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Fundamentals presentation

Fundamentals presentation






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    Fundamentals presentation Fundamentals presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Fundamentals Of Marketing
    • Introduction To Marketing
      • A living process of communication between persons in organisation with person in market & society.
      • Concerned with consumer wants focusing on products and services to fulfill those wants.
      • Two major factors of marketing :recruitment of new customer & retention and establishment of existing ones.
      • Marketing teams are tasked to create consumer awareness of products and services through marketing techniques.
      • Marketing is seen as creative industry which includes advertising, distribution and selling.
      • American Marketing Association states:
      • “ Marketing is an activity,process for creating,communicating,delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customer,clients,partners and society at large”.
    • Two levels of marketing
      • Strategic marketing
      • Determines how an organisation competes with another in market place aims at gaining competitive advantage over other.
      • Operational marketing
      • Attempts to attract, keep customer, as well as satisfy the customer. It includes determination of marketing mix.
    • Marketing Mix
      • Comprise of four elements used to craft a marketing plan.
      • Four elements are product,price,promotion &place.
      • This is more popular as 4 ps model.
      • The four ps model is most useful when marketing low value consumer products but for high value or industrial products require slight changes to the model.
      • “ Product” : Products or services offered,its uniqueness,superiority and ease to use.
      • “ Price” : How much to sell the product for,based on cost, its value for customers.
      • “ Promotion” : Communicating to customers to create awareness of products services & buisness.
      • “ Place” : Buisness location &method of distributing products
    • Fundamental Aspects Of Marketing
      • New product development.
      • Packaging of products.
      • Trademarks.
      • Pricing of new products.
      • Distribution of products manufactured.
      • Marketing communications.
    • 1.Product Develpoment
      • New product development .
      • Process of bringing new product or services to market.
      • Steps involved in product designing .
      • Designing & development of products
      • Designing & testing product concept
      • Analysis of profitability of product concept.
    • 2.Packaging Of Products
      • Packaging is science, art,& technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution,storage,sale & use.
      • Importance of good packaging :
      • Effective containment & protection of contents.
      • Should be cost effective.
      • Eye catching & promotes image of organisation.
      • Distinguishable from competitors products &
      • meets legal requirements.
    • 3. Trademarks
      • A type of intellectual property,comprising of name,word,logo,symbol,design or combination of these elements.
      • Significance of trademark:
      • Distinguishes ones company's goods from other.
      • Serves as advertisement for quality of product.
      • Used to market new products.
    • 4 . Pricing Of Products.
      • Pricing : refers to amount of money exchanged for a product .
      • Objectives of pricing:
      • To achieve profit.
      • To maintain larger market share.
      • Factors influencing pricing of products.
      • Production &distribution cost.
      • Reaction of customers & distributors.
    • 5.Distribution Of Products .
      • Distribution through different channels :
      • manufacturer to customer.
      • manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to customer.
      • Manufacturer to agent to retailer to customer.
      • Manufacturer to agent to customer .
      • Reasons for direct selling
      • Manufacturer wants to demonstrate goods.
      • Wholesaler, retailer not selling product actively.
      • Reasons for indirect selling
      • Manufacturer does not have financial resources to distribute products.
      • Too many customers in large area, difficult to reach.
    • 6.Marketing Communications.
      • Advertisements :
      • Paid form of public presentation & expression for promotion of ideas aimed at masses.
      • Advantages of successful advertisements :
      • Makes task of a sales man easier.
      • Forces manufacturer to live up to conveyed image.
      • Protects & warns customers against false claims &inferior products.
    • Criticism Of Marketing
      • Aspects like promotion are usually subject to criticism.
      • Critics say marketing techniques creates ruthless exploitation of workers & consumers by treating them as commodities whose purpose is to consume.
      • Marketers believe marketing is amoral,can be used in negative purpose.
    • Advantages Of Marketing
      • We cannot deny the contribution that marketing has made & can make to customers satisfaction &economic value.
      • It helps company's avoid unnecessary R & D,operational & sales cost by helping to develop products because customer wants them.
      • It has contributed to both customers & suppliers quality of life by selecting profitable “customers satisfaction” as its sole objective.
    • Conclusion
      • Due to increased competition,privatisation & globalisation “marketing & business development” have become important functions in all organizations.
      • Marketing research, branding & public relations are increasingly being seen as vital in market place typified by sophisticated & demanding consumers.
      • Marketing today leads the way in innovation,pricing,product management, distribution and promotion.