Alidaviestrailer analysis


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Alidaviestrailer analysis

  1. 1. TRAILER ANALYSIS Top 3 trailers
  2. 2. RIPD WATCH The genre of the film I think links with its USP. The film is multi-genre and is a completely new and refreshing mix of action, comedy and supernatural . The speed of the trailer is very fast with shots only lasting a few seconds. This is to keep the audiences attention and also replicates the fast pace of the action genre in the film. The font style used looks official and is similar to the font used on the emergency services. This is again to create a sense of genre. The phrase „rest in peach department‟ also replicates this. There are a mixture of sound fx used. For example there are some sound effects used that sound a little sci-fi , this also adds the supernatural genre of the film, and also highlights a comedic tone. The dialogue used is short lines from main characters such as star „Ryan Reynolds‟, this entices the audience as it allows the audience to see well known actors with dialogue that is appealing for example comedic dialogue . The dialogue also gives hints to the character types of the characters in the film. The film title is shown towards the end of the trailer, this is used to make it more memorable to the audience.
  3. 3. About Time WATCH The genre of the film about time is „love‟. This is clearly shown in titles on the trailer indicating “It‟s about love” and “It‟s about life”. This gives a clear genre to the audience. Yet the cinematography and dialogue also reveal a twist in the genre with a supernatural idea of time travel, this I feel is a USP for the film, and it broadens the films target audience. Another selling point to the audience is the use of emphasising the creators pervious work. For example „From the creator of Love Actually, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral. This gives the film a sense of status and also a sense of genre too. The use of dialogue is a voice over from the main character, this gives a perspective view and also allows the audience to get to know the character, this is enticing to the audience. There is a use of warm and bright colours in the trailer, for example reds, oranges and yellows. The colour red especially could also be indicative of the genre of love and romance.
  4. 4. The Inkeepers WATCH The genre of the film is quite obviously horror. The dialogue at the start of the trailer from one of the main characters reveals the story line. Her voice is of a low tone and a slow place, adding emotion and intensity to what she is saying. The music in the trailer stars off frightening. The sound fx also progress as the trailer up to become more intense and as light and mysterious, then it builds does, giving loud noises such as screams and loud bangs, working in conjunction with shocking images on screen. The sound fx are also indicative of the horror genre. The font used has an old fashioned style to it, this is creating a setting of the hotel that the film is based in. The font also has heavy shadowing around it, a style representing the horror genre. The colours used in the trailer are all very dark . This is creating a sense of a scary and horific atmosphere. Dialogue of characters also reveals story line and genre relevant quotes such as „you mustn't go in the basement‟, this quote giving a dangerous and frightening edge. There is a very fast pace of editing making the trailer jumpy for the audience, this creates a