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  1. 1. Bridge the gap between Design & Functionality nipiB fO tseB nipiB fO tseB As Ux & Ui Designer My Knowledge is a blend of Creative Innovation & Technical Implementation.
  2. 2. Wireframes
  3. 3. TravelTime.co.in Coolgurukul.com
  4. 4. Onvelop.com
  5. 5. Mobile User Interfaces
  6. 6. Project: Android Mobile UI DesignClient: SingTelTeam Size: 15Front End: Photoshop, Eclipse, Android, Linux, XmlSingTel is a Singapore tele-communication company providing android based handset to it`s customer. So UserInterface modifications according to its business strategy were necessary. Themes, wallpapers, widgets andcustom applications are developed. I am as an UI consultant responsible for best UI designs for various androidbased phones in respect to usability and technical feasibility.
  7. 7. Project: Mobile Application (stock) for Iphone, Ipad, Android.Team Size: 3Front End: Photoshop, Xcode (Mac OS)STATUS: Completed This is a hybrid mobile application where user can search about different stocks and save them in his mobile. Sothat he / she can get quick and brief update about his his/her stock details. I have designed user interface andapplications icons for different devices.
  8. 8. Project: Ishare Mobile WebsiteClient: Gold Mobile Pvt ltd, USA.Team Size: 4Front End: PHP, NBML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Netbeans6.8, JQuery.Back end: My SqlURL: www.isharesmobile.comSTATUS: onlineThis is a financial sector website based on fund management system.
  9. 9. Project: LapBand Mobile WebsiteClient: Gold Mobile Pvt ltd, USA.Team Size: 3Front End: Asp.net, NBML, Photoshop, Visual Studio 2008.Back end: My SqlURL: m.lapband.comSTATUS: onlineThis is a medical sector website of us based doctors.
  10. 10. Web Applications
  11. 11. Project: Ecommerce Web & Mobile ApplicationClient: Aphrodite’sTeam Size: 5Front End: Photoshop, Pencil, Dream weaver, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, Dreamweaver CS5, HTML(mp), PHP,magneto (content analysis, User survey, competitor analysis & information architecture )Back end: My SqlThis is an ecommerce web application developed in magento open source application. The web application is aboutselling ladies bag products in India and overseas, targeting different geographical regions and different socio-economicalstandard people. to be used in all devices such as ipad, blackbary, windows mobile, iphone, android as well as symbianplatform mobile of Nokia , LG, Samsung Motorola etc and different cross browser.
  12. 12. Project: Mutual fund website Ux DesignClient: Franklin Templeton IndiaTeam Size: 1Front End: Photoshop, Pencil (content analysis,User survey, competitor analysis & informationarchitecture tools)This website dedicated to financial domainbasically focused on mutual fund. As it is ainternational brand, I have to focus in contentpresentation so that user can find each contenteasily as well as complete his task easily withoutany difficulty with brand presence keeping it inmind.
  13. 13. Project: CIBIL (Data Upload Automation)Client: Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd.Team Size: 7Front End: Photoshop, Pencil, Dream weaver, HTML,CSS, Jquery, Visual Studio 2008Back end: Sql Server 2008STATUS: CompletedURL: Internal ApplicationCredit Information Bureau (India) Ltd is a companydealing with credit report of individual and corporatecompany to different banks and financial sectors. Ihave prepared a new prototype based on their user,content and services they are providing. Based onthe principle of financial domain I have designed thenew prototype as their requirement. Then I haveconverted those visual designs to interactive webpages and integrated in development server.
  14. 14. Project: DomeClient: derivium tradtion Pvt. Ltd.Team Size: 3Front End: Photoshop, Pencil, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Jquery, Visual Studio 2008Back end: Sql ServerSTATUS: CompletedURL: http://deriviumcap.comDerivium Tradition is a financial domain company dealing with stock market. I had prepared new prototype by analyzingtheir current web application. Then I had made visual designs and integrated them in development server using visualstudio.
