Google algorithm changes - by Websqaure


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a simple presentation on the changes of SEO and the Google algorithm.

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Google algorithm changes - by Websqaure

  1. 1. The updates and changes with Google algorithms, and why these changes occurFor more information go to:
  2. 2. Standard definition of an algorithm The old days of Google The good and the bad of online marketing Why the Google algorithm changes? Google Penguin and Google Panda The new days of Google How this effects SEOFor more information go to:
  3. 3. An algorithm is a series of functions, rules and regulations that need to be followed. They can be used in computer science and mathematics. They are used in calculations, data manipulation and automated systems. They vary from being step by step instructions to complex mathematical formulas. Used by Google to get you the closest match within a search.For more information go to:
  4. 4. Back in the good old days of Google:When you search for “flower shops in Bradford UK”the search engine will produce page results linked towhat you have typed in. This is done with a variationof equations, sequences and mathematicalalgorithms. So when you type in “flower shops inBradford UK” you should get local flower shops inBradford, UK.To get a higher ranking the methods were moresimple: page material, sponsored and advertisingtechniques and placed key works. Now it is different.For more information go to:
  5. 5. Profit organisations use online marketing to get the most interest in their website. This isbecause: High ranking = High popularity = More moneyThis is a extremely high motive to get your website the highest ranking within Google.As the Google Algorithm is a series of automated system that is run by an algorithm. There aretechniques and tricks to get the algorithm to pick up your website and get a higher ranking.These techniques can be:Honest and genuine (White Hat Techniques)Unethical and in some cases illegal (Black Hat Techniques)All of these are done to get the most attention online and get the most hits.For more information go to:
  6. 6. Google works, so why the constant changes? The updates in the algorithm aim to minimise and put a stop to the unethical, Black Hat SEO techniques that are affecting genuine websites. The algorithm updates aim to improve the quality of Image from: http://www.bluechipwebdes search for the user, and try and cut out the websites that use cheating, unethical techniques to get websites a higher ranking.For more information go to:
  7. 7. Google changes its Algorithms around 500 times a year. These are usually small changes that make subtle and shifts on what Google looks for when a user searches for a website. However, the algorithm can change rather dramatically with large updates that can change how websites are ranked and how important their online presence is. Penguin and Panda are two formations of Google algorithms updates. They are both designed to make sure that the searches are successful and to cut out some of the Black Hat SEO schemes; Overall, to improve the quality for the search.For more information go to:
  8. 8. Penguin targets some of the Black Hat SEO schemes that are used and rank the page down. The Penguin update actually looks into the links of websites and checks the quality of them. This is to stop the unethical 3-way-linking – A way to boost hits on a certain website. Penguin also looks at the links to Facebook, YouTube etc. Image from: And boosts rankings up for social media integration, http://www.bluechipwebdes which is a very different change. The creation of the penguin resulted in a large shift in the Google ranking, causing a lot of complaints from website holders.For more information go to:
  9. 9. Panda looks at the content itself and demotes old and out-of-date content. With Panda, The algorithm does not look at keywords anymore. To reduce more “black Hat schemes” the Algorithm looks at the entire content. Panda makes sure that websites with up to date, regular Image from: content gets priority over websites that are just jam http://googlewebmastercen packed with keywords. High quality is now the key with new Google Panda updateFor more information go to:
  10. 10. The world wide web is constantly changing. With things like: - Social media sites - A large increase in the WebPages and websites. -Tablets and Phone technology - New updates to Online marketing All of this has made the algorithm to change and to give the user the most accurate search even with these constant changes.For more information go to:
  11. 11. In terms of SEO, the updates in algorithms change how some websites are ranked. The 20th Panda update has only affected 0.3% that may not see like a lot but it is hundreds of thousands of websites. Quality content within the website is the key thing with the new updates in the Google algorithms. One excellent website full of content has a lot more bearing that a selection of weak websites with minimal content all linked together. The Google Algorithm update tries to get the legitimate and valid websites the best ranking. Make sure that you are one of them and doing the correct, legitimate methods.For more information go to:
  12. 12. Images/statistics and research: