Character, behavior and protocol of pso final   copy
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Character, behavior and protocol of pso final copy



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Character, behavior and protocol of pso final   copy Character, behavior and protocol of pso final copy Presentation Transcript

  • Goal The goal of this lesson is to enhance onunderstanding on character, behavior,protocol of PSO and its criteria fordeployment.
  • ObjectivesAt the end of the lesson the participants will be able to:iv) Tell the character, behavior and protocol of PSO.v) Explain three qualities of PSOvi) Understand the criteria of deployment.
  • Definition of PSO A person who is deployed for securityof VIP or any one who is recognized as thethreatened person by the State.
  • Characteristics of Personal Security Officer Good I.Q. level Physically tough Peak level of physical fitness. Stamina. Muscular strength and flexibility. Mentally alert/Mental strength Socially friendly psychologically sound Quick decision maker Far sightedness Basic standard of education
  •  Knowledge of various language Unarmed combat Well communication skill Furnished dressed up Competent in handling firearms /Sharp shooter/Operational shooter Knowledge of IED, booby and mines Ability to plan Well Trained
  •  Self-control Patience Self-motivated Appreciation of situation Assess the threat Planning for action Know the VIPs behavior Ability of Identify the target Good observation
  •  Loyal Obedient Accountable Analyze of vulnerability Responsible to VIP, accountable to Dept. Knowledge about disaster Dynamic personality Courage Discipline
  • Contd… Honest Trusty Empathy State of mind (sixth sense ) Reflex action Skilled Driver Skill of First-aid Punctual
  • All the qualities of PSO can be categorized into 3 HHead Heart Hand
  • Qualities of Personal Security Officers:Head Hand Heart Understanding  Action Oriented  Honest  Result Oriented Clear Vision  Physical Fitness  Loyal  Leadership Skill Accountable  Good Behavior  Coordination  Respectful Skill Self-Motivated By/ For  Mastery in Positive Weapon Attitude  Courageous  Reflex Action Conscious  Confidential  Communication Skill Inquisitive/  Lovable  Medical Creative Knowledge
  • Behavior of PSO Cleanliness Respect to all No discrimination Sacrifice your personal interest Show high degree of mental alertness - Helpful politeness Cooperative Behavioral prudence
  • What the PSO Must DO? Knowledge of Sequence of Events  Notification of task - Threat assessment  Initial Liaison - Warning order- Operation order- Final liaison - OPERATION Observation  Situation around VIP and reacting to events quickly wherever, whenever necessary
  •  Body Cover  Of course BGs are "bullet Catchers"  Shield VIP by you or shield by other means carefully arranging people around VIP Systematic Protection  Application of Security measures/doing the job carefully.
  •  Avoidance of Routine  Avoiding the habits & routine that effects daily life Recces & Planning (preliminary Survey)  Effecting Recce, Planning and Clear and concise order Review of Security measures Constructive Criticism and feedback, Constant review of security procedures
  •  Constant training (rehearsal or practice on IAD/Procedural work/ ambush, Debus Etc) Physical Fitness Mental Alertness Confidential Etiquette and Manners
  • Other relevancies Develop Personal security habits  Looks  Telephone  Equipments  Clothing  Food/Drinks  Documents  Personal weapon
  •  Employ necessary safety measures  Do not underestimate the situation  Proper utilization of safety equipment Keep yourself mentally and physically fit to respond any unwanted circumstances Be watchful  People  Place  Items
  • Dos Avoid liquor Program must be kept secret Avoid gossiping Phone always through security Pre arrange appointments
  •  Regular check of identity Double check all delivers Be diplomatic to deal with visitors Check occupants of neighboring properties regularly
  • Dont Leakage of information Involve in telephone and set conversation a lot Do not be personal be professional Do not be over confidence
  • contd… Do not allow carrier to leave goods Never comment on political matters Never express your views on sensitive matters Never disclose the phone number of VVIP
  • Definition of Protocol According to Oxford essential business and office dictionary “Protocol” means official formality and etiquette. Protocol can also be defined as self imposed ethics and rules.
  • Some general Etiquettes Avoid noisy speaking Avoid taking difficult food items. Avoid taking much food at a time. Avoid criticism. Talking on contentious issue. Conversation should be rational and easily understood.
  • Contd… Do not make a sound while eating and drinking. Do not seat while talking to seniors and ladies. Elbows should be kept close to the body during waiting between courses. Hand should kept on the napkin on the lap but not in the pocket or on the table.
  • Contd… Extend appropriate courtesy to women guest. Maintain personal cleanliness. Give priority for seniors, women and guest while passing the door. Listen more and talk less. If sneezing and coughing use handkerchief.
  • Contd… Never smoke while being with VIP/VVIP. Putting won finger into own nose, cleaning ear, scratching body, spitting, yawning should be avoided. Shake hand firmly, not limply. Should be attentive and delightful.
  • Criteria for pso2. Appointed in police officer2. Must have completed VIP Security training.3. Physical fitness (ht. 5’4”)4. Age below 35
  • Appointed in police officer2. Deployment of PSO Threat analysis committee Joint secretary, ministry of Home co- ordinator DIGP, Nepal Police- member DIG, NID- member DIGP,APF- member Basis:- a) Ministry level decision b) Central security committee c) Ministry of Home d) PHQ, Operation Department
  • Any Question?Thank You !