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adidas assigment

  1. 1. Bahir dar university institute of technology for textile, garment and fashion design (iotex) assignment one fundamental to garment design Submitted to Tsehay Submition day 21/7/2006E.C
  2. 2. Peer-group one NAME 1)Kibrom g/her 2)Elias mandefro
  3. 3. Brand LogoBrand Logo
  4. 4. Adidas slogan IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTING
  5. 5. History of adidas • Adidas AG (German pronunciation: [ adi das]ˈ ˌ ) is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports clothing and accessories. • Adidas AG is a German sports wear manufacturer and parent company of the Adidas Group, which consists of the Reebok sportswear company, TaylorMade-Adidas golf company and Rockport. • Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Germany and Europe and the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world.
  6. 6. Cont. • adidas AG is a German sports apparel manufacturer, part of the adidas Group. It registered as adidas AG on 18 August 1949 (with lower-case lettering: "adidas"). • The company was named after its founder, Adolf (Adi) Dassler, who started producing shoes in the 1920s in Herzogenaurach, near Nuremberg, with the help of his brother Rudolf Dassler who later formed rival shoe company PUMA AG.
  7. 7. Cont. • The company's clothing and shoe designs typically include three parallel stripes of the same color, and the same motif is incorporated into adidas' official logos. .
  8. 8. Dassler Brothers Shoes Factory • Adolf "Adi" Dassler started to produce his own sports shoes in his mother's wash kitchen in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria after his return from World War I. On 1 July 1924, his brother Rudolf "Rudi" Dassler joined the business, which became Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory)
  9. 9. Dassler Brothers Shoes Factory • Brothers started the venture in their mother's laundry but, at that time, electricity supplies in the town were unreliable, and the brothers sometimes had to use pedal power from a stationary bicycle to run their equipment.
  10. 10. Dassler Brothers Shoes Factory • By the 1936 Summer Olympics, Adi Dassler drove from Bavaria to the Olympic village with a suitcase full of spikes and persuaded U.S. sprinter Jesse Owens to use them, the first sponsorship for an African American. Following Owens's four gold medals, his success cemented the good reputation of Dassler shoes among the world's most
  11. 11. Company split • Both brothers joined the Nazi Party, but Rudolf was slightly closer to the party. After the war Rudolf was picked up by American soldiers and accused of being a member of the Waffen SS, he was convinced that his brother betrayed him.
  12. 12. Company split The brothers split up in 1947: • Rudi forming a new firm that he called Ruda – from Rudolf Dassler, later rebranded Puma, and Adi forming a company formally registered as Adidas AG from Adi Dassler on 18 August 1949.
  13. 13. adidas – the story of a logo • The 3-Stripes mark is without doubt the quintessential adidas symbol. It was created by the adidas company founder, Adi Dassler, and first used on footwear in 1949. • Dassler created a symbol that could be immediately recognized when his footwear was used in athletic competition and associated with adidas. He emphasized the association with the slogan “The Brand with the 3 Stripes”. The 3- Stripes were first used on apparel in 1967. The 3- Stripes now enjoy worldwide recognition as an adidas symbol.
  14. 14. • The logo shows three shapes coming together to form a larger shape, namely a diamond. The space between the shapes forms another shape, that of a person with arms raised in victory and celebration.
  15. 15. Adidas group • The corporate logo changed after the divestiture of Salomon in October 2005. The new logo of the adidas Group was launched in April 2006. The adidas Group logo is th umbrella under which all Group-owned brands stand. It brings adidas back to its roots by using the familiar adidas wordmark as a visual identity to the business community, strengthening image and impression. • From a design perspective, the new logo is simple, clear, confident and shows leadership. It will support future business growth and is flexible enough to anticipate any unforeseen changes. • At the same time the adidas brand received a new logo to incorporate the divisions Sport Performance and Sport Style.
  16. 16. Adidas group
  17. 17. Adidas from1949 to now  1949 The foundation 18 August - adidas is registered as a company, named after its founder: 'Adi' from Adolf and 'Das' from Dassler.  50s The 'Miracle of Bern' 1954 - The 'Miracle of Bern' Germany battle Hungary with a competitive advantage. They are wearing adidas soccer boots which for the first time feature removable studs.  60s Higher Driven by a desire to help all athletes committed to performance, adidas manufactures equipment for what some consider "fringe sports". Unconventional high jumper Dick Fosbury launches himself up and over in adidas footwear.
  18. 18. Cont. 70s The "adidas" team wins Crowning moment: Franz Beckenbauer, the "Kaiser", raising the World Cup in victory salute. Germany had just beaten Holland 2-1 in the 1974 final. 80s The transition After Adi Dassler's death, Adi's wife Käthe, his son Horst, and his daughters carry on the business. 90s With a new management Under the CEO Robert Louis-Dreyfus, adidas is moving from being a manufacturing and sales based company to a marketing company.
  19. 19. Cont.  1995 adidas goes public Flotation of the company on the Frankfurt and Paris Stock Exchange.  1996 A splendid year The "three-stripes company" equips 6,000 Olympic athletes from 33 countries. adidas athletes win 220 medals, including 70 gold. Apparel sales increase 50%.  1997 adidas-Salomon AG adidas AG acquires the Salomon Group with the brands Salomon, Taylor Made, Mavic and Bonfire in December 1997. The new company is named adidas-Salomon AG.
