractiveness of the job
          • Internal policies
          • Union requirements
          • Government requirements
          • Recruiting budgets
  • Popular sources for Recruitment Internal Search +ve’s : good employee relations; builds morale; encourages good employees who are ambitious; chances of the right selection are more; less costly; less acclimatization concerns; act as a training device for middle and top-level managers -ve’s : scope of bringing in new ideas, knowledge, enthusiasm reduced Internal search options: Job postings Rehiring Successions Planning
  • Recruitment : External search
    • Advertisements
    • The media – type of prospective employees determines this, reach is critical.
    • Constructing the Ad : AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action)
    • * Effectiveness of the Employment Advertisement is influenced greatly by EVP or Employment Value Proposition.
    local/national newspaper, internet, t.v. business journals.
  • Recruitment : External search print classified advertisements Newspaper classifieds are generally inexpensive; trade magazine classifieds can run from a low to considerable cash outlay. How do you write an effective classified ad? In most cases, space will be limited to three or four lines (though you can typically get extra space for an additional charge). This means you will want to make every word count! Here are the basics you need to include in your classified ad: 1. The job title you want to fill (manager, accountant, assembly, administrative assistant, etc.) 2. A brief description of the job duties 3. Pay rate: You do not necessarily have to list the exact amount you're offering, and often it's preferable to simply say competitive pay or salary DOE (depending on experience) 4. The name of your company 5. The name of the person to contact for an interview 6. A phone number, and an e-mail address, for the prospective employee to get in touch with you (it's amazing how many classified ads forget to include contact information!) 7. The type of print media – local newspaper, business journals etc. Article cafe
  • Recruitment : External search
    • Employee referrals/recommendations :
    • “ You refer , we prefer” ;
    • “ You are our stars, we wish to have more stars like you”
    • “ You’ve got friends, we want to meet them”
    • +ve’s : initial screening by current employees - quality applicants, cost-effective, reduces unrealistic expectations, job survival increases
    • -ve’s : could impact workforce diversity, job-related competence could take a beating
  • Recruitment : External search
    • Employment agencies
    • Public agencies – labor bureau, ITI’s, employment exchanges (mostly unskilled or low-skilled employees)
    • Private agencies – charges for its services (high caliber jobs or skilled jobs). Eg. from engineers to senior managers.
    • Headhunters or Management Consultants – have nationwide contacts, fees are very high as the target positions are top executives of companies, thoroughness of the investigations. Eg. President, M.D.
  • ‘ Search’ contd…
    • Temporary help services – help in meeting short-term personnel needs (e. g. Alp Management Consultants).
    • Advantages of temporary jobs
    • You get to work with reputed and prestigious companies and Brands
    • One get exposed to various jobs
    • You get exposed to various new skills
    • Learn from different managers and seniors
    • Learn different working style, business and work environment
    • Exposure to different Industries and  companies
    • Flexibility in terms of "work when you want too"
    • No long term commitment to any one company
    • Experience of the Temp job can help you to get a permanent job much easier
    • JobsOnTemp- temp. staffing subsidiary of Alps Mgmt. Consultants
  • ‘ Search’ contd…
    • Schools, Colleges and Universities – source for young, inexperienced/experienced candidates, could be costly
    • Professional Organizations – ICAI, significantly influence and control the supply of prospective applicants
    • Casual or Unsolicited Applications – good source of applicant database for future use
  • ‘ Search’ contd…
    • Recruiting via the internet – cost-effective, responses are quick, more life span compared to the newspaper.
        • young professionals are focused on brands
        • In the United States, 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies now accept only online job applications
      • For the Asia 500, it is just below 25 percent, and is expected to reach 40 percent by the end of 2008
      • The number of employment Web sites stands at 40,000 worldwide, according to the International Association of Employment Web Sites
    • Workforce Management Online, March 2007
  • Designing Effective Internet Recruiting Programs
    • Attract attention : use compelling keywords “success driven professionals” , “independent”;
    • Provide good reasons – salary, why you would want to work for this co.
    • Start with an attention-grabbing opening line.
    • Give a clear and concise Job Description
    • Have your systems well tested – ease in posting the resume in the required format
    • Ensure privacy of the applicant information
    • IMP: be prompt in providing feedback on the application status
  • What’s in it for me ? Twenty –six “ABC Guidelines for Successful Recruitment” attractive , flexible , linear , quick , legal , judicious , watchful , realistic , open-minded , believable , centered , diligent , greedy , informative , more , youthful , zealous , persistence , sensible , notorious , tireless , vocal , unified , empathetic , hip ,
  • References Texts: HRM by Decenzo / Robbins (chapt.6); HRM by Gary Dessler (chapt.5) E-source: Internet – BLR, Article café, JobsOnTemp site