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Bio cote

  1. 1. Leaders in Bacterial Control Introducing BioCote® protected products For sustainable, hygienic environments
  2. 2. BioCote® protection BioCote Ltd is the market leader in providing built-in antimicrobial surface protection. BioCote® technology utilises the power of silver, a safe, natural antimicrobial. BioCote® reduces levels of bacteria and mould on the surface of products making them cleaner, safer and more hygienic to use. BioCote® protected products are ideal for environments where hygiene is important, such as hospitals, care homes, schools, restaurants, leisure centres and other public buildings. How is BioCote® applied? BioCote® is incorporated into products at the time of manufacture, it cannot be added retrospectively. BioCote® can be engineered into plastics, paints, lacquers, fabrics and papers, making it possible to produce a wide variety of antimicrobial products. BioCote® is a sustainable technology, as it provides constant built-in protection for the expected lifetime of a product. Its antimicrobial performance does not deteriorate over time, nor does it need to be reapplied.
  3. 3. As the need for hygienic environments increases, the number of companies using BioCote® technology continues to grow, offering millions of people protection against harmful bacteria and mould everyday. BioCote® partners
  4. 4. PA R T NE RS Advanced Hygienic Contracting • PVC wall cladding systems • Fully-sealed gasket trims and thermofold corners to ensure precise fit into door and window apertures • Fully bonded application method Allgood • Door handles, bathroom fittings, grab rails & other ironmongery components • Advanced, high resistance surface coating, applied through a “heat-seal, oven-baked” process Alvo • Standard and bespoke ceiling and wall cladding for theatres • Manufactured from powder-coated stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium materials. Burgess • Advanced metal suspended ceiling systems • Easily installed, removed and replaced Comark • High quality electronic measurement instruments • Range includes precision thermometers, pressure, airflow, humidity and pH meters, data loggers and wireless monitoring systems • Supplying to the food industry, scientific research, laboratories, HVAC and refrigeration Composite Fibreglass Mouldings • Notile panels • Hygienic alternative to standard tiles • Grout line incorporated as part of panel • Easy to install, clean and do not discolour Contour Casings • Radiator covers and pipe boxing • Unique and hygienic design • Easily removable cover for cleaning and maintenance Deb • FloraFree hand hygiene products with tailor-made dispensing systems • Designed specifically for the food industry • BioCote® incorporated in dispenser Dyson • Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryer • Dries hands completely in just 10 seconds • Uses up to 80% less energy than other warm air hand dryers • The only truly hygienic hand dryer as certified by NSF International Easibind • XtraProtect™ wipe clean, long life printed polymers for everyday applications • Stationery : Menus, Brochures, Folders, Wallets and Binders • Information : Signs, Posters, Display, Labels and Cards • Packaging : Sleeves, Cartons, Wraps, Tickets and Tags
  5. 5. PA R T N E RS Electrium • Crabtree white moulded electrical wiring accessories • Comprehensive range of products including light switches, fused connection units, 13 amp switched sockets and rocker grid switches Enterprise Stationery • High quality healthcare filing solutions • Products include: case note folders, x-ray envelopes, manilla pockets, gusset envelopes, board back pockets and file covers Environmental Hygiene Products Ltd • Foot operated clinical and domestic waste sackholders • 20 to 90 litres in capacity • Available in free-standing, solid body, removable body and front opening designs Europackaging • Plastic disposables • Products include: disposable gloves, aprons, clinical