  20. 20. Cont.  1999 The new brands The integration of the new brands is gaining momentum. The new Taylor Made Fiesole clubs boost sales. Salomon in-line skates take off with high double-digit growth during the first half of 1999.  2000 New management Following personnel changes, the new management initiates an ambitious Growth and Efficiency Program. Major sports events such as the European Soccer Championship EURO 2000™ and the Olympic Summer Games, where swimmer Ian Thorpe takes three gold medals, contribute to the company’s success.
  21. 21. Cont. 2005 Sale of Salomon The Salomon Group (including Salomon, Mavic, Bonfire, Cliché and Arc’Teryx) is being sold to Amer Sports in October 2005. The new adidas Group is focusing even more on its core strength in the athletic footwear and apparel market as well as the growing golf category. The legal name of the company will change to “adidas AG” in May/June 2006.
  22. 22. Cont.  2006 adidas-Salomon AG acquires Reebok he closing of the Reebok transaction on January 31, 2006 marks a new chapter in the history of the adidas Group. By combining two of the most respected and well-known brands in the worldwide sporting goods industry, the new Group will benefit from a more competitive worldwide platform, well-defined and complementary brand identities, a wider range of products, and a stronger presence across teams, athletes, events and leagues.
  23. 23. Cont. 2010 adidas Group presents strategic business plan In November 2010, the Group unveiled its 2015 strategic business plan named "Route 2015". This plan is the most comprehensive the adidas Group has ever prepared, incorporating all brands, sales channels and Group functions globally.
  24. 24. Cont. • 2011 adidas Group acquires Five Ten On 3. November 2011, the adidas Group announced the acquisition of the outdoor specialist Five Ten. Five Ten is a leading brand in the technical outdoor market and within the outdoor action sport community. The brand represents an excellent addition to the adidas Outdoor portfolio and allows the adidas Group to expand into complementary market segments. • 2013 adidas changes running forever Revolutionary energy return, superior cushioning, optimal fit and temperature independence: adidas introduces the Energy Boost, a cushioning technology that provides the highest energy return in the running industry. And just like that, running will never be the same.
  25. 25. Products • Footwear • Sportswear • Sports Equipment and other accessories • Adidas also designs and makes slide-style sandals, watches, eyewear, bags, baseball caps, and socks. As well, Adidas has a branded range of male and female deodorants, perfumes, aftershave and lotions.
  26. 26. Accessories
  27. 27. Adidas Original stores • There are many adidas Originals Concept Stores around the world (Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Oceania). • In addition in United Kingdom some Adidas stores are located inside of JD Sports stores
  28. 28. Business structure • Adidas has Two Subsidiaries 1. Reebok 2. TaylorMade
  29. 29. marketing "Adidas is all in" is the current global marketing strategy for Adidas. The slogan aims to tie all brands and labels together, presenting a unified image to consumers interested in sports, fashion, street, music and pop culture. Adidas, like other sports brands, is believed to engender high consumer brand loyalty. Brand loyalty towards Adidas, Nike, Inc., Puma AG and several other sportswear brands was examined in a recent study. The study found consumers did not exhibit unduly high loyalty towards such brands
  30. 30. Marketing
  31. 31. Production costs and Employees • Revenue…………………...€14.488 billion (2012) • Operating income…………€1.011 billion (2012) • Profit………………………..€1185 million (2012) • Total assets…………………€11.65 billion (2012) • Total equity………………..€5.304 billion (2012) • Employees………………………….46,306 (2012)
  32. 32. competitors
  33. 33. SWOT Analysis
  34. 34. Strength  3-Stripe Logo  Purchased Reebok to gain presence in North America  Leader in Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability  Buyer Loyalty  Multi-brand Strategy is a Major Strength for Adidas  Great Customer Loyalty for Adidas  Signing Great Players to Exclusive Contracts  Supplier Power - Adidas  Economies of Scale - Adidas  Brand Name - Adidas
  35. 35. Weakness Male Dominate Executive Board high cost structure high rate Tarnished Reputation due to Child Labor View That Adidas if One Step Behind Nike
  36. 36. Opportunity  Grow Reebok men  Continue Partnership Development  Economy Planned acquisition of Armani  More Innovation Will Help Adidas Growth  New Products and Services Will Propel Adidas Growth  International Expansion - Adidas Emerging Market Growth Could Help Adidas  Acquisition of Competitors Could Help Adidas
  37. 37. Threat US Market share shrank 2009 competition with hiriazi competition with puma competition with Nike competition with Bata Intense Global Competition
  38. 38. Interesting facts • When West Germany won the 1954 FIFA World Cup, their footwear was supplied by Adidas. • In 1997, Adidas AG acquired the Salomon Group who specialized in ski wear, because with this acquisition Adidas also acquired the Taylormade Golf company and Maxfli, which allowed them to compete with Nike Golf.
  39. 39. Cont. • Adidas has a branded range of male and female deodorants, perfumes, aftershave and lotions. • "Impossible is Nothing" is the current mainstream marketing slogan for Adidas.
  40. 40. Cont. • For many years Adidas creates all the balls for FIFA World Cup. Name of the last one is Jabulani. • Adidas also provides apparel and equipment for all teams in Major League Soccer.
  41. 41. Cont. • In 2005, Adidas introduced the Adidas 1, the first ever production shoe to use a microprocessor capable to perform 5 million calculations per second. • On 11 April 2006, Adidas announced an 11- year deal to become the official NBA clothes provider.
  42. 42. Thank you for your attention!