ActuateOne Brochure: Game Changing Business Intelligence (BI)


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ActuateOne Brochure: Game Changing Business Intelligence (BI)

  1. 1. ActuateOne fulfills the vision that Actuate has had since the inception of BIRT: to redefine the Business Intelligence category by moving away from a set of disparate tools to a suite of integrated capabilities within a single environment. ActuateOne is recognition of a single, common architecture for development and deployment that meets the dynamically changing needs of information consumers.Introducing ActuateOne: ActuateOne products’ common interface and common design make it possible to work across the organization with minimal One User Experience effort. The product suite is engineered for rapidly developing and deploying custom BI applications and rich information One Design applications that leverage BIRT, a leading open-source Eclipse project founded and co-led by Actuate. BIRT is the premier One Server development environment for presenting data to users from multiple, disparate data sources in compelling visualizations. Applications built with ActuateOne provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success. Product Suite ActuateOne is a complete BI solution built on BIRT that introduces Overview new products and features to its suite of Rich Information Application-ready products.
  2. 2. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server Overview Major changes to the Actuate BIRT environment include: The latest Actuate release—Actuate • Unified BIRT engine: Single common 11—adds numerous new features engine for interactive data and more than 40 enhancements to visualization and OLAP its products, extending the value of • Unified data access: Multi-layered the Actuate BIRT product suite by and multi-sourced providing: • Unified metadata layer (Optional): • 64-bit, in-memory analytics EII-powered with incremental • Live Excel® export updating and caching • Print/export Flash® output in PDF • Unified deployment server files architecture: Disseminate information • Agile access to virtually any data to a single or a million users both source inside and outside the firewall • An improved design interface • Unified, open API: Access and • User-created analytical and integrate any content created by the ActuateOne provides every user in the enterprise operational dashboards platform into existing applications with the right skill-specific experience to create • New mobile options Products offered in the ActuateOne and view interactive content. • Access to document print streams suite include tools for one user • More interactive content for diverse experience, one design and one server. View the ActuateOne video. user styles 2
  3. 3. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server BIRT User Experience BIRT Design Actuate provides multiple tools to Actuate provides a single design enhance the user experience and environment for developing multiple serve any user population, anywhere. applications, from simple list reports to complex, multi-dimensional • BIRT Studio – Ad Hoc Reporting: analytic reports. Browser UI for creating, modifying and viewing BIRT content BIRT Designer Pro: Developer UI for • BIRT Viewer: Simple UI for users to creating BIRT templates, applications, view BIRT content. reports and more. • BIRT Interactive Viewer: Presentation UI that allows users to view and BIRT Server modify their content. BIRT iServer is built to scale as • BIRT 360 – Dashboards: Application businesses grow and offers a variety for creating operational and analytic of phased-in services that can be dashboards using BIRT content, added as needs and requirements content from other feeds, supplied change. It can be implemented in a widgets from ActuateOne, Google variety of ways, providing the level widgets and other third-party of services required in deployment content. options designed to meet any • BIRT Mobile Options: Smartphone requirement: application options for viewing Actuate BIRT content can be output in a variety of formats, • Cloud Implementation BIRT content anywhere, anytime, on • On Premises including fully functional Excel® spreadsheets. nearly any device, including iPhone • Phased-In Services View the Export to Excel demo. and iPad. • BIRT onDemand (SaaS/PaaS) • BIRT Data Analyzer, BIRT Data Objects – Analytics: Powerful in- memory analytics that allow users to analyze data from virtually any data source. 3
  4. 4. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server Additional Product Options • BIRT Spreadsheet: Automates and • BIRT Performance Scorecard: centralizes spreadsheet production, Industry leading, fully featured maintenance, archiving, and performance management solution security, eliminating version that supports strategy maps, discrepancies and curbing the scorecarding and KPI initiatives at proliferation of multiple silos of all levels. Excel® workbook data. • Xenos Print Stream and Document • e.Report: Provides the most Transformation: Transforms print discerning users with brochure- streams, mitigates risk, achieves quality, on-demand reporting compliance and reduces the documents designed for challenges of document accessibility. presentation. BIRT Performance Scorecard can use briefing books to display and evaluate performance data, and can be customized to help users better manage measures, locations, maps, reports, and links. 4
