BioTech Dhaba for Indian Bioscience Students


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BioTech Dhaba for Indian Bioscience Students

  1. 1. BioTech Dhaba Founder, Manish KumarMax Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, Germany.
  2. 2. With about 6000 members from institutes of higher education, researchcentres, and industry the BioTech Dhaba is the leading body of studentgroup of bioscience experts in India.The BioTech Dhaba represents the interests of all who work and research inthe dynamic and promising disciplines combining chemistry, medicine, andbiological Sciences – from first year students to heads of institutes, fromjunior scientists to Prize winners – and promotes research and teaching, theimplementation of scientific findings in biotechnology and medicine, andtheir popularization.The National and International BioTech Dhaba meetings are a platform forsharing information on the latest developments in biosciences with leadingexperts on the represented sectors.The network of contacts extends to all Universities in India, many in Europe,USA & Canada and a large number of major research centres. Thesecontacts will be pleased to provide you with information.
  3. 3. The BioTech Dhaba Vision: Mission: Linking talent to Opportunities “Foster and promote basic science as a career with the aim of improving Scientific research in India” Vision: Better education and awareness will attract best brains in the field and lead to discoveries that have major impact on health; we want breakthroughs! Method: people, programmes, events, places, networking, scholarships
  4. 4. BioTech Dhaba and StudentAlliance• Launched in June 2009• Excellent team• Actively Supported by Students• Scientific Event management• Competitions• Monthly Career newsletters• Programme committees• Advantage 1. Early career guidance 2. Early career fellowships 3. Competitive edge
  5. 5. Our 2nd Conference- 28th Aug 2010, JNTU Hyderabad
  6. 6. 1st Conference 5th Jan, 2009 at CBIT, Hyderabad
  7. 7. BioTech Dhaba is designed to:• promote discussion and understanding of science and its relevance to society and• to help equip society to take an active part in policy formation regarding the application of science
  8. 8. Activities are designed for various groups:General publicSchool childrenCollege StudentsTeachers of Science
  9. 9. Dedicated support from Team Members:Manish Kumar, Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research, GermanyMukesh Pasupuleti, University of British Columbia, CanadaAshish Maskara, IIM LucknowAvinash Bajaj, University of Massachusetts, USA ( Asst Proff, RCB, New Delhi)Raj Kumar, University of Giessen, GermanyPrabhat Singhal, Harvard, USAJata shanker, Stanford , USAGajendra Pratap Singh, MIT, USATathagat Avatar Tulsi, 22 years, Assistant Professor, IIT BombayNeeraj Tiwari, Yale University, USAAnil Kumar, University of Washington, USATanya Singh, IIT DelhiGauravi deshpande, IISc, BangaloreHimanshu Shekhar, Zee News/ESPNSandeep anand, JNU, New Delhi
  10. 10.
  11. 11. INCEPTION launched in Jan 2009.contains information on BioTech Dhabaactivities (events, meetings, conferences, etc,.), A self –updating ‘current -news -in -bioscience’page and enewsletters for job oppurtunitiesvarious resources for students, teachers andothers
  12. 12. BioTech Dhaba advertises events, activities in Science… across faculty and university ( if requested) 2 criteria :• Quality event/resource• Acknowledge all appropriate funders
  13. 13. Lets be Networked, Thank you