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  1. 1. An Online Platform for Anaerobic Digestion Projects byMEng. MSc. Joël MARANHAO - Founder & Director at Biowatts & Dipl.-Ing.agr.univ. Dajana WIELAND - Co-Founder Baden-Baden, Germany - March 7th 2012
  2. 2. biowatts.orgis already available in 7 languagesand more is coming up…
  3. 3. What is biowatts? 1. an anaerobic digestion calculator (biogas calculator) - built with a business rule engine to allow the implementation of complicated logic, such as the remuneration schemes for each country (ROI); - a database of substrates that users can extend; 2. a kinetics analyzer tounderstand the influence of the hydraulic retention time and temperature on biomethane production during digestion; 3. an online biomass marketplace where you can list feedstock for sale or feedstock that you would like to acquire. … best of all, you can use all this services for FREE!
  4. 4. 1.1. Easy-to-use biogas calculator• Create a FREE Account to save your projects and results.• Login, create a project and add substrates to your configuration.• The calculator relies on an existing database of substrates from which you can choose. If you don’t find a particular substrate you can add it to the database.
  5. 5. Find and select asubstrate
  6. 6. Table view of abiomass configurationwith biomethane production results and ROI
  7. 7. Map view of the substratesBiowatts calculates distances from your available feedstock to the biogas plant.
  8. 8. Charts view of a biomass configuration
  9. 9. 1.2. Easy-to-use biogas calculator• Users can then exchange, discuss, compare estimated results and practical on-site measurement yields through the forum add-in.• This public practical knowledge will continuously grow and user will vote on the best information. It is anticipated that best practices and on-site thumb rules about substrates and how to improve biogas yield will emerge.
  10. 10. 2. Kinetics AnalyzerTo address more advanced requirements, Biowatts implements a kinetics analyzer based on Y. R. Chen model (1) and P. Harris Digicalc calculator (2). You can choose from a shorter list of waste types (animal manure) and try different settings for hydraulic retention time (HRT), temperature (TºC), volatile solids concentration (VSC) and the volume of substrate added daily to the digester.The analyzer produces a set of practical 3D biomethane response surface plots that you can move around and explore interactively to guide you in finding out best settings for your installation.
  11. 11. Kinetics Analyzer
  12. 12. Biomethane production f(VSC, HRT)
  13. 13. Biomethane production f(TºC, HRT)
  14. 14. Max. specific growth rate
  15. 15. Kinetic parameter
  16. 16. 3.1. Online Biomass Marketplace• Find the closest potential Buyers and Sellers for your feedstock by taking away the biomass market barriers and allow global mapping (interactive map) of the available feedstock and demand.
  17. 17. Marketplace welcome page
  18. 18. Map view of the marketplace listings • Biowatts encourages more trades of organic waste and motivates more biogas plant prospects and site investigation in the areas wherefeedstock is available. • Today you can sell or give away your feedstock (providers) or advertise for wanted feedstock (buyers).
  19. 19. 3.2. Create a listing for your feedstock • To create a listing, choose a substrate from the database (or add your own), indicate the price per ton, the quantity available and periodicity (daily, weekly, monthly …), the location and the transportation details. The buyers and providers can discuss the trading privately through the platform and disclose their respective contacts to complete the deal. • Soon we will also add the possibility to trade digestates (products of anaerobic digestion).
  20. 20. Partners
  21. 21. REFERENCES• "Kinetics Analysis of Anaerobic Digestion of Pig Manure ant its design Implications” Y.R. Chen - Agricultural Waste 8 (1983) 65 81• "Digicalc by Paul Harris - University of Adelaide”