  5. 5. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server One User Experience: their own perspective. Within these perspectives, users can perform all BIRT Viewer, BIRT Interactive basic viewer functions: Viewer, BIRT Studio, • Scroll a report page BIRT 360, BIRT Mobile • View the table of contents • Navigate a multipage report and BIRT Analytics • Export data • Link to a report page BIRT Viewer • Export content The BIRT Viewer offers the • Print a report functionality of the open source • Use hyperlinks present in a report Eclipse BIRT Sample Viewer and • View Flash charts and gadgets adds performance and usability improvements for more demanding In addition to basic functionality, the BIRT reports. It also handles BIRT Viewer: interactive Flash® objects for faster • Handles Web 2.0-style reports and data visualizations, presents content data visualizations more quickly with progressive • Presents BIRT content quickly via report viewing and temporary file progressive report viewing management, and easily integrates • Works with all BIRT report security. This viewer is URL- deployment options compatible with the Eclipse BIRT • Provides security integration with Sample Viewer and can access the single sign-on integration for same reports. applications or via repository The BIRT Viewer presents content authorization integration from within the Actuate BIRT To learn more about BIRT Viewer, environment and can be launched please visit: To compare from the Actuate Information BIRT Viewer with other viewing Console, a direct URL from a browser products, download this comparison or dashboard, or while developing table. content within Actuate BIRT Designer Pro and Actuate BIRT Studio. This allows users in a variety of scenarios Actuate Mobile HD takes mobile BI to the next level to view BIRT content from within by leveraging the native attributes of large format mobile viewing devices . 5
  6. 6. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server BIRT Interactive Viewer • Shifts IT focus from report generation BIRT Interactive Viewer is an AJAX- activities to higher-level priorities; powered, BIRT-based interactive ease of use shortens cycles between viewing tool that enables every user report design and completion. to think beyond the current structure • Introduces BIRT open source-based of a report and personalize it based products to the entire enterprise, on task and need. Users who are not paving the way for future BIRT familiar or comfortable with standard development and deployment. report authoring tools are able to use Actuate 11 enhancements to BIRT BIRT Interactive Viewer without costly Interactive Viewer include: training, within moments of being introduced to its intuitive interface— • More efficient background an inexpensive alternative to training performance individuals who might use it on a • Easier personalization limited or casual basis. • Added interactivity on crosstabs BIRT Interactive Viewer adds value to For a complete description of BIRT the BIRT product line by giving users Interactive Viewer, please visit: interactive viewing. or download the BIRT Interactive Viewer datasheet. • Allows virtually anyone to access, Interactive Viewer lets users modify default data personalize and customize a BIRT report formatting, including realigning/hiding/ without affecting underlying data. • Gives users immediate access to showing/deleting and suppressing columns, information and an immediate setting text attributes and more. return for their efforts, in effect teaching them how to use the basic View the Interactive Viewer demo. BIRT tools. 6
  7. 7. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server BIRT Studio Self-Service Query and Reporting BIRT Studio is a web-based tool deployed BIRT Studio is for organizations through the Actuate platform. It is seeking to improve corporate accessed from a web browser, and does performance. By introducing easy-to- not require installation of client software. use, self-service web report creation This product is built on the Java-based tools to meet the needs of business Actuate BIRT engine from the Eclipse and power users, organizations open source development project enable decision makers to access and is compatible with all Eclipse BIRT the vital information they need. applications. Past efforts to equip business users BIRT Studio is a self-service, ad-hoc with self-service tools have failed query and report design tool for due to application complexity and business users that enables them to training requirements. Consequently, access data and create reports without IT departments continued to be direct IT intervention, but within IT inundated with requests for new control. Developers create BIRT-based reports, resulting in huge backlogs templates in BIRT Designer Pro for BIRT and less time for work on strategic Studio users. initiatives. BIRT Studio lets end users create and edit their own Web-based BIRT Studio provides true user self-service, reports in an intuitive, graphical web interface that fuses the best features enabling any user to design and share a BIRT report of previous versions of Actuate without IT intervention. with new Web 2.0 technologies, facilitating information access by authorized users outside the firewall. 7
