Ingrown Hair Treatment and Folliculitis Healing


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Ingrown Hair Treatment and Folliculitis Healing

  1. 1. Ingrown Hair Treatment and Folliculitis HealingIngrown hairs may be disgusting to look at and are agonizing and painful for those who sufferfrom this skin irritation. The good news is ingrown hairs can now be treated with our biologicalsolution, quickly and effectively.Ingrown hair, folliculitis & razor bumps are all undesired side effects of hair removal. Improperhair removal techniques and insufficient skin treatment exacerbate irritation. Unerring ingrownhairs treatment can be achieved with the use of natural and effective products which defend thedermis from infection after hair removal and sooth, moisturize and regenerate damaged skin.Ingrown Hairs are deplorableIngrown hairs may be disgusting to look at and are distressful and dolorous or painful for thosewho suffer from this skin irritation. Both woman and men can experience ingrown hairs as theycan occur as a result of various hair removal processes like shaving and waxing.Symptoms of an ingrown hair include tenderness, pain and discomfort associated with a smallreddened inflammation surrounding a pus filled pimple. Its can also be in the form of a rash,itching of the skin or even small blisters on the surface of the skin. If the problem is consistentand chronic it can also lead to irregular scar tissue and a rupturing of the skin which results inbleeding and pain.Treatment of Ingrown HairsThe best of all preventative treatments is to simple let the hair in the affected zone grow: whenthe hair is longer it tends not to curl back into the skin. However not all of us are happy to allowour hairier zones to flourish so there are other less harmful hair removal options.In some cases the ingrown hair can often heal on its own, however in chronic cases it is advisedto allow the hair to grow longer and use other methods of hair removal such as depilatory creamor electrolysis. Hypoallergenic depilatory creams are an excellent alternative as it’s a simpleapplication of a liquid or cream that removes unwanted hair. However it is necessary to read theinstruction carefully and use the product for the recommended time only as not to cause anyskin irritations. Electrolysis is another option and is the fairly painless process of removing thehair permanently by teasing the tips of ingrown hairs out of the skin with a point of a needle or asharp scalpel.For people who must shave it is recommended that certain precautions in shaving should befollowed. These include softening the hair in the zone to be shaved with the correct creams andlotions, as well as using the proper shaving methods such as maintaining the same directionand not shaving too closely with multiple razor heads. If problems with ingrown hairs continue, itmay be necessary to use other more permanent methods or undergo laser therapy.Treatment by Preventing 1/4
  2. 2. The best ways to control the appearance of the skin and the after effects of different hairremoval methods is to prepare the skin and hair before hand to minimise the possibilities ofnegative reactions that lead to unsightly and painful conditions.When waxing: It is vitally important to ensure that the hair is of the adequate length (at least a¼ of an inch) before waxing, the skin should not be broken or damaged in any areas with thewax (hot or cold) is going to be applied. Also it is not advisable to wax after being exposed tothe sun for at least 24 hours. For those people who are more sensitive to pain it isrecommended that you take an aspirin at least 15 minutes before waxing. Then ensure that theskin is clean and free of lotions and oils for a good adherence of the wax. Cleanse and removeall traces of wax after hair removal has taken place and apply a lotion that will relieve anysensitivity and irritations, we recommend using BIOSKINRELIEF cream as it regenerates andre-hydrates the skin. Do not exfoliate and expose the zone of skin that has been waxed to sunand harsh products, also avoid shaving in the area, as irritation will occur.When shaving: The ingrown hairs caused by shaving is a result of the razor blade cutting theend off the hair at a sharp or jagged edge, and this can be prevented. Since razor bumps canappear anywhere; such as on the bikini line, underarms legs and for men on the face werecommend that you prepare the area to be shaved by soaking in warm water. This softens thehair making it more pliable and will reduce the hair form being cut with a jagged edge that getstrapped in the follicle causing unsightly painful ingrown hairs. Then lather well with shavingcreams and shaving gels to soften the hair even more. Shave in downward strokes and avoidswiping the area more than once with the razor. Always use sharp razor that has not oxidised inany way. Finish with an antiseptic toner and a moisturizer to replenish the skin. UseBIOSKINRELIEF cream for regeneration.However for some people even the correct care and hair removal techniques can cause the hairto grow beneath the skin into the follicle producing those irritating ingrown hairs. If the conditionis persistent there are other treatment options. Laser hair removal is an excellent option as anIngrown Hair treatment. Laser hair removal targets the hair at the follicle getting right down tothe rot of the problem. Ingrown hairs cannot form, the hair begins to shed and the bumpscaused by the folliculitis will disappear. This process is very common and technology has madethe experience a pain free permanent hair removal option.Use BIOSKINRELIEF cream after laser hair removal treatment to promote the regeneration ofthe skin cells and hydration that will result in a beautiful hair free, smooth skin.BIOSKINRELIEF – Active IngredientsIntense research and careful analysis of the mucin secreted by the snail has shown that itcontains the necessary biological activators that enhance the skins growth factors which in turnreproduce brand new skin cells. It also contains antimicrobial peptides, natural antiinflammatoryand immune modulating glycoproteins that get rid of redness and swelling. This activity alsohelps the production of glycosaminoglycans which are responsible for holding the watermolecules in normal healthy skin. The skin is then able to regenerate the elastin and collagen 2/4
  3. 3. levels making skin look healthy again.BIOSKINRELIEF supplies those natural glycosamynoglycans and peptides by adding, to thehydrating excipients, a substance created by a little creature that produces the same moleculesin abundance to repair its own skin and shell whenever damaged or threatened byenvironmental hazards and pollution. For humans it aids in the regeneration and reparair of skintissues resulting in flawless skin.Powered by BIOCUTIS® SerumNo side effects60 Day Money Back GuaranteeBIOSKINRELIEFNatural skin care cream for men, skin irritations, and after shaving or for waking skin relief.50 gram = 1.76 oz jar = $69.9510% off price when you order 2 bottles & you save on domestic or worldwide shipping costs. 3/4
  4. 4. Ingrown Hair Treatment and Folliculitis Healing 4/4Powered by TCPDF (