Actuate Enterprise Reporting Solutions


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As global deregulation opens new doors for Financial Services firms, it also
introduces daunting challenges from new competitors. Actuate helps today’s
financial leaders create the advanced reporting and information portals they need
to stay competitive

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Actuate Enterprise Reporting Solutions

  1. 1. EnterpriseAny User. Any Data. Any Deployment. Solutions Enterprise Reporting Solutions for Financial Services Get the Enterprise Reporting Edge As global deregulation opens new doors for Financial Services firms, it also introduces daunting challenges from new competitors. Actuate helps today’s financial leaders create the advanced reporting and information portals they need to stay competitive.
  2. 2. Enterprise Solutions: Enterprise Reporting Solutions for Financial ServicesGain a Step on the CompetitionTo become the primary provider of all financialproducts to their customers, Financial Services firmsare acquiring and merging with other banking,wealth-management, insurance and capital-marketsproviders. As they expand and combine into newentities, Actuate helps firms quickly maintain andimprove modify their online services to keep theircompetitive edge.Attract and Retain Customers with InnovationClient reporting solutions built on the Actuateplatform help Financial Services firms streamline thedelivery of account information to customers viahigh-value and efficient online channels. To satisfy,retain and grow customers, firms must add value tothe customer experience with interactive accountreporting and analysis tools while integratinginformation across various financial accounts.Balance Growth versus Business RiskAs highly leveraged Financial Services firms workaggressively to attract and retain customers,improve their efficiency ratios, and maximize theirreturn on equity, they take chances every day. Tostay competitive, firms must meticulously balance Achieve Operational Excellencefinancial and market risks against their aggressive Actuate’s performance management solutions helpgrowth goals. To help Financial Services leaders make people at all levels of their organizations—fromthe right risk-reward decisions, Actuate delivers high- executives to line managers—make better decisionsquality, timely information to their employees, agents and improve organizational excellence. Using Actuateand customers. dashboards and scorecards, they track real-time operational data and manage individual, groupManage Risk and Compliance and enterprise performance. The result is greaterWhile market deregulation is making it easier to efficiency, superior predictability and higher profits.compete, the rules governing how firms conductbusiness have never been stricter. By using Actuateto automate key processes and manual reports,companies reduce errors and are better equippedto comply with Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA andother regulations. In addition, with better insight intoall levels of operations, companies can better manageand react to risk exposure in lending, underwritingand other vital operations. 2
  3. 3. Enterprise Solutions: Enterprise Reporting Solutions for Financial ServicesBoost Enterprise Financial ServicesReporting Power Product SpotlightActuate’s advanced architecture and power—for Applications built with Actuate deliver informationboth report creation and scalable deployment to any in whatever format makes users most productivesize audience—makes it the ideal reporting solution including portals, spreadsheets, scorecards,for modern Financial Services firms. dashboards, analytics, briefing books, strategy maps, and on-demand web and hardcopy reports.Reduce Report Development RequestsActuate’s architecture shares common report designs Actuate e.Spreadsheetand encourages interaction among users and Rogue spreadsheets proliferate on local hard drivesdevelopers. This collaborative approach to report when Excel remains the reporting and analysis toolcreation eases the burden on IT and gives end-users of choice. Only Actuate delivers fully-functional Excelthe freedom to modify reports without waiting for spreadsheets with server-controlled managementhelp from IT organizations. that access multiple data sources at once.Support All Data Sources Actuate Business Reports and Interactive ViewerLarge firms have a broad spectrum of data sources Business Reports allow users to view and manipulatewhose number and complexity changes with each data self-sufficiently, in a controlled environment.acquisition, merger and re-org. Actuate helps IT This autonomy and instant access to information thegroups integrate all their data sources—transaction way they want to see it makes them better decision-systems, account systems, custom applications, makers while dramatically reducing IT requesteven legacy systems implemented decades ago— backlogs for custom reports.without requiring interim data stores for reporting.Organizations using Actuate are confident that their Actuate iServerservice–oriented approach to information integration With its unique architecture, Actuate iServer is provencan handle the next new application, data source, in numerous benchmarks to be the industry’s mostregulatory or organizational change. scalable, highest performing server for generating, managing and securely delivering reports andMeet the Needs of All Users analytic content to 100% of an organization’s users.Financial firms are driven by knowledge workershungry for high-quality, timely information of all Actuate Information Objects with EIIkinds. Actuate maximizes their productivity, speeds Virtual views combine disparate, real-time datadecision-making, and improves accountability by sources using Enterprise Information Integration (EII)integrating