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Hinduja Global Collateral

  1. 1. Innovative solutions designed with his lifetime loyalty in mind. Your Customers. Our Priority.
  2. 2. “… A true partner understands great things come from inspired and respectful leadership, hard work and creative thinking …” Client sinCe 2005
  3. 3. About Hinduja Global Solutions A Hinduja Group company Trusted by many of the world’s most recognized brand names Global provider of BPO and customer management solutions More than 35 years of experience Third party standards, including Six Sigma, ISO, HIPPA, CPI, COPC, and SAS 70 Award winning operations On shore, near shore, and offshore solutions Twenty operations centers in six countries
  4. 4. Global Network of Operations Centers Across our global network of locations, we deliver solutions that optimize value and maximize performance. Our worldwide locations include: Canada Montreal United States India Peoria, IL Waterloo, IA Bangalore St Louis, MO Chennai El Paso, TX Mumbai Hyderabad Mysore Philippines Manila Colombia Barranquilla Mauritius United States Canada India Philippines Mauritius Colombia (partner site)
  5. 5. A Consultative Approach In partnership with you, we will consistently seek new ways and innovative strategies to improve service, maximize value, and exceed expectations. Through a highly consultative approach, we will seek to understand your unique business objectives, and then use our experience, combined with customer and performance data, to make recommendations that continuously add value and give you a competitive edge. Data-Driven Operational Performance We understand that an ideal balance exists between operational efficiency and high quality performance. In parallel with our day-to-day operations, we apply Six Sigma ISO practices to continuously seek ways to improve cost and operational efficiencies to your advantage. Using this approach, we have reduced required training time, improved customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and minimized customer returns. Voice-of-the-Customer Response Understanding and responding to customer feedback is critical to building a strong brand and an exceptional service experience. Through our customer satisfaction and loyalty data, combined with customer case data and operational statistics, we uncover your customers’ preferences and use that information to build solutions that make the most of your customer contacts. Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Strategies Each contact with your customers presents a unique opportunity to expand customer value. By evaluating customer purchase behavior and sales offers, we make recommendations to improve the likelihood that customers will buy more, and will purchase across your brands.
  6. 6. As a globally preferred business process transformation partner, we create value through innovative solutions designed to maximize customer lifetime loyalty. We understand there are multiple touch points throughout the customer lifecycle that impact satisfaction and loyalty to your brands. We respond with cost effective, high quality global solutions, customized to your business objectives. Our solutions include: Customer contact management Business process outsourcing Customer data analytics In partnership with you, we will make a positive impact on your business success through data-driven strategic solutions that carefully manage customer relationships to your advantage. It’s what we do everyday, and we’re ready to do the same for you.
  7. 7. Customer Contact Management Building strong relationships with customers when they reach out to your contact center translates to core loyalty to your brands, and increases the likelihood that your products will be recommended to others. Regardless of the reason for their contact, our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) maximize satisfaction and brand loyalty while increasing customer value. Our customer contact management solutions integrate multiple channels including inbound and outbound phone, e-mail, web chat, IVR and web self- service, and white mail. The scope of our solutions includes: Customer care Pre- and post-sale product information Program enrollment Technical and operational support Inbound sales and order taking Service-to-sale and save-the-sale Business-to-business sales follow-up Service dispatch Up-sell and cross-sell Warranty sales and service Recall and promotion management
  8. 8. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Our BPO solutions are designed to streamline your business operations, allowing you to put 100 percent focus back on your core competency. Our customized BPO solutions are cost effective, highly efficient, and are delivered with impeccable quality. Whether processing customer claims, reviewing streaming media, processing warranty cards, or building insurance plans, our solutions drive performance that allows your business to thrive. Plus our full service product, accessory, letter, and brochure fulfillment operations close the loop on customer requests. The scope of our BPO solutions includes: Claims processing and adjudication Plan building and claims audits Account maintenance Database building/cleaning Application processing Data entry Product/literature fulfillment Mailroom and scanning
  9. 9. Data Analytics Helping our clients understand more about their customers, and respond to the drivers of customer loyalty serves as a solid foundation to design effective and efficient results oriented customer relationships solutions. We understand the value of improving the probability that your products, services, and promotions will have strong mind-share the next time a consumer is making a purchase. We provide you with precise analyses to increase your customers’ loyalty. Using data we collect about your customers, we deliver customer intelligence that that helps target the customers that are the most profitable for you, and uncover the factors that most influence brand and product loyalty and deflection. Our data analytics solutions include: Satisfaction/loyalty surveys Brand loyalty analytics Operational optimization analytics Competitive service research
  10. 10. “Hinduja has proven to be a resourceful and able business partner.” Client sinCe 2007
  11. 11. Industries Served Automotive Banking and Financial Services Consumer Electronics Consumer Packaged Goods Consumer Products Healthcare Insurance Logistics and Transportation Media and Entertainment Pharmaceuticals Publishing Restaurants Retail Technology Telecommunications
  12. 12. Your Customers. Our Priority. www.htmtglobal.com | 201.508.5000 | marketing@htmtglobal.com India | Philippines | United States | Canada | Mauritius | Colombia Copyright ©2008 HINDUJA Global Solutions | All Rights Reserved