BIRT onDemand - Completely Managed Cloud based Smart SaaS BI


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BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools) is the world's most popular open source reporting tool. BIRT onDemand is a turnkey managed Cloud BI solution, designed to simplify your end user’s experience with complex data. Your existing applications are enhanced with transparent integration of analytical dashboards, interactive reports and stunning visualizations, all created in minutes.

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BIRT onDemand - Completely Managed Cloud based Smart SaaS BI

  1. 1. The people behind BIRT ™ BIRT onDemand is a Platform as a Service (PAAS) offering from Actuate that enables users to host their BIRT-based data visualization apps in Actuate’s iServer environment. The BIRT onDemand platform allows developers to unleash the power of Rich Information Applications built with BIRT using the industry’s premier information deployment platform, the BIRT iServer. With a BIRT onDemand account, users gain access to the power of the enterprise-level BIRT iServer, unleashing features such as unmatched security, multiple format output (PDF, Excel or Word), interactive viewing, Flash© data visualizations, and mobile access. BIRT A mobile client is already completely integrated with the BIRT onDemand experience. When BIRT design or document is onDemand uploaded to an onDemand account, it can be quickly added to a mobile client via the document’s context menu. If a business Product already has an iServer or iServer Express, it’s easy to deploy the BIRT Mobile Framework for iServer and mobilize any BIRT content. Summary The BIRT onDemand platform also provides the ideal environment in which to deploy and test BIRT apps that can be downloaded or purchased from the Marketplace. Selected apps are available for one-click install to your BIRT onDemand account. Home Next Contents Back Exit
  2. 2. Product Summary: BIRT onDemand Overview onDemand account, it can be quickly added to a mobile client via BIRT onDemand is Available Now....Free! BIRT onDemand is a Platform as a the document’s context menu. If a BIRT onDemand is currently available as a free trial on BIRT Exchange. Service (PAAS) offering from Actuate business already has an iServer or While evaluating BIRT onDemand, please provide us with your feedback. that enables users to host their iServer Express, it’s easy to deploy the BIRT Mobile Framework for iServer and Also, let us know if you would to continue using BIRT onDemand for your BIRT-based data visualization apps mobilize any BIRT content. production deployment, or if you want more information on other options for in Actuate’s iServer environment. deploying the BIRT iServer platform within your own environment. The BIRT onDemand platform allows The BIRT onDemand platform also developers to unleash the power of The commercial version of BIRT onDemand, with a projected availability of Q2 provides the ideal environment in which Rich Information Applications built 2010, will include industry-standard security, additional enterprise level iServer to deploy and test BIRT apps that can with BIRT using the industry’s premier features and a secure data transfer layer to facilitate deployment of a variety of be downloaded or purchased from information deployment platform, the applications. the Marketplace. BIRT iServer. Selected apps are available for one-click All trial accounts include the following: With a BIRT onDemand account, install to your BIRT onDemand account. • 250 MB of BIRT application storage space users gain access to the power of All BIRT-based products run in • 50 MB of MySQL database storage (Community Edition)* the enterprise-level BIRT iServer, the Actuate Rich Information • Up to 10 user accounts unleashing features such as Applications-ready server • Complete web front end for accessing your apps and administering documents, unmatched security, multiple environment and benefit from data and users format output (PDF, Excel or Word), its unique Progressive Design • Free iPhone access to reports and apps interactive viewing, Flash© data Architecture, which empowers every visualizations, and mobile access. * Database access is limited to web-based access for trial accounts. Commercial user in the enterprise with access to data presented in an application accounts will have remote database access through secure tunneling software. A mobile client is already completely integrated with the BIRT onDemand tailored to their own skill level experience. When a BIRT design presented in an interactive, user- or document is uploaded to an friendly interface. Home Next Contents Back Exit 2
