Instructional Plan on a Flipped Lesson for Africa's Plea


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This is a presentation for a lesson on the poem Africa's Plea using flipped classroom approach. The lesson blog can be accessed here:

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Instructional Plan on a Flipped Lesson for Africa's Plea

  1. 1. Africa’s Plea: A Flipped Lesson By Christine Gapuz
  2. 2. Africa’s Plea: A Flipped Lesson • Subject : English (African and Asian Literature) • Level : Grade 8/2nd Year High School • Class Size : 30
  3. 3. Africa’s Plea: A Flipped Lesson • Class Ability : Average to Above average • Duration : 40 minutes • Unit: African Literature • Topic : Africa’s Plea (poem by Roland Tombekai Dempster)
  4. 4. Prerequisite knowledge Pupils are expected to already know how to: • • read, interpret and write poems • • use blog features • • follow instructions on how to create and upload online media
  5. 5. Specific instructional objectives At the end of the lesson, students should be able to • • define the terms “apartheid” and “discrimination” in their own words • • discuss their opinion on apartheid and discrimination in modern society
  6. 6. Specific instructional objectives • • create an online media on apartheid • • write a poem about a personal experience on discrimination or apartheid
  7. 7. Instructional materials and technology • •Video to be shown via TV • Class blog and personal blogs • •Blog post containing the poem and links to online sources on African apartheid, video on current discrimination and a study guide
  8. 8. Instructional materials and technology • • Online quiz on study guide • • Projector • PCs with Internet access
  9. 9. Motivation • During meeting before the lesson, teacher will show a video of Harvard students who are stereotyped because of their skin color. • YouTube Video title: #I Too Am Harvard
  10. 10. Motivation
  11. 11. Motivation
  12. 12. Motivation • • After viewing, teacher will ask: Has someone made you feel inferior or unimportant because of your appearance?
  13. 13. Motivation • • Teacher will then say: Tonight in your study assignment, you will read a poem about how a certain group of people experienced of being judged and oppressed because of their appearance.
  14. 14. Flipped: Prerequisite and Information and Examples Students will access the class blog at home. Class Blog Sample:
  15. 15. Flipped: Prerequisite and Information and Examples Teacher will provide a blog post containing: • the poem Africa’s Plea • slideshow of the poem • online article on the history of apartheid in Africa • an online quiz
  16. 16. Slideshow of poem via Slideshare
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Flipped Prerequisite and Information and Examples After reading, students will answer an online quiz on the study guide questions via Google Forms.
  19. 19. Practice and Feedback At the start of class, teacher will flash a slideshow of the poem and guide questions.
  20. 20. Practice and Feedback The study guide questions will be discussed in groups.
  21. 21. Practice and Feedback: Group Study guide questions: • • What is “apartheid”? What is “discrimination”? • • How did “apartheid” affect South Africans? How did they react to it?
  22. 22. Practice and Feedback Study guide questions: • What do you think about beliefs that put one group as superior over another? • • Do you think discrimination still happens in our day and age? Have you experienced discrimination?
  23. 23. Practice and Feedback: Individual • Students will write their own poem about their experience of discrimination. • If they don’t have a personal experience, they can choose a specific form of discrimination.
  24. 24. Practice and Feedback: Individual After writing, students will create an online media to accompany their poem. Options for the media are: • • Comic strip via • • Presentation via • • Poster via LucidPress or Canva
  25. 25.
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  30. 30. Blog Post on Africa’s Plea • The poems will be posted on the class blog. • Students will be asked to comment on each other’s work after class. • Commenting guidelines will be provided.
  31. 31. Summary Teacher asks the class questions about the lesson: • • What is apartheid? • • How does discrimination affect people? • • What are your thoughts and feelings about the lesson?