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Pre tups high level customer presentation Pre tups high level customer presentation Presentation Transcript

  • PreTUPS Cure for Prepaid Top-up headache
  • Existing recharge solutions are not satisfactory For the subscribers
    • Use vouchers for recharging prepaid accounts or make IVR calls for recharge
    • Vouchers are of fixed denominations
    • Subcribers can only buy them during market hours
    • Vouchers are available only in Home PLMN
    • Difficult to find high value vouchers
    • High costs related to logistics of printing, storing and distributing vouchers
    • Might encounter stock out situations
    • Difficult to discontinue or introduce new denomination vouchers
    • Cost of vouchers is prohibitive to introduce low denominations
    • Loss and damage of vouchers
    Existing recharge solutions are not satisfactory For the operators
    • Have to stock all denomination vouchers: need to invest more
    • Avoid stocking high value, slow moving vouchers – loss to the operators
    • Need to insure material safety
    Existing recharge solutions are not satisfactory For the distributors
  • PreTUPS – The Value Proposition
    • Axalto and Bharti Telesoft partnered to offer a voucherless recharge solution
    • PreTUPS enables 3 ways of recharging :
      • Dealer based top-up: using cash and the dealers’ mobile handsets as Point-of-Sale terminals (POS)
      • Peer-to-Peer Top-up
      • Self Top-up
        • ATM
        • Bank account/ Credit card (in the roadmap)
    • Top up takes place in real time, anytime, anywhere with any amount recharge
  • Who is Bharti Telesoft ?
    • Part of Bharti Enterprises , India’s leading Telecom Operator providing services under brand
    • Key differentiating factors
      • Network advantage: domain expertise, access to large network, tried and tested products
      • Wide range of products and solutions: USSD, Messaging….
      • Focus on developing markets: Large customer base in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe
      • Flexible business models
    • Bharti solutions deployed across 30 countries and 120 networks
    • PreTUPS has been deployed at:
      • Hutch India – launched in 2003
      • Idea Cellular – launched in 2004
      • Airtel
      • Tata Teleservices
  • Channel based Top-Up Sales hierarchy Operator Distributor Distributor Sales Exec Sales Exec Sales Exec Sales Exec Retailer Retailer Retailer Retailer Retailer C U S T O M E R S Operator Distributor Distributor
    • Operator -> Distributor
    • Distributor pays operator for new stock of airtime
    • Operator updates info and credits are transferred
    • Distributor-> Retailer
    • Retailer pays Distributor for airtime stock
    • Distributor updates retailer’s info and credit limit is adjusted
    Web based / STK (SMS) transfer Web based transfer Channel based Top-Up Business model
    • Retailer -> Customer
    • Subscriber
    • - walks into retailer shop
    • selects airtime
    • tells MSISDN
    • pays cash
    • Retailer
    • sends request securely
    • enters MSISDN
    • enters amount
    • enters PIN
    • PreTUPS server
    • checks retailer’s credit limit
    • debit retailer’s account
    • credit subscriber’s account
    • subscriber receives confirmation SMS
    • retailer receives confirmation SMS
    STK (SMS) based transfer Channel based Top-Up Business model
  • Order Initiation Order Approval Sale of Credits to Retailers Primary Sales Secondary Sales Tertiary Sales Order Initiation Order Approval Stock Transfer to Distributors Transfer of Credits to Sales Executives Sale of Credits to Retailers Channel based Top-Up Talktime Transfer Process Sale of Talk Time to Customers
  • Peer-to-Peer Top-up
    • Peer-to-Peer Top-Up enables street person to sell prepaid talktime
      • Prepaid to prepaid: available
      • Prepaid to postpaid: available Q2 05
    • Useful for family and friends group
    • Operators’ benefits
      • Distribution channel expansion
      • Introduction of flexible value recharges
      • Low value recharges useful for customer acquisition
  • End user experience / Agent application
  • The STK Top-up applet
    • High level of security
      • All messages are encrypted and signed (3DES2)
      • Symmetric Encryption and Decryption
      • Each SIM is assigned a unique key
      • Replay Protection
      • OTA Menu download protected by encryption
    • User friendly interface enabling the secure recharge of prepaid accounts
    • The application is available on Simera 3
    • The applet size is 12-15 k
  • PreTUPS architecture
    • PreTUPS Features
      • Channel Sales Management
      • Commission Management
      • Stock control
    • Detailed Sales, Marketing and MIS reporting
      • Detailed order, sales and inventory report
      • Detailed reconciliation reports by channel
      • Query options for quick update
    • Extensive Logging
      • Audit trail of all successful and unsuccessful transaction
      • For system tracking and reconciliation of successful top-up requests
    PreTUPS server features
  • A fraud proof solution
    • Secured HTTPS interface with banking gateways/ transaction acquiring servers
    • Controlled access to functional capabilities based on roles defined for system users
    • 3 DES SMS encryption Secure password based access systems
    • Replay protection
    • Automated fraud barring based on customizable threshold parameters
  • All actors benefit from PreTUPS
    • Subscribers
      • Can recharge any time, 24 hours a day
      • Can recharge any amount – not limited to denominations
      • Can topup from anywhere, including while roaming
      • No IVR call needed
    • Operators
      • No more logistics of vouchers printing, storing and distribution
      • Minimize fraud
      • Decrease cost of sales via electronic distribution
      • Opening up of alternative distribution channels – POS outlets, ATM, shops
      • Introduce low value recharges
      • Release IVR resources
    • Distributors
      • No stocking of all denomination vouchers
      • Just in time order placement and delivery - Reduced investment
      • Faster rotation of inventory - Instantaneous information on inventory and sales position
  • Why choosing Axalto and Bharti Telesoft?
    • An end-to-end platform for reliable provisioning, distribution and delivery of prepaid services
    • A field-tested solution
      • Deployed in 43 networks, PreTUPS has the largest footprint in Asia
    • A proven business case
      • Downscales production, distribution and inventory costs of a voucher based top-up system
      • Introduce new talktime packages with zero time
      • Provides almost real time market information