  3. 3. Product Summary: BIRT onDemand Features • Allows free mobile access (iPhone© and other handheld mobile devices) BIRT onDemand offers many of the to user-defined apps same features provided with a full • Accesses MySQL databases iServer deployment, but without the • Includes free web-based editing tools overhead. It can quickly be set up and to customize apps run, enabling users to access their • Publishes apps from within Eclipse information via an intuitive, easy-to- using a free BIRT onDemand plug-in use web interface or on their mobile • Installs (in one click) into your BIRT device. In addition, BIRT onDemand: onDemand account selected BIRT- Exchange Marketplace apps • Supports both commercial and open source BIRT designs Additional services for BIRT onDemand • Offers a free test drive of the hosted clients and commercial clients include: BIRT iServer platform (BETA limits • Application enhancement and feature set) modification services • Hosts BIRT apps • Application design and deployment • Provides up to 10 user accounts (BETA) services Content uploaded to BIRT onDemand can include any BIRT .rptdocument or BIRT .rptdesign, and be viewed anywhere: in a browser, on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad or on almost any other handheld device. Home Next Contents Back Exit 3
  4. 4. Product Summary: BIRT onDemand Developers: BIRT Designer commercial products Build. Test. Deploy. Done. from Actuate feature: BIRT onDemand is a developer’s • Easy-to-use Windows interface dream. It enables easy, fast access • Flash charts and gadgets to the iServer environment and fast • Data connectors deployment to end users without • JAVA/JavaScript support the common configuration and Once designs and reports have been administration tasks required for created in BIRT Designer or BIRT setting up other systems; it simply Designer Pro they can be uploaded inherits system and security settings to the BIRT onDemand web interface. from the iServer. Also available on the BIRT Exchange Marketplace is a free plug-in that Build provides one-click publication BIRT Designer software (required from Eclipse BIRT designers to BIRT for building BIRT designs) is readily onDemand. Content can then be run available. The software can be: directly on the iServer via the web • Purchased in commercial packages interface or mobilized to run on nearly from Actuate any handheld device. • Downloaded as an open-source distribution of the popular Eclipse IDE The free Actuate BIRT Mobile Framework • Downloaded as a framework that can be imported into an existing Eclipse IDE for iServer enables administrators to manage • Downloaded as an SDK to embed into mobilization of BIRT report content. a custom JAVA application Home Next Contents Back Exit 4
  5. 5. Product Summary: BIRT onDemand Test BIRT onDemand makes it possible Developers can upload BIRT designs to deliver on demand BIRT iServer and documents to their BIRT content to almost any handheld onDemand account and run them device, including the iPhone, iPod immediately and securely in the Touch and the new iPad using the powerful BIRT iServer environment. BIRT Mobile for iPhone app, available There isn’t an easier, less expensive free on iTunes. The BIRT Mobile or faster way to run BIRT content and Framework for iServer makes it test information apps anywhere. possible to deploy mobile content to almost any other mobile device. Deploy Once the designs and documents Done have been loaded and tested, they are Once designs are deployed on the BIRT immediately available to authorized onDemand platform, users can access users. User access can occur via direct a true self-service environment that access to the design or document provides immediate, hands-on access file in the web-based interface or to their content. Further intervention via mobilized content for access on by IT is unnecessary—users can iPhones and other handheld devices. change designs, share them with others, and even upload new designs Once the BIRT Mobile Framework and documents to a personal BIRT Creating a BIRT onDemand account is easy, fast and free. for iServer and/or the iPhone app are installed, additional contact/ onDemand account without help. Go to to learn more. configuration is not necessary. Home Next Contents Back Exit 5
  6. 6. Product Summary: BIRT onDemand Users: BIRT Interactive Viewer View. Review. Revise. Reuse. BIRT Interactive Viewer is Actuate’s AJAX–powered, BIRT–based report View viewing tool that enables every user Users with access privileges can invoke to think beyond the current structure either BIRT Interactive Viewer or BIRT of a report and personalize it based Studio to view their content or content on task and need. Users who are not shared with them by others. The BIRT familiar or comfortable with standard onDemand UI is so easy to use that report authoring tools are able to use it completely eliminates the costly BIRT Interactive Viewer without costly training that accompanies most BI training within moments of being (business intelligence) tools, increasing introduced