Biofuels? Adore it! - Wouter Jan van den Berg
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Biofuels? Adore it! - Wouter Jan van den Berg



Presentation by Wouter Jan van den Berg - ...

Presentation by Wouter Jan van den Berg -
Staff member department Environment & Soilconservation Province of Groningen (Netherlands).
BioMotion Tour congress at Agritechnica, Hannover - 13 november 2009



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Biofuels? Adore it! - Wouter Jan van den Berg Biofuels? Adore it! - Wouter Jan van den Berg Presentation Transcript

  • BIOFUELS? ADORE IT! BioMotion, Hannover, 12th of November, 2009 Wouter Jan van den Berg Staff member department Environment & Soilconservation
  • agenda • Flashback/ 100.000 vehicle plan • Where we are/ The problem • The way forward/ The solution
  • flashback Sept 2008 Haus Duesse First international meeting Biomotion Presentation of mrs Stavenga (Fryslan)
  • • Energy Agreement (2007) 4 Energy Valley provinces (Fryslân, Drenthe, Groningen Noord- Holland (partly)) and National Government
  • Specific goal of Energy agreement 40-50 PJoule sustainable energy (half a million households) 4-5 Mton CO2 reduction by 2011 (1,5 million cars) More than proportional contribution
  • Energy agreement: 5 themes 1. Energy saving in build-up area 2. Sustainable energy 3. Biofuels and sustainable mobility 4. Clean fossil fuel (Carbon Capture and Storage) 5. Knowledge and innovation
  • ambition of the three provinces in Northern Netherlands
  • 100.000 vehicleplan & ADORE IT? Groningen
  • Synergy vehicleplan ADORE IT Area N-NL Groningen+6 EU regions Scope Bio+electric Biofuels Projects 10 10 Budget € 500.000 € 66.520 Hours > 2000 > 2000 Period 2008-2011 2008-2011
  • Problem? The tide is changing From hype to complete distrust Biofuels as scapegoat for structural problems (“convenient lies”) EU target discussed & changed Fuel mandates and other policies not enough for substantial share of biofuels Market is moving towards electric vehicles
  • Criticism on biofuels Cause of high food prices uses land which could have been used for food/ causes hunger Destroys rainforest CO2-profile current bio-fuels not so good/ bio- wait for 2nd generation Low overall potential
  • Barriers 1. lack of regional availability of biofuels 2. absence of clear authorisation procedures for planning, building and operating systems, 3. a general lack of information at all levels including information for suppliers 4. lack of visibility and trust of consumers with respect to the sustainable character of biofuels and the quality of biofuels 5. differences in standards and certification
  • Main problem • No trust • No demand
  • ADORE IT • Adolescence for renewable energies in transport • To increase the use of biofuels •
  • Projectpartners Name Country Type focus Province of Groningen NL Government Co-ordinator, policy Punto Energia Provincia di IT Energy policy Sassari agency Municipality of Östersund SE Government policy Institute of Transport Economics NO Research research Intertermo Concept RO consultants advice Estonian University of Life EE research research Sciences SIRASA ES consultants Training & advice
  • ADORE IT Non-technological (like all IEE projects) To increase the use of biofuels by means of 1) influencing others via Information Taxes/ subsidies (not funded by ADORE IT) Legal instruments 2) right example/ launching customer
  • Sustainable fleet as example/ launching cust. Procurement procedure started cars of the delegates not included First car was bought (natural gas), september 2009 serious plans for 2 other natural gas propulsed vehicles
  • Information? • Contacting fore-runners, running in packs • Influencing (national/ regional) government • Informing the general public • Exchange of knowledge within the team
  • Informing the public Website Regional papers Public events (like Euroborg)
  • Almost 1500 visitors after one year (50% unique)
  • Informing the team
  • Influencing the government • National government • economic affairs • environmental affairs • Focus: level playing field, taxes, subsidies • Municipalities • Survey • Manual, to be based on existing material (like ‘Handbook for The Local Implementation of clean (er) fuel policies in Europe - June 2009’)
  • Subsidy for filling stations Combined effort of Northern part of the Netherlands (Fryslan, Groningen, Drenthe) Aiming for 21 extra filling stations (7 per province) Applications: mainly natural gas, also E85, B100 First funded station in Fryslan (natural gas)
  • ADORE IT targets Specific Objectives Result Indicators: Quantification of success: increased availability of regional # filling stations +5 distribution / biofuels filling stations increased availability of bio- # regional avialibality of bio- +10% propulsed vehicles such as private propulsed cars cars, busses and trucks increased use of biofuels in use of biofuels 3,5% in 2009 accordance with EU targets shortening of permit and permit and authorisation -10% authorisation procedure-time procedure-time a clear and measurable change in # of positive articles in relevant + 25% the general and special media on magazines, read by car drivers the subject of biofuels and stakeholders
  • Bottomline: still behind, but improving Target ADORE IT: 3,5% Expected growth in 2008 Expected growth in 2009
  • Progress ADORE IT
  • To do • Convincing potential buyers of biofuel • Lectures at schools & universities • Influencing national government • Synergizing • How to prevent too much administration
  • Questions?