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Improving studentsucccess
Improving studentsucccess
Improving studentsucccess
Improving studentsucccess
Improving studentsucccess
Improving studentsucccess
Improving studentsucccess
Improving studentsucccess
Improving studentsucccess
Improving studentsucccess
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Improving studentsucccess


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What success means? …

What success means?
Enhancing student experience
First-time student (further/higher education)
Student satisfaction
Employment, business and industry
Education for change

Published in: Education
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  • 1. 9/22/2013 1 FOSTERING STUDENT SUCCESS: HOW TO IMPROVE AND MAINTAIN STUDENT SUCCESS ABDISALAM ISSA-SALWE Content •2  What success means?  Enhancing student experience  First-time student (further/higher education)  Student satisfaction  Employment, business and industry  Education for change  Conclusion  Reference
  • 2. 9/22/2013 2 What success may means? •3  What does it means to be a successful student?  What is student experience?  What qualities do prospective employers seek from recent graduate? What success may means? (cont…) •4 Definiton (1):  Future of education depends on how we answer this question. Student needs to be socially and academically successful  Successful teaching and learning takes place when the teacher and the students solve problems together, share the same values while learning with one another, and develop a sense of confidence and courage as a group in order to seek and meet challenges
  • 3. 9/22/2013 3 What success may means? (cont…) •5 Definiton (2):  Student success does not mean to achieve a good grade and good job  Successful student is one who shows a sense of responsibility, creativity, and self-efficacy  Student success is determined by the overall accomplishments that a student makes in his/her educational career What success may means? (cont…) •6  To student: when he/she achieves his/her goals and aspirations  To faculty: when student demonstrate academic competence  Holistic approach: Other dimensions and value to be considered when defining student successful
  • 4. 9/22/2013 4 Enhancing student experience •7 Instructor/institution:  Student to receive an appropriate learning activities measured to the level of the course  Help and facilitate student to learn using different strategies in teaching  Blend course in the pursuit of the learning goals and objectives  Design and review subjects to ensure their relevance to the student’s needs  Ensure the use of resources effectively and efficiently  Develop strategies and skills needed to be independent learners and successful student Enhancing student experience (cont…) •8 Student:  Develop intellectual and academic competence  Establish and maintain interpersonal relationships  Explore identity development  Consider career goals  Maintain health and wellness  Reconsider and internalise what he/she believes and value  Develop an awareness and appreciation of diversity  Develop learning community Lee et al.
  • 5. 9/22/2013 5 Student satisfaction •9 The purpose of education is threefold:  To acquire knowledge for personal growth  To become engaged citizens  To serve the public good, and learning to prepare for future employment Student satisfaction (cont…) •10  Student satisfaction with courses  The result of a supportive learning environment  The relevance of the course material  Actively engage students
  • 6. 9/22/2013 6 Student satisfaction (cont…) •11  Student satisfaction with grades  Reflect student effort and understanding of the course  Striving to motivate  Supportive learning environment  Foundation of a positive student experience  Equal opportunity  Connection to a community of learners  “Community” as an association of individuals that have mutual relationships and function as a unit, such as clubs, teams, academic programs and online communities Employment, business and industry •12  Awareness of the qualities sought by prospective employers can help understand how can best prepare our student for future employment  Seek to initiate and cultivate working partnerships with business, industry and other institutions  Help students to realise skills to acquire during the learning process
  • 7. 9/22/2013 7 First-time student •13  First time student face challenges:  Lack of preparedness and learning skills required to cope with the academic expectations of undergraduate coursework  Declining sense of community  Confusion and frustration caused by the complexity of further/higher learning  Student need  Assistance to ease transition from secondary/high school to further/ higher education  Help understanding and developing the strategies and skills needed to be independent learners Education for change •14  Educational excellence as a moving target  Required a system to cope with this change  Systematic change approach involves teachers to coordinate change in the educational system so that it furthers the shared goals and visions  Change to be linked to the concept of continuous improvement  Innovation:  Encourage and support creativity and collaboration  Foster and promote innovation in the design, development, support, delivery, and management of all programs and services
  • 8. 9/22/2013 8 Education for change (cont…) •15  Teaching is not about what you do to students but what you do to for the students  A teacher cannot force learning to take place, but can do a great deal to create an atmosphere where student want to learn  Real learning occurs when student has interiorised the concept and can apply it in other situation Education for change (cont…) •16  Student Centred-learning:  To meet the educational needs of the students by promoting the quality of their access, learning and success  To support the delivery of quality instruction and programmatic decisions and allocating resources  Quality  Raise standard of learning and teaching  Share a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in teaching and learning  Continually evaluate ourselves to improve our effectiveness and efficiency  Our personal development and self-reflexive approach
  • 9. 9/22/2013 9 Conclusion •17  Student ultimately responsible for own success  Likely to succeed when he/she is taught strategies and skills to be successful  Institution's responsibility to create an environment that both challenges student and supports such success  The institution's success raises institution’s reputation  Student becomes proud to be part of the institute Conclusion •18  Education is a means to success. Once education is received, success is obtained.  The student who learns the meaning of education, learns the value of an educator.  Once the student is educated, the outcome is a positive one.
  • 10. 9/22/2013 10 References •19  Lee Upcraft M., John N. Gardner and Betsy O. Barefoot, (2004): The Challenging and Supporting the First-Year Student: A Handbook For Improving the First Year of College, Jossey-Bass Inc Pub, NY. [21/07/2008]  Jillian Kinzie and George D. Kuh (December 2004): “Going DEEP: Learning from Campuses that Share Responsibility for Student Success”, URL WWW Document, [22/07/2008].  Flint, Colin, Austin, Michael, (Ed.s) (1994): Going Further: Essays in Further Education, Coombe Lodge, Blagdon, Bristol, URL WWW document, 000019b/80/13/c9/56.pdf, [20/07/2008]  Messersmith Ken (2007): The Definition of Student Success: What Does it Mean to You?, URL WWW document, student-success, [21/07/2008]