  8. 8. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server Key Features BIRT designers to insert Top N/ BIRT Studio provides report authors Bottom N filters both at the overall and consumers with easy access to table level as well as individual the tools they need to create the group levels. reports they want. New features and • Ability to aggregate computed enhancements in the latest Actuate columns – Aggregation support has BIRT release include: been added to calculated columns. BIRT designers can now summarize • Dynamic ad-hoc parameter support computed columns using any of the – Invokes an intelligent parser that supported aggregate functions automatically updates underlying Key Benefits queries based on the value supplied for a parameter. • Empowers business users with the • Crosstabs – Allows users to design ability to create ad-hoc reports and review data along different • Enables report consumers to analyze dimensions; business users start with reports a crosstab template and use pre- • Reduces reporting bottlenecks in IT and defined BIRT Data Objects to create improves requirements understanding crosstab reports. between IT and end users • Flash Charts – Adobe Flash® • Reduces costs with zero training and provides interactivity to BIRT Studio support expenditures charts and adds an additional • Increases ROI BIRT Studio allows users to work from chart type to BIRT Studio. Actuate • Provides design flexibility an existing template and select or modify report elements, BIRT architecture ensures that the • Gives users easy access to underlying data by using business friendly terms format reports, create charts, add data and preview resulting Flash visualizations output is interactive. • Allows for deeper analysis across the report as it is created. • Summary Tables – BIRT Studio more data sets Increases efficiency provides a new summary table. and decreases user fatigue • Support for BIRT Data Objects – BIRT • Allows users to more clearly define Studio users can use new BIRT Data data and import only what they Objects as data sources for their need into a report BIRT designs. • Provides higher-level views of data • Support for Top/Bottom-N filter For a complete description of BIRT within groups – Improves the filter Studio, please visit: or support in BIRT Studio by enabling download the BIRT Studio datasheet. 8
  9. 9. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server BIRT 360 Analytic Dashboards The latest Actuate release introduces BIRT 360 analytic dashboards are BIRT-based dashboards to its suite visual data exploration applications. of commercial products. BIRT 360 Combining a set of filter and slicer is a browser- based, zero-footprint gadgets with a set of KPIs built application that uses the popular using rich visualizations, users are Google Gadget framework, allowing prompted to explore and drill down users to not only leverage BIRT-based into data to gain insights. BIRT 360 gadgets but also third-party Google makes it easy for business users Gadgets to create mashup applications. familiar with a dataset to create new These dashboards include: analytic dashboards. • Operational dashboards for • Dashboards show a list of continuous KPI monitoring connectors, making them easy to • Analytic Dashboards for in-memory use for less-skilled users visual data analysis and exploration • Visual data representation • Drill-down/up analysis BIRT 360 was built to ensure an • Crosstab support unparalleled user experience, • Pre-built or providing visual data exploration • User constructed functionality and guided analytic applications for less-experienced users. Google Gadget Specification-based Actuate BIRT content can be blended with content As with other BIRT content, BIRT 360 Dashboard Container from other sources—even Google Gadgets— BIRT 360 is fully compliant with the dashboards are fully compatible into an integrated analytic or operational with other BIRT content and can be Google gadget specification, and embedded in other applications. can host any Actuate or third-party dashboard using BIRT 360. gadgets inside a single dashboard or Operational Dashboards enable any Google gadget container With BIRT 360, business users can to host Actuate gadgets. This facilitates interact with or drill-down on rapid creation of mashup applications individual KPIs to answer specific that combine services from Actuate business questions. The operational and non-Actuate products. dashboards interface is designed for business users to allow them to create their custom dashboard pages without IT intervention. 9
