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Stem cell pipeline_summer_fellows_talk



From the Stem Cell workshop at the Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum 2011

From the Stem Cell workshop at the Bio-Link Summer Fellows Forum 2011
presenters: Edie Kaeuper, Carin Zimmerman, Golnar Afshar, Samantha Croft, & Bill Woodruff



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  • This is where I will introduce everyone and their topics that they will be presenting

Stem cell pipeline_summer_fellows_talk Presentation Transcript

  • 1. City College of San Francisco
    Stem Cell Pipeline
  • 2. Stem Cell Pipeline Program
    Classes are designed for high school students
    BTEC 5– seminar class
    BTEC 6– stem cell class
    Students start earning credit to certificates and AS degrees
    Students are recruited by their high schools.
    High schools are recruited by the community college.
  • 3. What are the next steps
    Want to test at two sites Alamance Community College and Austin Community College.
    Will create two more levels of curriculum so that the course will be tailored to inspire students to pursue scientific careers.
    Already seeing high school students choosing to go to CCSF and into the biotech program in larger numbers.
  • 4. BTEC 5
  • 5. BTEC 5
    Mixed class—college students and high school students are enrolled
    Class enrollment—usually 40-60 students total.
    Guest speakers from industry and academic positions present a lecture about their job and/or career path.
  • 6. Evaluation
    Students must write a 1-2 page summary of each presentation, using key words/phrases from the presentation.
    In addition, there is an open note final exam.
  • 7. Some past guest speakers
    John Murphy, Bayer Healthcare “Molecular Biology and Protein expression“
    Maurizio Franzini, Exelixis“Small molecules in drug discovery”
    Shannon Behrman, UCSF “A quality control program of the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)”
    Joseph Gold, Geron“Stem Cells for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications”
    Martin Doyle, Life Technologies “The Business of Biotech”
    Dianna Lester-Zeiner, Amgen “Drug discovery in Neuroscience”
    VishwanathLingappa, Prosetta“A new approach to the development of antiviral drugs”
    Karl Sutphin, Genentech “Dock to Stock- The Large Scale Manufacturing Process”
    Luna Abdallah, UCSF “Exploring a career in basic bioscience research”
    Deana Arnold, Pacific Biosciences “Careers in Intellectual Property”
    Paolo Vatta, Life Technologies “Bioinformatics and genomics”
  • 8. Which speaker’s job would you like best? Why?
  • 9. “The job as a business consultant/CEO for biotech companies seems to be the most interesting and exciting. The most unique aspect of her job is that she is able to work internationally. I want to be able to work in different parts of the world where the unexpected happens. She explained the peculiar market of China in her lecture. This is what got me excited. I want to explore China’s markets even further. Creating a business and making deals with other companies seems challenging. I like being challenged and I believe I have the qualities such as being honest and having the confidence to make things happen.”
  • 10. “The environmental monitoring technician job is the job I like the best. Her job is to curb the impact of human involvement in the environment to try and conserve environmental resources. I’d love to do something like that because I care a lot about the environment. Plus, I wouldn’t have to sit in a lab all day; I would go out and collect water or dirt samples to test for pollution. Also, the job combines two interesting subjects, biotechnology and environmental science.”
  • 11. “Out of all the professions of the speakers that I listened to this semester, the one I was most interested in was research/drug development at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. The fact that you can create a molecule (Kogenate) that is even better than the ones found in your body astounds and impresses me. Think of other possibilities that we can discover and create. I seriously hope that the future of manufactured molecules can flourish.”
  • 12. “ The job I would like the best would be the job of studying and researching cancer/ stem cells. Stem cells and cancer cells interest me because not a lot is known about them. They are also a very broad topic in the health industry, and can be utilized to create many job opportunities. Stem cells are also extremely helpful to the medical world as its regenerative properties could be used to save many lives, whole understanding cancer cells better to protect and restore people’s lives. Perhaps with extreme and extensive research, we could someday allow human kind to regenerate body cells after traumatic or surgical events and rid the world of many diseases.”
  • 13. BTEC 6
    Overview of classes. Goli will provide slides
  • 14. Introduction to the cell culture equipment
  • 15. Introduction to basic cell culture techniques
    Defrosting cells from frozen stocks
    Feeding and Passaging cells in culture
    Counting cells and calculating concentrations
    Serial dilution and plating cells
    Freezing and storage
  • 16. Lab Exercises
    Aseptic technique and serial dilution practice
    Count and plate specific number of cells
    Live and dead cell identification using fluorophores
    Survival assay
    Stem cell differentiation
  • 17. Identification of live and dead cells using PI and CAM
  • 18. 0.5
    Survival Assay
  • 19. Pluripotent ESCs
    ESCs in suspension
    Week 1- Floating EBs
    + RA
    Map 2 protein (red) in differentiated neurons
    Week 2-Differentiated neurons
  • 20. Differentiated neuronsMAP2 protein in red
  • 21. Assessments
    Take home practice problems
    In class and take home quizzes
    Laboratory notebook
    Practical exam
    Final exam
  • 22. Our first partner high school: Lincoln
  • 23. Help with the iGEM team
  • 24. Articulation Agreement
  • 25. Recruitment Plans
  • 26. Alamance Community College
    Ease of implementation
    High school student recruitment
  • 27. Alamance Community College
    Ease of implementation
    23 years of teaching cell culture
    New, well equipped labs (EVOS +)
    Supportive administration
    High school student recruitment
    No local HS with a biotech academy
    Each class will be recruited from all 6 county HS
    ElonUniv summer academy, posters, HS visits
  • 28.
  • 29.
  • 30. Austin Community College
    Ease of implementation
    High school student recruitment
  • 31. Questions for the panel