  15. 15. Project: Derivium front OfficeClient: derivium tradtion Pvt. Ltd.Team Size: 3Front End: Photoshop, Pencil, Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Jquery, Visual Studio 2008Back end: My SqlSTATUS: onlineURL: No URL available as it is an internal application of client used in intranet. (Snap shots can be available)Derivium Tradition is a financial domain company dealing with stock market. I had prepared new prototype by analyzingtheir current web application. Then I had made visual designs and integrated them in development server using visualstudio.
  16. 16. Web Sites
  17. 17. Project: ONVELOP product websiteClient: Agreeya MobilityTeam Size: 1Front End: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML5,CSS3, Jquery, PHPURL: http://www.onvelop.com/http://www.onvelop.mobi/AgreeYa Mobility is going to launch itsproduct (Envelop) for corporate sector bothin android and iphone by integratingSharePoint cloud to mobile devices.
  18. 18. Project: Fortune Cookie Website RedesignClient: Fortune CookieTeam Size: 2Front End: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CSS,Jquery, PHP, JoomlaBackend: MysqlURL: http://www.fortunecookie.co.inCurrently Fortune Cookie is going to renovatehis present website according to presentbusiness strategy. It is a pure designing firmgiving services from concept development tousability testing. New challenges were tocategorize important services and their subservices in a proper way so that user can findeasily what he/she wants. It was developed injoomla so that frequent maintenance can bedone by even non technical person.
  19. 19. Project: Hotel Website DesignClient: Elite AmbienceTeam Size: 1Front End: Photoshop, Dreamweaver,HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, PHPURL: http://www.elitesapl.com/We are working for Elite Ambience forits brand promotion from print mediato web media. We have doneeverything from corporate identity tomedia promotion. Client wanted tomake its web presence keeping in mindof corporate look and branding.
  20. 20. Project: PNPL (New Prototyping on the basis of Ux Design)Client: Premiere Neutraceutical Pvt. Ltd.Team Size: 1Front End: Photoshop, PencilSTATUS: Completed This site is about Pharmaceuticals Company in India. I have prepared new prototype according to theirnew requirements as well as user and client expansions.
  21. 21. Project: Joomla MultisiteClient: Infodatum Pvt ltd. UkTeam Size: 6Front End: Joomla, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, Dream weaver, Flash, JQuery.Back end: My SqlSTATUS: HoldThis is a polling website based on feedback management system. It is like a social networking websitewith some unique features and some relevance to twitter.com and ripple.com.
  22. 22. Project: Trauma Society of IndiaClient: Trauma Society of India Pvt. Ltd.Team Size: 1Front End: Joomla, PHP, HTML, JavaScript,Photoshop, Dream weaver, Flash, JQuery.Back end: My SqlURL: http://www.traumasocietyofindia.org/ This site provides information of differentdoctors who are making career in traumaresearch and cure. This shares latest ideas,conference regarding trauma within its entiremember.
  23. 23. Project: Vidarbha Heritage SocietyClient: Vidarbha Heritage SocietyTeam Size: 1Front End: Joomla, PHP, HTML,JavaScript, Photoshop, Dream weaver,Flash, JQuery.Back end: My SqlSTATUS: HoldThis is a website of an NGO, VidarbhaHeritage Society. This website is inJoomla which describes historical landmarks, monuments and their restorationas well as detail description of Vidarbha.As per client`s requirement for easyfuture updating of website by themwithout assistant of web developer.
  24. 24. Desktop Application
  25. 25. Project: Harrier Payroll System (Usability Analysis)Client: Harrier Information System Pvt Ltd.Team Size: 4Front End: Photoshop, Axure pro(Desktop Application in .net 3.5 framework)Back end: Sql Server 2008STATUS: completedURL: No URL as it is a desktop application. (Snap shots available can be available)This is a desktop application made in .net application. I have conducted usability test and prepared useranalysis report. Based on this report I have developed new UI based on usability and functionality of theapplication to development team and worked coordinately with them to finalize the application.