  10. 10. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server Compelling Adobe Flash®-based Data to easily create and view what-if Visualizations scenarios; linked items reflect those By incorporating Adobe Flash, Actuate changes immediately offers a wide range of data visualizations º Functionality – Easy and interactive for business users to choose from when UI makes gadgets not only popular— developing their KPIs. they offer instant adoption º Selection – BIRT Designer ships BIRT 360 Benefits with more than 250 gadgets; in The BIRT 360 engine makes full use addition, users can browse out of of the new Actuate 11 architecture, the application and import virtually providing in-memory analysis any third-party Google gadget though intelligent use of memory True user self service and disc caching. This benefit is Actuate BIRT 360 enables users to available in both 32- and 64-bit consolidate KPIs on a single page for environments: continuous and effective monitoring: • In a 64-bit environment, there is no • Lets end users interact with or use memory cap—everything runs in drill-down capabilities on individual memory. KPIs to answer questions. • In a 32-bit environment, data is • Provides true self-service swapped between disc and available environment for creating custom Analytic dashboards allow users to drill down to any memory to speed up processing. dashboard pages; automatic KPI level of detail required to fully understand • Actuate BIRT 360 provides users with linker automatically establishes gadgets and a Gadget Gallery that the meaning of their data. communications between related facilitate rapid construction: KPIs on a single dashboard page View the BIRT 360 demo. º Presentation – Functional, attention- using drag-and-drop construction. getting gadgets allow users to • Allows users to choose any KPI from understand what the data mean an existing BIRT document, new KPIs º Ease of use – True drag-and- constructed using BIRT 360 or any drop functionality and easy data third-party Google gadget. association make the interface user friendly and usable For a complete description of BIRT º Interactivity – Many gadgets 360, please visit: or actually allow users to physically download the BIRT360 datasheet. manipulate buttons, gauges, etc. 10
  11. 11. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server BIRT Mobile Having your BIRT content at your BIRT Mobile options can be used fingertips, wherever you are, will with all BIRT (both open source allow you to be more informed and and commercial) options, BIRT make better business decisions. Spreadsheet and BIRT Performance • BIRT Mobile: Actuate’s BIRT Mobile Management products, providing solution, a rich information easy interoperability and upgrades application, is designed to meet as an organization grows and the needs of organizations within requirements change. financial services, the Global 9000, and any company that must provide • BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone: current, personalized business BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone is information to a mobile workforce. a designed-from-the-ground-up, native application that can be BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone is used with any BIRT iServer product a fully functional, native app that or with Actuate’s new Platform can be used with the iPhone®, iPod as a Service (PaaS) offering, BIRT Touch® or iPad®. Anyone with an onDemand. This app effortlessly iPhone and BIRT can immediately see delivers personalized, real BIRT BIRT content in a familiar, easy-to- report content to all authorized users navigate format. This new app: wherever they are, whenever they BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone lets anyone with an iPhone • Delivers rich, data-driven BIRT need it. BIRT Mobile also offers native content directly into the hands of and a BIRT onDemand account immediately see BIRT apps built for iPad and iPod Touch. iPhone users, regardless of where content in a familiar, easy-to-navigate format. • BIRT Mobile Viewer for BlackBerry: they are The BIRT Mobile Viewer for View the BIRT Mobile demo. • Provides iPhone-centric features such BlackBerry is a native BlackBerry as orientation awareness, touch application that allows you to view navigation, email and phone dialing your mobilized BIRT reports from • Offers a zero-cost mobile information the iServer or BIRT onDemand. This delivery solution that is freely application remembers your iServer available on the iTunes App Store login information, optimizes your • Serves as a building block for BIRT- BIRT content display for the phone, powered iPhone applications and allows management of your • Generates immediate ROI, giving mobilized content subscription. business users what they need, when, where, and how they want it 11
