Case Study: Union Gets Interactive with BIRT


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Union Gets Interactive with BIRT

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Case Study: Union Gets Interactive with BIRT

  1. 1. At a Glance Case StudyUnion Gets Interactive with BIRTEasy access to rich information applications drives reduced support costs and improvements in efficiency, service, anddecision makingApplication Overview Solution DetailsThis union local represents over 20,000 construction workers, making • SQL Server 2005 database, Windows, Microsoft .NET shop, Tomcatit among the largest in North America. The union collects data such as application servers • Will be able to create 80-100 reports with people utilizinghours worked, wages, and pensions on behalf of its members. Interactive Viewer. • The union plans to use Actuate to support internal applicationBusiness Challenges users, executives as well as union members, employing BIRT to• The union wanted to provide employees with a mechanism create detailed reports on any cash shortfalls, overpayment, to easily review and analyze data it collects on behalf of its returned checks, etc. members, such as hours worked, wages, and pensions. • Dashboards will aid executives in assessing the various aspects• Executives needed a simple information interface to monitor their of their business, membership information and to view KPIs, departmental activities and performance. with the option of drilling down into further details of the union• The union needed to lower the cost incurred due to call volume membership for procedural planning. by providing a self-service information portal to its members. • The 20,000+ members of the union will use Actuate to view This will also improve the speed and efficiency of response, and information about their work history, wages and pensions. satisfaction of its members. Benefits SummaryThe Actuate Solution • The union envisions improved efficiency for executives, employees• The union chose BIRT over Crystal due to its product simplicity, and union members. ease of report design and development, and its interactive • Employees, executives and members will have faster, easier access viewing functionality to information, which is expected to greatly reduce the number of o Interactive Viewer has excellent flexibility in terms of reducing calls for information requests. the number of report designs needed. Members can greatly • Executives will have a birds-eye view of member details to help benefit from this, since they can view their personal information them make operational decisions. with ease. • Can greatly cut support costs and lower facilities, operating and o BIRT Studio is simple to use, and enables end users to create maintenance costs. their own detailed reports.• Actuate’s BIRT iServer platform can deliver personalized information to a larger number of users (20,000 members)• BIRT Exchange is an excellent resource for guidance on product features.Actuate Corporation Tel: (888) 422-88282207 Bridgepointe Parkway Web: http://www.actuate.comSuite 500San Mateo, CA 94404