to its intuitive interface, user adoption and productivity. an inexpensive alternative to training Review individuals who would use the tool on a limited or casual basis. Users can access BIRT onDemand content via the Web and enable Features include: Interactive Viewing or BIRT Studio, • Report navigation: Allows panning, which allow them to run reports activity-sensitive cursor, drag-n-drop immediately. Once a report is uploaded to BIRT onDemand, it is available to column positioning, incorporating Interactive Viewer can be enabled in BIRT onDemand, interactive widgets, scrolling, grabbing any user authorized to view it, making providing users with the ability to navigate, format, gauge needles and selecting data it fast and easy to access content they series analyze data, create charts and more in their reports. need to see. BIRT Studio users can build • Report formatting: Provides controls reports, preview them immediately, for defining headers, labels, and and send them out for review right on page breaks; data formatting; and the Web. conditional formatting Revise • Interactive report analysis: Gives users the tools they need for analyzing Users can utilize either BIRT Interactive the data in a report, arranging the Viewer or BIRT Studio to revise their data to support the insight they are reports or reports from others, based seeking; displaying and organizing on their access privileges. report data sets; sorting a data Home Next Contents Back Exit 6
  7. 7. Product Summary: BIRT onDemand column in ascending or descending Reuse order; organizing data into groups: BIRT content is safely stored once it aggregating data; and calculating is uploaded and saved to the BIRT numbers such as sums, standard onDemand iServer. It is also easily deviations, rankings, and differences. shared by users of any skill level, from • Charting: While some chart elements the casual user to the power user to IT. are determined by a report template, Designs and templates created by more BIRT Interactive Viewer can be used for skilled users can be shared, reused and modifying certain chart elements such revised by others in the organization, as chart format, subtype and data from the mail room to the board BIRT Studio room. The Actuate BIRT environment is conducive to true collaborative BIRT Studio gives business analysts reporting. and power users the tools they need to craft ad–hoc web reports by using pre– defined BIRT report templates reports and optional BIRT Information Objects. BIRT Studio is the ad–hoc reporting centerpiece of Actuate’s Progressive Design Architecture. Features indude: BIRT Studio reports are based on templates created • Re-usable templates and themes by IT or developers, enabling business users to quickly • Self-service report creation create the reports they need without having • Fixed or modifiable report elements to write queries, connect data sources, etc. • Report formatting • Charts • Query and analysis • Calculations and summaries • Filters • Parameter prompts • Easy data access • Data preview Home Next Contents Back Exit 7
  8. 8. Product Summary: BIRT onDemand Benefits provides a variety of support options. Users and developers can: BIRT onDemand makes it possible to • Get support by phone, online and in access the power, scalability, security online community forums on BIRT and versatility of the iServer without Exchange the overhead. With BIRT onDemand, • Use sample reports available on BIRT users can: Exchange • Execute and view Rich Information • Purchase BIRT books online Applications built on BIRT ( or a local bookstore) • Edit app designs and data online using • Sign up for regional or online formal web tools by embedding DHTML on training other web apps • Tap resources that help scale the • Build, edit, update and interact with environment as the user base grows data using desktop and web tools without the need to recreate BIRT such as BIRT Interactive Viewer designs and report documents and BIRT Spreadsheet • Enable mobile viewing of BIRT apps with BIRT Mobile Viewers for iPhone, iPod Touch© and the new iPad© or the BIRT Interactive Viewer lets users modify default data BIRT Framework for iServer, which allows mobile deployment to almost formatting, including realigning/hiding/showing/deleting any handheld device and suppressing columns, setting text attributes and more. • Deploy Actuate BIRT without the hardware expense of a server • Use BIRT iServer • Access a controlled, secure environment based on industry best practices In addition to easy access, Actuate Home Next Contents Back Exit 8