  12. 12. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server • Eliminates platform issues via the Organizations adopting BIRT native iPhone Viewer Mobile enjoy the following business • Offers on-device report navigation benefits: features • Device-independent information • Extends the reach of BIRT access and viewing on multiple applications far beyond the handheld devices, extending the boundaries of the web browser value of those mobile devices • Reduces costs and time to market • An extended rich information • Increases the productivity and application experience that stretches decision-making ability of mobile beyond the confines of an office or workers Internet connection, making critical • Securely delivers in-office information available at the right information to mobile workers with moment minimal (or no) IT effort • Consolidated reports in smartphone • Places the power of Actuate’s rich and wireless PDA-compatible information applications in the formats hands of users wherever they are, • Seamless conversion of corporate whenever they need it information for use on mobile • Integrates seamlessly with the devices, providing the convenience Actuate BIRT Suite; the BIRT Mobile of an instant-on mobile platform BIRT Mobile includes iPhone-centric features Viewer for iPhone is the next logical that minimizes or eliminates the step in your BI plan need to carry and boot up a laptop such as orientation awareness, touch navigation, For a complete description of BIRT email and phone dialing. Mobile, please visit: or download the BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone datasheet. 12
  13. 13. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server BIRT Analytics BIRT Data Objects Actuate 11 introduces new BIRT BIRT Data Objects are in-memory analytics tools that dramatically datasets constructed from disparate simplify data analysis, providing enterprise data sources. These business users with tools to help them datasets can be used by BIRT make better decisions. BIRT Data Designer or Actuate BIRT business Analyzer helps business users uncover user tools such as BIRT Studio, trends, identify anomalies and model BIRT 360 or BIRT Data Analyzer for scenarios, including “what if” scenarios, a variety of self-service functions for business forecasting and improved ranging from ad-hoc report creation understanding of their data. to ad-hoc data analysis. This new, in-memory online • Agile data access – Data can be analytical processing (OLAP) tapped and combined from multiple, analytics product line is the result disparate data sources. of enhancements to the core BIRT • Flexible modeling – Data can be engine, which supports the entire modeled as one or more flat datasets spectrum of rich data visualizations, or multi-dimensional structures. interactivity and analysis. BIRT • Granular data security – Support for technology architecture provides many levels of security. multiple ways to embed and • In-memory data federation – In- BIRT Data Analyzer helps business users contextually deliver information to memory datasets belonging to one or users to address their analytics needs more BIRT Data Objects can be linked uncover trends, identify anomalies and model scenarios, while promoting efficiency and to enable in-memory data federation. including “what if” scenarios, for business forecasting productivity through reuse. • Operational data linking – In-memory and improved understanding of their data. datasets in a BIRT Data Object can be The new BIRT analytics line includes further linked to additional Actuate the following intuitive data analysis and non-Actuate content. tools: BIRT Data Objects, BIRT Data Analyzer and BIRT 360 (dashboards). BIRT Data Objects are available to products across the entire Actuate BIRT platform, including access for on-demand or parameterized reports, ad-hoc queries, dashboards, interactive viewing and the new BIRT-based analytic tools. 13
  14. 14. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server BIRT Data Analyzer • Makes analytics accessible BIRT Data Analyzer is a zero º UI designed specifically for business footprint, browser-based OLAP tool users created for business users. º Zero training required The product’s highly intuitive º Interface makes it easy to model analysis interface, combined new analysis-ready datasets with the scalable reach of BIRT • Allows multiple usage scenarios technology, make it possible for º Analyze datasets available in the organizations to deploy analysis encyclopedia capability to users at all levels º Analyze datasets embedded in BIRT in the organization. documents • Produces results that can be shared This tool allows users with varying º Operationalize analysis results by skill levels to: sharing BIRT Data Objects with • Describe data in multiple dimensions other users • Categorize information º Link analyses to operational data • Quickly, easily and interactively • Optimizes performance analyze data in BIRT Data Objects º Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit • Create comparative analysis reports modes with multiple dimensions º Reuse datasets across many users • Identify trends in data by reviewing and applications BIRT Data Analyzer adds true analytics features such as information as a chart or other • Gives users agile data access conditional formatting to BIRT, giving business users visualization º Build datasets from multiple multiple ways to view their business information. • Spot anomalies in data visually, by enterprise data sources looking for measures that dip, etc. º Drill through to operational datasets View the BIRT Data Analyzer demo. • Perform root cause analysis using º Drill through to new in-memory the ability to link analytic data to datasets across machines operational data º Drill through to new in- memory datasets across cloud BIRT Data Analyzer adds true implementations analytics features to BIRT, giving For a complete description of BIRT business users multiple ways to view Analytics (BIRT Data Objects and their business information: BIRT Data Analyzer), please visit: or download the BIRT Analytics datasheet. 14
