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Leveraging Federal Funding...The TAA CCCBC

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Biomanufacturing hub s. wallman ccp 13

  1. 1. The Biomanufacturing Hub of the CCCBCCCP BIO 2013 - April 22, 2013Sonia Wallman,NBC 2 PI and Executive DirectorCCCBC Biomanufacturing Hub Co-PI
  2. 2. NBC2 History In 1998 the Co-PI joined Bio-Link as the Northeasthub, already specializing in biomanufacturing In 2005 the Co-PI received a center grant forbiomanufacturing, the Northeast BiomanufacturingCenter and Collaborative. This fall we received PhaseIII funding for the NBC2 which included funds fordeveloping a national certification inbiomanufacturing. Shortly after the announcement of the NSF ATENBC2 grant, we learned we were theBiomanufacturing Lead for the DOL TAA CCCT CCCBC.
  3. 3. NBC2 Phase IIINational Regional HubsNew England HubMount Wachusetts Community College Devens, MAUpstate New York HubFinger Lakes Community College, Canandaigua, NYBigPharma HubMontgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PABucks County Community College, Newtown PAMid-Western HubIvy Tech Community College, Bloomington, INWestern HubMiraCosta College, Oceanside, CASouthern HubAlamance CC, Graham, NC
  4. 4. Biomanufacturing in the US
  5. 5. NBC2 History Biomanufacturing Skill Standards Harmonization Meeting atIvy Tech CC, Indianapolis, Indiana in September 2007 Strategic Planning Meeting at MiraCosta College inOceanside, CA in 2008 developed the NBC2 mission and vision Strategic Planning Meeting at the Community College ofBaltimore County in Baltimore County, in Catonsville, MD in2010 voted to pursue biomanufacturing certification.MISSIONTo coordinate local and regionalefforts into a nationalbiomanufacturing education andtraining system to promote, create,and sustain a qualified workforce.VISIONTo be the nationally recognizedcenter of excellence that develops aworld-class sustainablebiomanufacturing workforce toimprove the quality of life..
  6. 6. Biomanufacturing Skill Standards DevelopmentSupporting the Growth of the Bioeconomy Meeting of SMEs planned for June 28that MCCC in Blue Bell, PAfunded by NBC2 Phase III SMEs from industry will develop a set of skills reflecting theentire span of biomanufacturing including biopharmaceuticaland industrial biotechnology manufacturing The resulting skills list will be sent to large group of techniciansworking in biomanufacturing to validate.
  7. 7. Subject Matter Expert List Lisa Stillwell;; Manager, Product Development; CA Deborah Grant; Training Team; MA Eric Gennell; Quality Assurance; MA Sean Kiet Tieu;; Downstream Processing; MD Nigel C. DePeiza;; Manufacturing Operations; MD Jon Conary;; Director of Manufacturing: MD Bryan Shingle;; Clinical Manufacturing; PA Gleb Epelbaum;; Sr. Biotechnician; PA Jason Condon;; Scientist; PA Jim Kulp;; Director of Manufacturing; PA Robert (Bo) Henry;; IN Mark Kruszynski;; Baxter Biopharm Solutions; IN Daniela Olszova;; QC Assay Development; CA Ben Locwin;; Quality Assurance; NH Pat Sacco;; Sr. Vice President Manufacturing & Internal Operations; MA Paul Kennedy,; Regulatory Affairs and Quality Engineer; PA Mandi Waringa,; QA and Food Safety Manager; NY Karen Arreola,, Manufacturing Operations, Amgen); CA Teresa Moore, TSSB; TX
  8. 8. Leveraging NBC2 to Develop a CoreBioscience Skill Standard NBC2 will leverage its resources, to develop abiomanufacturing skill standard that can be usedtogether with the lab skill and biomedical deviceskill standards developed by Bio-Link andSengyong Lee’s group to produce a CCCBC CoreBioscience Skill Standard.
  9. 9. Building Local BiomanufcturingCareer Pathways MCCC and Bucks will develop sustainable, local biomanufacturing careerpaths to support the development and growth of biomanufacturersmaking bioproducts such as biopharmaceuticals, and also biofuels andbiomaterials to replace petroleum based manufacturing. These career pathways will start at the local WIBs (including thePhiladelphia area WIB), the local high schools, the workforcedepartment and academic support areas of the colleges, and involve thelocal biomanufacturers.
  10. 10. Building Local BiomanufcturingCareer Pathways Our other Biomanufacturing Hub partner in theCCCBC is LA Valley College in LA/Orange Countyregion (and informally LA Trade Tech indowntown LA). You will hear from Lennie Ciufo,Workforce Director, this afternoon. UnderLennie’s leadership, a wonderful partnership withBaxter has been developed and they are workingon an incredibly interesting set of stackedcredentials that are being fashioned into an in Biotechnology.
  11. 11. Biomanufacturing Course Development With our CCCBC Biomanufacturing Hub partners we will buildbiomanufacturing suites housing biomanufacturingequipment, collaboratively write new equiment and processSOPs and a hands-on lab manual for a new biomanufacturingcourse that will be embedded in biotechnology programs atLA Valley, Bucks and MCCC. Again, leveraging NBC2 expertise, the hands-on laboratorycourse will be accompanied by 15 two-hour interactive onlinelearning experiences each with a set of slides furnished byNBC2 PI and Co-PIs and based on the NBC2 industry writtenIntroduction to Biomanufacturing textbook.
  12. 12. Virtual Industrial Biomanufacturing Continuing to work with Yakov Cherner andATe-Learning to develop an Virtual IndustrialUpstream Processing module funded by NBC2. Will begin on Virtual Downstream Processingmodule funded by CCCBC. This will be integrated into theBiomanufacturing course we are constructingto be used by our Biomanufacturing Hubpartners and others.
  13. 13. Virtual Industrial Biomanufacturing
  14. 14. Virtual Industrial Biomanufacturing