  9. 9. Product Summary: BIRT onDemand Deployment BIRT onDemand on the iPhone Options Users can create a BIRT onDemand account and upload any BIRT There are two ways to use BIRT .rptdocument or BIRT .rptdesign file onDemand: on the Web, or on almost (for versions up to Actuate 10 SP1 Fix3 any handheld device, including the (BIRT 2.3.2), mobilize it, and immediately iPhone. view it using the BIRT Mobile for iPhone The BIRT Mobile BIRT onDemand on the Web Viewer. (Note: Support for BIRT 2.5 for iPhone and access to the resource folder are BIRT onDemand can be used with planned for a future update.). Complete Viewer app is either your own server to deploy instructions for accessing BIRT content available free content to users inside and outside the firewall, or be hosted entirely by via BIRT onDemand can be found on from the iTunes BIRT Exchange. Benefits and features Actuate. There are benefits to each of BIRT onDemand used with the new App Store© scenario: (free) BIRT Mobile for iPhone include: and can be BIRT onDemand using your own • Immediate access – No administration downloaded iServer: cuts down on licensing fees required that would be required for iServer • Simple set up – Users can configure their directly to your licenses. Pricing is based on individual own environment to suit their needs iPhone, usage; it’s possible to get started with • No software installation required– BIRT onDemand for as little as $500. iPod Touch Immediate access to simple UI • Easy upload – Users can upload their or iPad. BIRT content hosted entirely on BIRT onDemand: sidesteps the cost of the own content and immediately access hardware required to run the iServer their own information via iPhone, iPod software to host apps, files, etc., and Touch or iPad the cost of purchasing iServer and • True self-service BI – No IT intervention/ the individual component licenses for involvement is required each product, as pricing is based on * Please note that documents that rely individual usage; it’s possible to get on Flash© visualizations will not render started with BIRT onDemand for as properly, as the iPhone, iPod Touch and little as $500. iPad do not currently support Flash content. Home Next Contents Back Exit 9
  10. 10. Product Summary: BIRT onDemand The Progressive scheduling, versioning, and archiving functions, allowing users to run both on- Design Architecture demand and scheduled reports without IT intervention but within IT-control BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone is • BIRT iServer Enterprise: highly scalable the newest member of Actuate’s implementation of Actuate services progressive design architecture, which which adds to BIRT iServer Express brings the principles of open source to e.Reports; multi-server, multi-project information applications and encourages support; high-availability clustering, participation, iterative development failover and load balancing; metadata and modularity. BIRT Mobile Viewer for caching; and enterprise management iPhone drives business user self-service in and tuning features collaborative reporting. The progressive • BIRT onDemand: Actuate’s Platform design architecture includes: as a Service (PAAS) offering, which • BIRT Reports: web reports based on enables any user, anywhere, to access open-source BIRT technology from enterprise information via the Web, the Eclipse project, available without without downloading/installing charge from BIRT Exchange. Actuate BIRT desktop products. • BIRT Studio: self-service, ad-hoc web These options provide an array of report development within IT control choices from which to create unique • BIRT Interactive Viewer: end user report information applications that appeal to viewing and customization • BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone: allows any user. BIRT onDemand encourages user self-service users to mobilize and carry corporate Within the progressive design while allowing for collaboration across all skill levels. information wherever they go. architecture structure, BIRT designs • BIRT iServer Express: single-server can be shared among highly installation of iServer for easy and skilled developers, business users fast deployment of BIRT and BIRT and consumers. This encourages Spreadsheet options. BIRT iServer participation and supports an iterative Express can be set up and running development environment, which reports in one hour, enables the use of speeds development and adoption of BIRT Information Objects, and includes information applications. Home Next Contents Back Exit 10
  11. 11. Product Summary: BIRT onDemand System Requirements Overall system requirements vary with options chosen. For a system analysis based on your specific needs, please contact an Actuate expert at 1-800- 914-2259 (US & Canada) or contact us by email. You can also contact one of our offices worldwide. For More Information To get more information about BIRT onDemand, please contact an Actuate expert at 1-800-914-2259 (US & Canada) or contact us by email.. You can also contact one of our offices worldwide. Actuate Corporation Tel: (888) 422-8828 2207 Bridgepointe Pkwy., Ste. 500 Web: San Mateo, CA 94404 Home Next Contents Back Exit 11