  15. 15. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server One Design: BIRT Designer Pro produces designs that can be executed immediately BIRT Designer Pro within the development tool and BIRT Designer Pro is a report published to the Actuate iServer to development tool used to create support a variety of deployment business intelligence and information options in conjunction with applications deployed through the complete Actuate platform. Actuate’s rich information-ready server Deploying BIRT Designer Pro on environment and accessed via a web BIRT iServer allows IT to create BIRT- browser. The power behind BIRT based applications while providing Designer Pro is the Java-based Eclipse templates to business and power open source project, BIRT (Business users who author their own reports Intelligence and Reporting Tools). using data from nearly any source. Their work can be shared and BIRT Designer Pro is a modern, 100% modified in Actuate’s interactive, Java BI and information application collaborative environment. developer product. This development tool is easy to use, supports extensive An enterprise-level BIRT iServer customization, and creates reusable deployment of BIRT Designer Pro components, interactive web reports adds a full complement of storage, security, user management and and dashboards. BIRT Designer BIRT Designer Pro uses the familiar development Pro includes the BIRT open source administrative features for very large deployments inside and outside paradigms of the Eclipse environment, web-page runtime report engine, a charting engine, JDBC drivers for commercial the firewall. designers, and desktop publishing products. databases such as Oracle and DB2, BIRT Designer Pro provides any and connectors to Actuate’s BIRT organization with immediate iServer features. BIRT Designer Pro benefits, including increased also includes a complete Java and developer productivity and an JavaScript development environment, improved user experience. a massive library of BIRT Flash Objects and a built-in BIRT Information Objects designer perspective. 15
  16. 16. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server Increased developer productivity Improved user experience • Many report deployment options • Variety – produces multiple report – publishes to BIRT Information types including lists, grouped lists, Console, BIRT iServer or BIRT tables and charts, x-tab reports, onDemand dashboards, Excel spreadsheets, • Publishing flexibility – publishes PDF files with live Flash content and content as reusable templates for other applications use in BIRT Studio and as templates • Embedded BIRT Flash Objects – that can be shared with others for exports live Flash content to PDF further refinement files, inheriting all of the interactivity • Script in JAVA and JavaScript originally contained in a Flash • Debug reports Object • Create and use extensions • Output format – allows adding an • View other Eclipse perspectives emitter to output content in any • View applications as they are built custom format. with consistent WYSIWYG interface • Excel output – provides live, analysis- and output ready Excel output • Invoke the BIRT Information Object For a complete description of Designer perspective to create BIRT BIRT Designer Pro, please visit: Information Objects and BIRT Data Objects or download the With BIRT Designer Pro’s Dynamic Cross Tabs, cross tab BIRT Designer Pro datasheet. • Familiar development environment elements can be added to reports without knowing – Available as an Eclipse plug-in or the number of columns in advance. a standalone version, Actuate BIRT enables developers to create content in a familiar environment • Multi-purpose, versatile development tool – Appropriate for almost any project, including simple reports, data warehousing projects, dashboards, batch report development, etc. 16
