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3D Cancer Microtissues ready-to-assay

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Products oncology web

  1. 1. 3D tumor microtissuesOncology Products » Provide an ideal basis for increasing your assay’s predictive power » Assay-ready, no cell culturing needed » No scaffolds, so no unwanted artefacts » Custom tumor microtissue production possible (e.g. cocultures) » Supplied in automation-friendly 96-well format
  2. 2. How are InSphero 3D tumor microtissues made?InSphero employs the GravityPLUS platform to precision mass-fabricate standardized tumor micro-tissues with a size variability of 10%. The GravityPLUS process gently coerces cells to assemble togetherby gravity. This method completely avoids the use of polymeric scaffolds that could potentially interactwith drug compounds, assay reagents or cells.What are 3D tumor microtissues?Tumor microtissues are also known as multicellular tumor spheroids. These highly biomimetic 3D tumormodels display the gene expression patterns and the histomorphological, functional and microenviron-mental features of in vivo human tumor tissue. 3D tumor microtissues are ideal for drug discovery andfar more predictive of clinical efficacy compared to 2D cultures. At last these valuable 3D models areconveniently available “off-the-shelf” in large quantities, ready-for-use in high-throughput applications.Biomimetic featuresThe GravityPLUS process results in the rapid formation of cell-cell contacts, cell-cell communication, celltype-specific extracellular matrix and cell-matrix interaction. The morphology and functionality of the invivo tumor is clearly evident. In fact, unlike cells in 2D, InSphero tumor microtissues distinctly resembletissue from the inter-vascular regions of solid tumors.
  3. 3. One Dimension ahead Advantages of InSphero Tumor Microtissues More biomimetic: Compared to 2D monolayers, InSphero’s 3D microtissues can help to establish more predictive in vitro drug testing, since phenomena such as multicellular resistance are clearly evident No scaffolds: Polymeric scaffolds are not used which means freedom from concerns about unknown and unwanted assay artefacts due to scaffold interactions with drug compounds, assay reagents or cells. Assay-ready: InSphero tumor microtissues are available in industrial-scale quantities, in standard 96-well format, ready for screening or other HT applications. Longer culture lifetime: Whereas 2D monolayer cultures offer only a very narrow time window for gathering data this is extended many-fold with InSphero’s tumor microtissues. Use your own cell lines: Complement InSphero’s off-the-shelf offer with your own cell lines in 3D using InSphero’s custom production services.© Luftbildfotograf - Fotolia
  4. 4. Product Overview Services OverviewAssay-ready tumor microtissues Also inquire about our custom micro–Our growing list of assay-ready tumor microtissues (one microtissue per well in a standard 96-well plate) tissue-production services to upgradecurrently includes the products below : your cell line to 3D.Cat. # Name Description Cell lineMT-01-001-01 hKi-CCL001MT Human kidney carcinoma microtissues A498MT-01-002-01 hPr-CCL001MT Human prostate carcinoma microtissues DU145MT-01-003-01 hCo-CCL001MT Human colorectal carcinoma microtissues HCT116MT-01-004-01 hCr-CCL001MT Human colon carcinoma microtissues HT29MT-01-005-01 hLi-CCL001MT Human liver carcinoma microtissues HepG2MT-01-006-01 hCNS-CCL001MT Human CNS carcinoma microtissues SNB19cDNA Libraries from cell lines in 2D, 3D microtissues and 3D-coculture microtissues Model type 2D 3D homotypic 3D heterotypicCell line with NIH3T3A498 ET-01-001-00 ET-01-001-01 ET-01-001-02DU145 ET-01-002-00 ET-01-002-01 ET-01-002-02HCT116 ET-01-003-00 ET-01-003-01 ET-01-003-02 InSphero AGHT29 ET-01-004-00 ET-01-004-01 N/A Technoparkstrasse 1HepG2 ET-01-005-00 ET-01-005-01 ET-01-005-02 CH-8005 ZurichSNB19 ET-01-006-00 ET-01-006-01 ET-01-006-02 SwitzerlandA549 ET-01-007-00 N/A ET-01-007-02MCF7 ET-01-008-00 N/A ET-01-008-02 www.insphero.comPC3 ET-01-009-00 N/A ET-01-009-02 Phone: +41-44-515049-0Paraffin-embedded multi-microtissue sections e-mail: sales@insphero.comCat. # Name Array contentsET-02-001 Multi-Tissue Array Tumor 1 A498, DU145, HCT116, HT29, HepG2, SNB19