waste sacks and refuse sacks Exitile • Access panels • Suitable for all types of ceiling and wall systems • Easy access into ceiling voids and wall cavities Fetim • F-PRO antimicrobial shelving is the only system of proven strength, tested to BS 4875-7 • Easy to install and adjust • Brackets and uprights are unbeatable in strength and durability • Shelves finished in a light and chip-resistant powder coating Iles • High quality dimmer light switches • Easy to install, with reduced wiring • Neon illumination makes switches more visible and easy to locate in low light conditions • Ideal for partially sighted people Inducoat • B2 antimicrobial paint • Matt finish, one coat application • Distributed exclusively via Sheffield Insulations Ingersoll Rand • HandPunch® time and attendance system • Stops employees from clocking-in and out for one another • Uses size and shape of hands to verify identity • Simple to use and accurate • Saves on administrative costs James Cropper • Docugard® antimicrobial papers and boards • Made-to-order options in specific colours, weights and sizes • Products include: medical filing and stationery to packaging solutions
  6. 6. PA R T N E RS Link 51 (Storage Products) • Shelving and Storage Solutions • Products include: Storage for Digital & Paper Records, Linen, Ward Consumables, Secure medicine cabinets Link Lockers • Personal storage solutions • NHS Supply Chain approved supplier • NHS purchasing supplier Malvestio • Healthcare bed range sold into the Italian marketplace • Product range includes: Tam2 and Omega beds Mira • Flight and Flight Low range of Shower Trays • 90mm and 40mm (Low) height trays available • Unique sandwich construction makes flight the toughest shower tray on the market • Optional Riser kits and upstands enable easy installation in all situations Mosaic • Fabrics specifically designed for the healthcare market • Suitable for bed linen, soft furnishings, cubicle and window curtains • Permanently flame retardant to NHS specifications • Can be washed to 71 °C • Antimicrobial efficacy proven after 100 washes Pall Medical • Pall-Aquasafe™ Water Filters • Instantaneous, validated, clinical barrier to the passage of waterborne organisms, such as Legionella spp. • Quick connection to taps and showers to ensure immediate waterborne microbial protection Pall-Aquasafe is a trademark of Pall Corporation Priorclave • Low-pressure autoclaves (up to 2.5 Bar) • Features include: low loading heights, Independent Thermal Interlocks, media warming and vacuum-assisted cooling • Inhibits bacterial growth on both internal and external surfaces Protomed • Patented BiodoseTM Monitored Dosage System • Allows liquid medicines to be pre-packed alongside tablets and capsules • Provides an intelligent system for organising & managing medication regimes Rada • Unatherm-3 range of combined surgical taps and thermostatic mixing valves • TMV3 approved • Easy to install and simple to maintain • Panel and surface mounted options Safety Medical Solutions Limited • Metal clad extension leads • Incorporate BioCote® protected 13A socket and stainless steel body • Various lead lengths available with moulded or rewirable 13A fused plugs
  7. 7. PA R T N E RS Sidhil • Healthcare furniture suitable for acute, primary and community care needs • Products include hospital beds and cots, over-bed tables, side tables, trolleys, hoists, commodes, primary care couches and community care beds Silent Gliss • Hospital curtain track systems • Aesthetically and technically superior • BioCote® is applied as an antimicrobial finish to the White 6101 cubicle track Stuart • Stuart range of bench top science equipment, including hotplates and stirrers, rockers, shakers, mixers and incubators and water stills • Meets the needs of all types of laboratory, including life science and pharmaceutical labs Suspended Ceilings Restoration Limited • A unique antimicrobial coating for the restoration of existing suspended ceilings • Returns ceiling tiles