  17. 17. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server One Server: user in the organization with access to data presented in an application BIRT iServer tailored to their skill level in an BIRT iServer is a scalable, world-class interactive, user-friendly interface. server for generating, managing BIRT iServer features the industry’s and securely delivering reporting most open, standards-based and analytic content to 100 percent architecture for integration with all of an organization’s users. BIRT web services, enterprise applications, iServer provides the industry’s most back end data sources and e-business complete and powerful infrastructure applications and platforms. for disseminating interactive, • Provides native 64-bit in-memory actionable business information to data analysis employees, customers and partners. • Fully compatible/configurable In addition, BIRT iServer integrates with Cloud, PaaS and SaaS information from any data source implementations (BIRT onDemand) and application to serve both • Allows for organizations to phase-in internal and external users. services based on project size/needs Rich Information Applications (RIAs) • Support for third-party RDBMS for that include iServer let users access encyclopedia metadata iServer allows users to save, schedule and run content BIRT, BIRT Interactive Viewer, BIRT • Front end – BIRT Information Console Studio, BIRT 360, BIRT Analytics easily, seamlessly integrates BIRT in a secure, simple UI, built to be intuitive and user friendly. and BIRT Spreadsheet options content with the look and feel of any and to create and deliver resulting website, embedding frameless Actuate applications via a web-based Reportlets™ and BIRT Flash Objects user interface. With BIRT iServer, within any unstructured web page organizations can deploy the widest • Back end – supports live data access variety of content, from simple lists from any source, across any corporate to information-driven RIAs running infrastructure and firewall environment inside and outside the firewall. • BIRT Information Integration All BIRT-based products run in option – directly and concurrently the Actuate RIA-ready iServer accesses multiple, heterogeneous environment and benefit from data sources and transforms that its unique Progressive Design data into meaningful business Architecture, which empowers every information in real time 17
  18. 18. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server • URL-based architecture, SOAP- Data Analyzer, BIRT 360 and e.Report based Web Services API – provides • Provides internationalization integration with both J2EE and of UI and report content, Microsoft .NET environments and accommodating other languages, support for open web standards, cultural contexts, data conventions allowing any BIRT iServer and time zones functionality to be embedded into • Unparalleled scalability – serves a even the most complex enterprise virtually unlimited number of users environment rapidly and smoothly • High availability for 24x7 operation – provides full-time operation Out of the box, BIRT iServer includes with easy maintenance and the following functionality: management • Schedules, runs, presents, delivers • Automatic clustering, job control and stores content for sharing with and load balancing – optimizes other users system resources • Controls user- and role-based • Easy content distribution – access to content generates content for large • Provides integrated or stand- populations without creating extra alone access to report creation system administration or software applications and services upgrade costs • Includes data drivers for popular data The Actuate BIRT iServer features a Web Services API • Express content – delivers source types and tools to develop completed pages as the report is that enables administrators to create, schedule and run access to custom data sources being generated jobs. Administrators can add a new user and configure • Page-on-demand for direct-to- BIRT iServer includes the following page navigation and viewing security, privileges, and more for each individual end user. system features: – ensures that end users get the • Serves as the framework to support mission-critical information they optional BIRT Information Objects, need the instant they need it Actuate’s metadata layer • Hosts end user options such as These functions are accessible via presentation of Actuate BIRT Reports the BIRT iServer web interface for and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets end users and via its Web Services generated by BIRT Spreadsheet, ad API for administrators. hoc web reports authoring within For a complete description of BIRT BIRT Studio, report customization iServer, please visit: or with BIRT Interactive Viewer, BIRT 18 download the BIRT iServer datasheet.
  19. 19. Introducing ActuateOne: One User Experience, One Design, One Server Conclusion The ActuateOne suite of Business Intelligence and information application tools brings together the ultimate BI toolset, enabling any organization to build and deploy mission-critical business intelligence and rich information applications to any user, anywhere, with a variety of tools based on one user experience, supported by one server and built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with the flexibility to integrate existing systems, access any data source and deploy to any device. ActuateOne is recognition of a single, common architecture for development and deployment that meets the dynamically changing needs of information consumers. Actuate Corporation Tel: (888) 422-8828 2207 Bridgepointe Pkwy., Ste. 500 Web: San Mateo, CA 94404 19