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  • 1. Storyboard
    Syeda Bint-e-Zahra
  • 2. The basic story line is about how the teenagers who are such an asset to a developing country like Pakistan, are involved rapidly into the illegal activity of drug addiction. They are shown as a group of 5 friends who are high on drugs and end up in a car accident. One of them is shown crying over the dead bodies. Another friend joins the first girl who is crying but the twist comes when she yells and consoles her friend but her friend fails to hear her and she finally realizes that she is herself dead. The other spirits come to take her along and they enter a white eternal light. The video is mainly supported with band shots.
    Basic introduction
  • 3. Sequence
    Shot 1:
    Video starts with the long shot of the friends consuming drugs.
    Shot 2:
    mid shot of the vocalist ‘s profile.
    Shot 4:
    Mid shot of the 5 cast members in the
    Shot 3:
    cutaway of the bassist ‘s guitar.
  • 4. Shot 5:
    Again mid shot of the vocalist.
    Shot 6:
    Car accident shown from three different angles
    Shot 8:
    Another cast member , who is a girl
    joins the previously crying girl.
    Shot 7:
    One of the girl crying over a dead body as the camera moves forward
  • 5. Shot 9:
    Girl moves to each dead body one by one.
    Shot 10:
    Shot reverse shot of the girl’s own dead body.
    Shot 12:
    Medium long shot of the girl sitting and as the other cast take the girl along the camera tilts up, and pans along them
    Shot 11:
    Close up of the guitar
  • 6. Shot 13:
    Long shot of the entire band playing energetically.
    Shot 14:
    Multiple band shots. Covering all
    the band members.
    Shot 16:
    Mid- shot of one of the girls making charts and posters for protest.
    Shot 15:
    Long shot of a sunset.
  • 7. Shot 18:
    Different shots of girls protesting to stop drug abuse.
    Shot 17:
    Mid-shot of the drummer and camera tilts up.
    Shot 19:
    Close up of the lead guitarist shown playing guitar.
    Shot 20:
    Again a mid shot of boys in a protest.
  • 8. Shot 22:
    Mid shot of the vocalist along with the other band members standing
    Shot 21:
    Profile of the drummer and other band members.
    Shot 24:
    Mid-shot and long shot of each cast members giving their personal gestures to the camera
    Shot 23:
    The entire sequence of the important events going in reverse motion.
  • 9. Shot 25:
    Last shot is a extreme long shot of all the cast members walking far away.