to “like new” condition • Removes water stains, grime and mould TDSL • Doors and doorsets • Meet all fire, acoustic, x-ray and radiation protection levels • Specialists in healthcare and education projects Tenza • tenzaguardTM antimicrobial labels and films • Labels developed specifically with the pharmaceutical, dispensary and other “hygienic labelling” sectors in mind • Films ideal as a hygienic covering Timbmet • Fully finished timber manufacturing services • Wide range of timber profiles in stock, including handrails and skirtings in Oak, Red Hardwood and Western Red Cedar • Bespoke profiles available to order Vertika • Antimicrobial Impala wand operated vertical window blind system • Designed to answer the demands of the commercial and public markets • Argento, Bioflex and wipeable LUNA 100% polyester fabrics with FR properties • Antiligature feature Vocera • Vocera Communications devices • The only wearable, hands-free, instant voice communication systems • Combines Wi-Fi, voice over IP and speech recognition technologies • Rapid communication in lightweight devices Waterlogic • Mains-fed, point-of-use drinking water dispensing and purifying systems • BioCote® complements Waterlogic’s existing UV purification technology • Offers the highest level of water hygiene to customers
  8. 8. Advanced Hygienic Contracting Ltd Link 51 Stuart Dale, Email Emma Bloomer, Email Tel 01423 870049 Web Tel +44 (0)800 169 5151 Web Allgood Link Lockers Jody Purcell, Email Phil Jackson, Email Tel +44 (0)20 7255 9362 Web Tel +44 (0)1952 682 380 Web Alvo Malvestio Magdalena Galezewska, Email E-mail: Tel +48 65518 8271 Web Tel +39 (0)499 299 547 Web Burgess Mira Christine Valentine, Email Mira Technical, Email Tel +44 (0)1455, 618 787 Web Tel 0870 241 0888 Web: Composite Fibreglass Mouldings Mosaic Emma Beardsworth, Email Felicity Dearden, Email Tel +44 (0)1325 246 066 Web Tel +44 (0)1924 436636 Web Comark Pall Medical Alison Butler, Email Email Tel +44 (0) 23 9230 3452 Tel 0844 815 6599 Web Web Contour Casings Priorclave Leigh Simpson, Email Tony Collins, Email Tel +44 (0)1952 290 498 Web Tel +44 (0)20 8136 6220 Web Deb Ltd Protomed Andrew Holden, Email John Niven, Email Tel +44 (0)1773 596 700 Web Tel +44 (0)161 266 1030 Web Dyson Rada Email Email Tel +44 (0)1666 827 308 Web Tel +44 (0)1242 282 527 Web Easibind Safety Medical Solutions Limited Email Mike Barrett, Email Tel +44 (0)1773 761 341 Web Tel +44 (0) 161 4773163 Web Electrium SCR Email Mark Beighton or Keely Beighton Tel +44 (0) 1543 455000 Web Email Enterprise Stationery Tel +44 (0)1142 351 177 Web Phyllis McCann, Email Sidhil Tel +44 (0)28 3832 6718 Web Sara Whitehill, Email Environmental Hygiene Products Ltd Tel +44 (0)1422 233 022 Web Email Silent Gliss Tel +44 (0)1862 893 978 Web Email Europackaging Tel +44 (0)1843 863 571 Web Adam Dickinson, Email Stuart Tel +44 (0)121 706 6181 Web Email Exitile Tel +44 (0) 8449 360234 Web Nick Whitehead, Email TDSL Tel +44 (0)24 7635 2771 Web Frank Gallagher, Email Fetim Tel +44 (0)161 763 2730 Web Steve Norris, Email Tenza Tel +31 20 580 5255 Web Nicola Gooch, Email Iles Tel +44 (0)1728 602 811 Web Jack Pannu, Email Timbmet Tel +44 (0)1634 373 462 Web Keith Mawby, Email Inducoat Tel +44 (0) 1865 862223 Web For international enquiries: Inducoat BV Vertika Mike Frankhuizen, Email David Parkes, Email Tel +31 33 456 23 94 Web Tel +44 (0)1384 233 233 Web For UK enquiries: Sheffield Insulations Waterlogic Email Tel +44 (0)870 789 87 65 For international enquiries: Waterlogic International Web Chris Garner, Email Tel +44 (0)1256 400 110 Web Ingersoll Rand Helen Thomas, Email For UK enquiries: PHS Waterlogic, Catherine Morgan Tel +1 (408) 341 4135 Web Email Tel +44 (0)2920 851 000 Web James Cropper Andrew Prosser, Email Vocera Tel +44 (0)1539 818 245 Web Kelly Bechtel, Email Tel +1 (408) 882 5100 Web BioCote Ltd Wolverhampton Science Park, Glaisher Drive Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV10 9RU Tel: +44 (0) 1902 824 450 Fax: +44 (0) 1902 824 453 Web: