Pilar Bermejo / Metabolomics and metalomics for the development of biomarkers profiles


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Presentation given by Pilar Bermejo from the University of Santiago de Compostela in the framework of the Emergence Forum Barcelona

Biocat organized the Barcelona Emergence Forum (April 10-11th, 2014, Congress Palace, Montjuïc) supported by the TRANSBIO SUDOE, a translational cooperation project dedicated to innovation in life sciences in South-West Europe. The Barcelona Emergence Forum contributed to bringing together Academics, Companies, Investment Entities, Technology Platforms and Technology Transfer Offices from Spain, France and Portugal to set up collaborative projects on Human Health & Agro-food Innovation.
More information at: http://www.b2match.eu/emergenceforum2014

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Pilar Bermejo / Metabolomics and metalomics for the development of biomarkers profiles

  1. 1. METABOLOMICS AND METALLOMICS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF BIOMARKERS PROFILES Prof. Pilar Bermejo Barrera Trace Elements,Spectroscopy and Speciation Group, Faculty of Chemistry, University Santiago de Compostela Dr.José Angel Cocho de Juan Metabolic Disorders Group, Health Reseach Institute of Santiago de Compostela, IDIS
  2. 2. METABOLIC DISORDERS GROUP (IDIS) • Diagnosis and Treatment of Metabolic Diseases Unit (Pediatrics Dept., University Hospital of Santiago) • 400 patients with 50 different metabolic diseases • Staff: 6 Pediatrics Doctors, 5 Clinical Biochemist Specialists, 1PhD, and 3 PhD Students • Metabolic Reference Laboratory • Biochemical and genetic diagnostic, laboratory monitoring of all patient and newborn screening
  3. 3. METABOLIC DISORDERS GROUP (IDIS) • Metabolomic Profiles of biochemical markers by MS/MS and NMR: amino acids, acylcarnitines , acylglycines, organic acids, sugars, purines, pyrimidines, lysosomal enzymes,etc. • Gene Panels for diagnostic support in pediatrics by NGS Disease groups: Hypoglycemia, glicosilation defects, defects of intermediary metabolism, mitochondrial respiratory chain, complex molecules, leukodystrophies, myopathies, hypermobility, monogenic diabetes, etc. • Experience in Newborn Screening of metabolic disorders • Work with dried blood and urine samples
  4. 4. GETEE GROUP (USC) • Speciation of Trace Elements (HPLC-ICP-MS) • Characterization of biomolecules associated to Trace Elements (Metallomics and Metalloproteomics) (HPLC-ICP-MS/ESI-MS, MALDI-MS) • Biometals and Metalloproteins profiles • Quantification of proteins by ICP-MS through S and P determinations • Bioavailability studies of trace elements using in vitro digestion methods
  5. 5. Evolution of the Speciation Concept
  6. 6. Study of the metallome, interactions, functional connections of metal ions and other metal species with genes, proteins, metabolites, and other biomolecules in biological systems Metallomics: Guidelines for terminology and critical evaluation of analytical chemistry approaches (IUPAC Technical Report), Pure and Applied Chemistry, 82(2),493-504,2010 Metallomics:
  7. 7. Model of a biological system and related -omics sciences
  8. 8. Our proposal Offer Partnership Integration of the different –omics sciences to develop Biomarkers profiles Analytical methodology to perform Metallomic, Metalloproteomics, Metabolomic and Next Generation Sequencing Integration in research projects involved in the use of new Metallomics, Metabolomics, and NGS methodologies for the development of Biomarkers for human health in the H2020 programme
  9. 9. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION Contact: Pilar Bermejo Barrera pilar.bermejo@usc.es José Angel Cocho de Juan cochoja@yahoo.es