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BioApply Polymers 10 2011 English

  1. 1. Bioplastics Solutionsfrom the idea to the finished product
  2. 2. Who we are BioApply Polymers is your one stop provider for your biomaterials based projects. • Founded in 2011. Based in Gland (VD) with industrial site in Büren a.A. (BE). Representative Offices in San Diego (US) and Dubai (UAE). • We combine forces of a polymer processing market leader and a pioneering bioproducts brand. • Proprietary and exclusive biocompound grades. • Product development, process engineering and prototyping.
  3. 3. The pain and the opportunity Clear opportunity for Sustainable Solution • Increasing bans & restrictive regulations (PVC, EVA, PE). • Existing Market for biodegradable products +30% / year. • Governments and corporations shift towards biomaterials. • End consumers demand biodegradable products or made from renewable sources. Vinyl chloride PVC causes liver and kidney issues, as well as brain damage. Up to Trillion plastic bags (PE) are used yearly worldwide. Up to 400 Years time for plastic (PE) products to degrade.
  4. 4. What we do From your Idea to the finished Product ! MATERIALS Bio Polymers Bio Compounds Bio Additives PROCESS ENGINEERING Bio Masterbatches Formulation Injection Extrusion: profiles, tubes, SERVICES & Certification sheets, film ENGINEERING Blow film Blow moulding Feasibility analysis Thermoforming Roll out plan Tools engineering Prototyping / Pre series Industrialisation Technical assistance
  5. 5. Services & Engineering Your successful product launched in 6 steps Step 1: Feasibility analysis Step 2: Extruded or injected prototypes or pre- series Step 3: Product and tools engineering Step 4: Roll-out plan Step 5: Industrialization Step 6: Technical assistance The staff of the Bio Apply Polymers meant to be a reliable partner and combine all the various activities to provide you in time.
  6. 6. Services & Engineering Your successful product launched in 6 steps Step 1: Feasibility analysis • we check your products requirements • propose a solution with one of our bio polymers • or a study for a customized bio polymer formulation
  7. 7. Services & Engineering Your successful product launched in 6 steps Step 2: Extruded or injected prototypes or pre-series Tailor made solutions: • You can perform a trial with our material on your machines. • We produce extruded or injected samples / pre series on our machines or on our partners’ machines. • We produce a prototype on a prototype tool. • We produce a rapid prototype with SL/SLA (Stereolithography), SLS (Selective laser sintering), FDM (Fused deposition modeling) or Vacuum casting technology. • We develop your prototypes to maximize your chances for a successful product lunch.
  8. 8. Services & Engineering Your successful product launched in 6 steps Step 3: Product and tools engineering For existing or new products our engineering office develop your product and/or your new tool.
  9. 9. Services & Engineering Your successful product launched in 6 steps Step 4: Roll-out plan BioApply Polymers will also help you in setting up and deploying your roll out plan, from production to market introduction.
  10. 10. Services & Engineering Your successful product launched in 6 steps Step 5: Industrialization Through our global partners’ network, we integrate the right manufacturer for your eco product.
  11. 11. Services & Engineering Your successful product launched in 6 steps Step 6: Support & Technical assistance Our application and process engineers are dedicated to support you throughout your project. BioApply Polymers is your privileged point of contact.
  12. 12. Materials Bioplastics which substitute following fossil fuel plastics: HDPE, LDPE, PVC-U, PVC-P, PP, PET, ABS, TPE, TPU, etc. Bioplastics can resist to some acids, alcohol, oil, water, high UV resistant, etc. Proprietary, exclusive and other Compounds: Starch based, vegetable waste, wood based, natural fibres, PHA, PLA, copolyester, etc.. Fields of processing: Injection moulding, extrusion of film, sheets, tubes, profiles, blow film, blow moulding, thermoforming, etc… Fields of application: Packaging, food industry, toys, automotive, medical, electrical, construction, agricultural, etc.
  13. 13. Materials Bio Polymers Standard fossil fuel polymers LD-PE – Low density polyethylene Soft TPE BioS-US 10 – 500 TPU PVC-P (soft) MDPE BioS-SO 520 – 800 PP HD-PE – High density polyethylene E-Modulus BioS-FX 820 – 1500 PVC-U (rigid) PP HD-PE – High density polyethylene PVC-U (rigid) BioS-SR 1520 – 2000 PP PET ABS HD-PE – High density polyethylene Rigid PVC-U (rigid) BioS-RI 2020 – 4000 PP BioS-UR > 4020 PET ABS
  14. 14. Masterbatches & Additives Bio compatible additives: Masterbatches, plasticizers, expansion agents, processing aids • Masterbatches • Powder colors • Liquid colors • Anti-static additives • Light stabilizers • Processing stabilizers • Lubricant • Anti-block and anti-slip agents
  15. 15. Biodegradability & Certifications Certifications: EN 13 432, EN 71-3 -9, LFGB, FDA, Respect Code, etc. Bioplastics with following environmental characteristics: Biodegradable, industrial compostable, nature compostable, water soluble, GMO free, non food Biodegradability test Independent control and certification: EN 13 432 Test launch +10 days +20 days +30 days +40 days Weight loss 32,1% 55,7% 69% 90%
  16. 16. Process engineering – Injection moulding Injection moulding: Injected parts for packaging, cosmetic, food, toys, automotive, electronic, medical, etc. From the Idea to the tests to the engineering and set-up … and finally to the the production mould manufacturing of your product.
  17. 17. Process engineering – extrusion Extrusion: profiles, tubes, sheet, film, blow film, blow moulding, thermoforming If tubes or profiles bottles or cans or blow film sheet or casting film with us you find the solution.
  18. 18. One of our last applications with BioS BioCompound development & further enhancement of the flexibility by an appropriate sole design BioSlipper: 1.4 billion Slipper a year Brand looking for green solutions to add to their Portfolio. Longitudinal and lateral grooves lead to: • higher flexibility • reduced weight • reduced risk for slipping
  19. 19. Some references We work to gain your trust in us
  20. 20. Awards: CTI Label Swiss Venture Leaders 2010 SwissNex US Camp 2011Member: SwissCleantech Association Kompost Verband Kunststoff VerbandBioApply Polymers GmbH BioApply US LLC 33, Avenue du Mont Blanc T. (022) 311 88 11 Co/ Swissnex San Francisco T. 619 246 97 94 CH-1196 Gland 730 Montgomery Street San francisco CA-94111