Challenge Assumptions 2


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Struggling with difficult thoughts/experiences (of the day) resulting in nightmares and sleeplessness. 100 solutions by team // querdenker for the the crash course on creativity at Venture Lab.

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Challenge Assumptions 2

  1. 1. challenge assumptions 2: struggling with difficult thoughts / experiences (of the day) 1. in Germany there are 24 hour gyms, why not here in 13. online course to teach collected techniques, let participants Switzerland? keep a diary, evaluate progress, research, improve 2. an app with bed time quotes to sooth the mind before going techniques...(follow the trend of “self measurement”) to sleep. quite sure that if you think of something positive 14. mobile app for above online course to interact with the before going to bed, you may sleep better community throughout the day 3. rate the quotes so the best ones bubble up in the ranking 15. create a local community of “sleep walkers”, people to meet 4. a “sleepy time tea” that actually works and walk with and talk to in the evenings 5. instant tea in bags or tin cans (one spoon per cup) for above 16. read something “boring” and “uplifting” → collect autograph “sleepy time tea” books of 12 year olds and make a sleeping book out of it... 6. a CD with calming music. press play. turns off automatically 17. record your “good night stories” you tell your children for after 45 minutes or so... when they are grown up, so they can listen to them when 7. bio-sensor which detects when your sleeping okay and turns they cannot fall asleep on calm music, when youre not 18. around the clock gymnasiums and fitness centers for 8. dating website for sleepless people that want to meet up in sleepless people the middle of the night (actually the idea isnt that bad, so 19. public sleeping booths for passengers, travelers and / or everyone might find someone else according to his employees day-night-rhythm... might be an interesting approach ;-) 20. the "sleep channel" with soothing music and goodnight 9. create an email-notifying service that sends you mails stories for busy minds throughout the day to give you advices on how to get things 21. sell special audio books with calm narrators and done in time and be able to get to bed earlier and, in case light-hearted tales youre still not able to sleep, be able to get in contact with 22. product line with beverages and easy to digest edibles for a other sleepless people or to send you advices at night about profound sleep what to do etc. 23. invent a double bed which can be separated and has a 10. create some sort of TV show for those who cant sleep sound-proof cover 11. record a video diary to identify what could be causing the 24. prepare a yoga routine especially designed to calm down issue the anxious brain 12. one of the main problems of putting meditation on the 25. provide a phone line with a "listening ear" to talk through table, is for those who are religious, therefore, a daily problems non-religious sleeping or mind-control course, could work 26. create a night-time dating agency for singles with insomnia100 solutions by team // querdenker, december 4, 2012 1/3
  2. 2. challenge assumptions 2: struggling with difficult thoughts / experiences (of the day) 27. offer an all-inclusive tour with sleep seminars, meditation 42. do something crafty or arty, if I focus on writing or paint and only good news something, I usually feel better and less stressed, this helps 28. nocturnal "home delivery" recreational massages with me to be able to sleep flavorsome oil 43. if anxiety is related to a relationship problem, I am a big 29. relaxing sleep app/ website to self measure the sleep believer in resolving the issues before going to bed, never problems, give out tips to relax and for sleeping, keeping go to bed or leave the house angry at each other! diary of whats troubling 44. my favorite music is Latin (salsa, etc). If I had a bad day, 30. a forum where people can share tips, talk to people in nothing puts a smile on my face like some loud Latin music similar situations for a good minutes! 31. meditation program especially for this group, non-religious 45. invest in a new hobby (sign up for a class etc) & have of course to appeal to a broad group something to look forward to, that also relieves stress 32. a nutrition guide: what to eat/ drink to soothe sleeping 46. take a bubble bath, glass of champagne included – girlie, I problem, e.g. cauliflower has some calming effects or a stiff know :-) drink ;-) 47. change the partner – just kidding ;-) 33. course of letting go of problems that arise during the day 48. help youre partner solve his/her issues → you sleep better 34. self paced online course for above solution as well 35. special blend tea for relax, sleeping 49. change your rhythm of sleep 36. get some exercise, go for a walk, go for a swim... 50. take a few power naps during the day 37. get some fresh air, even if this means sitting on the balcony 51. face your daily problems and solve them as best as possible! for minutes 52. make holidays to get other thoughts, insights and 38. clear the mind before going to bed. This means, not inspirations watching television, or at least not things like the news and 53. listen to audio books while trying to sleep other "depressing" stations. Maybe this includes meditating, 54. go out for a walk … or just focusing on something positive before going to sleep 55. … or a long jog, like this you get sleepy and fit at the same 39. eat well, eat early. time! 40. if I drink a lot of alcohol or go to bed really full, I can not 56. if you dont have any responsibilities the next day, dont sleep well at all → so dont! sleep! 41. read something uplifting or inspirational or funny. I have a 57. read a book book of quotes that I like and save as I go 58. watch something boring on TV 59. meditation before going to bed100 solutions by team // querdenker, december 4, 2012 2/3
  3. 3. challenge assumptions 2: struggling with difficult thoughts / experiences (of the day) 60. drinking some kind o beverage like warm milk or green tea. 86. drink a tea or hot chocolate 61. having sex (sex relieves endorphins and stress) 87. do some sport 62. working out. (it also relieves stress and anxiety) 88. go out with friends 63. less alcohol 89. meditate regularly 64. less geisterbahnen/ horror movies / video games / ... 90. happy thought in mind / look forward to something while 65. more sports going to sleep 66. talk about bad emotions (but only once) 91. meditate 67. cut down materialistic constraints 92. drink warm milk 68. accept failure as a learning experience 93. read a book, preferably a boring book until you fall asleep, a 69. meditate compelling book s hard to put down 70. separate beds from partner so you dont get woken up 94. have a good conversation about things that bothers you because of his/her nightmares with a friend 71. think about good things you have done before you go to 95. a hot shower before bed time sleep - rather keep a " done"- list than a to-do list 96. drink herbal tea thats especially soothing and have sleepy 72. talk with friends before you go to bed -- dont watch TV side effects 73. stop working early (so your mind can better forget about it) 97. too much worries or to-dos in your head, write it down in a 74. inhale, let go, exhale (repeated) notebook to clear your mind 75. solve your (daily) problems 98. go to bed at the same time every night, so your body will 76. solve riddles, math problems or read to focus adjust for sleeping. 77. listen to calm but positive music 99. sleep hypnosis 78. listen to a good audio book and fall asleep 100. listen to binaural noise to tune your brain into 79. practice yoga in the evening sleeping mode (delta) and to help you relax 80. consume a happy movie and fall asleep while watching 81. dance in your living room or go to a club Have a good nights sleep (^_^)/" 82. sleep-finder-app (to be programmed) with tips, schedule and rating of best practices (personalization, can not sleep chat. Forum for exchange etc) 83. get some fresh air (open the window or go outside) 84. get creative (play an instrument, paint, …) 85. wake your partner and have a good time100 solutions by team // querdenker, december 4, 2012 3/3