Manuel Pérez / How to become one of the big players in genomic medicine


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Presentation given by Manuel Pérez, from Imegen, in the framework of the Emergence Forum Barcelona

Biocat organized the Barcelona Emergence Forum (April 10-11th, 2014, Congress Palace, Montjuïc) supported by the TRANSBIO SUDOE, a translational cooperation project dedicated to innovation in life sciences in South-West Europe. The Barcelona Emergence Forum contributed to bringing together Academics, Companies, Investment Entities, Technology Platforms and Technology Transfer Offices from Spain, France and Portugal to set up collaborative projects on Human Health & Agro-food Innovation.
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Manuel Pérez / How to become one of the big players in genomic medicine

  1. 1. 04-2014 Human Health Track Instituto de Medicina Genómica
  2. 2. What is Imegen Instituto de Medicina Genómica is a reference laboratory that provides specialized products and services in the field of Medical Genetics Imegen was founded in 2009 as an spin-off of the University of Valencia by two scientists with more that 16 years of entrepreneurial experience in genetics and genomics
  3. 3. Mission & Objectives Mission: To improve Human Health and the Quality of Life of people by means of diagnostic, prognostic and preventive gene testing services under high quality standards Objectives: To provide high quality products and services for molecular diagnosis of human disease by making use of our wide experience, continuous investment in R+D, and strengthening alliances and collaborations with other companies and research groups
  4. 4. Qué hacemos - Gene Testing of Human Disease - CGX Arrays - Diagnostic kits - GMO Testing - Allergen Detection - Species identification - Kits of analysis - Next Generation Sequencing - Transcriptomics - Bioinformatics - Non invasive Prenatal Diagnosis Human Health Food Safety Research
  5. 5. Human Health • Reference Laboratory for gene testing • One of the widest portfolios in Europe, more than 1,600 genetic diseases • Diagnostic Services of clinical utility • Customized designs for any genetic disease, 10-15 new developments per month
  6. 6. Performing gene testing 1. DNA/RNA extraction (normally from blood) 2. Gene selection and amplification 3. DNA sequencing (or other methods) 4. Analysis of the results and reporting Genetic diseases have a prevalence of ca. 6% in the population
  7. 7. R & D Clinical Genetics
  8. 8. Food Safety • Acreditation ISO17025:2005 • Detection and quantification of more than 30 transgenic events • Allergen detection • Species Identification meat, vegetables, fish, bacteria, fungi • Custom test design
  9. 9. Besides services, Imegen designs and provide testing kits so qualified customers can perform their own assays Imegen provides kits for human health and the Agrofood industry Packaging our know how
  10. 10. Imegen in numbers (2014) 3 M€ Annual turnover (last year) 30 employees (89% with the university degree) 15 countries (26% international sales) 3,900 samples tested in 2013 >1,600 gene tests available 3 new biotech companies incubated by Imegen 2 National research projects 2 European research Project