financial, operational and customer data technologies, and present corporate information infrom many sources and systems, and delivering it businessfriendly terms to Actuate products and users.cost-effectively into the hands of more employees. Actuate Performancesoft SuiteMaximize the Value of Information Use Actuate Performance Management applicationsOne of an organization’s greatest assets and to improve organization excellence by aligningcompetitive weapons is the wealth of data in its activities with objectives. Measure organizational,internal systems. By integrating and transforming group and individual performance against goals. Driveenterprise data into meaningful, ready-to-use strategy at all levels, improve decision making, andinformation, Actuate maximizes the value of that ensure better operational performance and as well as the return on investment in allenterprise systems. 3
  4. 4. Enterprise Solutions: Enterprise Reporting Solutions for Financial ServicesActuate Center of ExcellenceLeading Financial Services firms have standardizedon Actuate and centralized their reporting operationsto cut costs, streamline application development,reduce management overhead and meet theirenterprise reporting needs within and beyondthe organization.Financial ServicesSolution SpotlightPerformance ManagementActuate helps high performing organizations drivestrategy at all levels, improve decision making,and ensure better operational performance andexecution. Customers worldwide use Actuateto improve their corporate performance withapplications that include:Financial Management• Budget variance reporting and analysis Client Reporting• Period close reporting The competition for customers is the hottest battleground in the Financial Services industry.Corporate Performance Management Actuate arms everyone—including branch officers,• HR Management reporting brokers, portfolio managers, personal financial• Executive dashboards and scorecards advisors, underwriters, claims agents and everyone• Risk management reporting in between—with the customer, information• Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma and Malcolm they need to attract and retain business. Actuate Baldridge solutions also gives customers a unified view of their accounts—including personalized, anytime access toRegulatory Reporting transaction, balance, history, status and performance• Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, HIPAA, MiFID, GIPS, information—so they can transact business easier GLB-financial modernization, KYC, AML et al and require less service. Customerfacing applications• Compliance tracking built on Actuate include:Operational Performance Management Banking• Branch performance reporting • Online account statementing and management• Loan servicing, management and lifecycle reporting • Online personal finance management tools• 360° customer intelligence solutions • Cash management reporting• Sales pipeline and forecasts • Credit card statements, payment and analysis• Commission reporting • Consumer and commercial loan reports• Employee benefits reporting • Multi-account performance dashboardsIT Reporting Wealth Management• IT portfolio and asset management • Asset and portfolio performance reports• SLA reporting • Broker/advisor portals • Investment performance analysis and dashboards 4
  5. 5. Enterprise Solutions: Actuate for Financial Management Reporting Applications• Commission statements and what-if analysis• Current and historical tax reports Actuate for• Private and institutional client reporting the Right Reasons Actuate gives Financial Services organizationsInsurance the agility to distribute crucial operational and• Claims reports customer data within and beyond the enterprise• Service request status while maintaining control of information assets. The• Agent portals Actuate platform allows financial services firms to:• Real-time policy and account status• Customer profitability projection • Ensure data accuracy and consistency• Demographic trending • Create the visibility demanded by regulators, shareholders and customersActuate’s Proven • Improve insight into operations • Expedite and improve decision-makingTrack Record • Achieve growth targets and manage risk effectivelySince its founding in 1993, Actuate has served the • Attract and retain customers more efficientlyreporting needs of world leaders in Financial Services,placing it in the prestigious FinTech 100 list of top For More Informationtechnology vendors compiled by American Banker For more information on how Actuate can help yourand IDC Financial Insights. Actuate customer rolls organization win and retain its share of the newinclude Financial Services leaders worldwide: Financial Services market, contact us today.• A majority of Actuate revenues derive from Financial Tel: (888) 422-8828 Services firms Email:• Four of the top five US-based global banks rely on Actuate for Enterprise Reporting Applications.• One of the world’s largest banks deploys Actuate reports to almost half-a-million users.• Actuate counts 19 of the 21 Financial Services firms in Related Actuate Materials the Fortune 100 as customers. • Actuate Client Reporting for Investment Management• 22 of the top 25 Financial Services providers in Europe • Actuate Online Channel Reporting for Banks rely on Actuate for mission critical reporting. • Actuate for Financial Management Reporting Applications• IBM has selected Actuate as its only enterprise • Actuate for Basel II reporting partner for its front-office banking practice • Actuate for Customer Self-Service reporting solutions• Actuate is embedded in countless applications • Financial Governance White Paper from the world’s leading Financial Services • Actuate for Sarbanes-Oxley software providers. Actuate Corporation Tel: (888) 422-8828 2207 Bridgepointe Parkway Web: Suite 500 5 San Mateo, CA 94404