Poisonous Plants
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Poisonous Plants






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  • Baldırgan
  • Baldırgan
  • Baldırgan
  • Baldırgan
  • Baldırgan
  • Rat
  • Sadece köklerini doğrayıp yemeğe ekleyerek ölümcül bi yemek hazırlanabilir
  • Bu otu çiğneyen ineği yiyen amerikan başkanı abraham lincolnun annesi ölmüştür.Drinking milk from a cow that decided to chow down on white snakeroot could lead to deadly milk sickness, as was the case with Abraham Lincoln's mother Nancy Hanks
  • Azılı katiller kullanılmıştır.
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Poisonous Plants Poisonous Plants Presentation Transcript

  • Botanical Name Common NamesPoisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  SymptomsAbdominal PainSalivationNauseaDiarrheaVomitingExcessive Salivation
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous PartsPoisonous Content
  •  SymptomsSwelling of mouth or tongueRedness, painNauseaDiarrheaBurning of the eyesVomitingLarger Doses – Digestive, Breath problemsLarger Doses – Convulsions, Coma, Death
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous PartsPoisonous Content
  •  SymptomsSwelling of mouth or tongueDue to tongue swelling – death can occurSpeech impedementWith eye contact – Eye pain and swellDamage the cornea of the eyeIt can kill a child in 1 min, kill an adult less than 15 min
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous PartsPoisonous Content
  •  SymptomsStomach crampsSkin irritationNauseaDiarrheaSalivationVomiting
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous PartsPoisonous Content
  •  SymptomsAvoid contact with the eyesSkin irritation; rednessStomach painDiarrhea
  • Botanical Name Common Names Poisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  SymptomsLoos of energyLow Blood PressureSlow PulseDizzinessVomitingProgressive Paralysis
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  SymptomsMuscular weaknessRespiratory ArrestGastrointestinal SymptomsBlood Clots – many places around the bodyMulti-organ failureCardiovascular collapse
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  SymptomsAbdominal PainVomitingIncrease Heart ContractHavoc on Gastrointestinal SystemHavoc on Circulatory SystemHavoc on Nervous System
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  SymptomsAbdominal PainVomitingSkin irritationBurning skin sensationBurning mouth and throatDiarrhea
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  SymptomsIrregular and slow pulseVomitingStomach painMental confussionDiarrheaFatal
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  SymptomsLoss of cordinationRespiratory problemsTrembling and SeizureVomitingFatal to cattlesDiarrhea
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  SymptomsNephrotoxicityConvulsionsComaFatal
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  Symptoms Weakness Gasping, Spasms Coma Respiratory failure ConvulsionsHighly toxic, may be fatal if eaten
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  SymptomsAffects on kidneyLack of appetiteDepressionBlood in urineDiarrhea
  • Botanical NameCommon NamesPoisonous Parts Poisonous Content
  •  Symptoms – with HorsesAnorexiaDepressionWeaknessCardiac arrhythmia
  • Painful skin irritation Unsightly Discoloration Long-term eye damageCnidoscolus angustidens
  • Cardiac arrest Can stop the heart Has caused deathNerium oleander
  • Amnesia Tachycardia Hypertemia Death It has been used for poison or hallucinogenDatura innoxia
  • Animal-like plantDionaea muscipula
  • Digestive tiny creaturesUtricularia macrorhiza
  • Tend to grow in nitrogen-deficient environments, and therefore get their nutrients from decaying victims.Nepenthes attenboroughii
  • Nervous Excitement Burning in mouth, Vomiting Allergic reactions Fatal ChronicAconitum napellus dizziness, headache
  • Fatal, Coma Violent and painful convulsions Skin contact – caused two kid death Seizures, Swelling in the brain Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal pain, Weakness, Dizziness Increase body tempreature and ph of the blood Muscles breakdown, Kidney failure Respiratory failure, ventricular fibrillationEupatorium rugosum
  • Wreak havoc the nervous system Causing seizures – loss of conciousness Violent muscle concentrationsCicuta douglasii Death
  • Contains deadly poison 4-8 seedis lethal for an adult After ingestion of 2-4 hours; burning sensation in mouth and throat, abdominal pain, purging and bloody diarrhea Several days after there is severe dehydration, a drop in blood pressureRicinus communis