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  • LP = Php250-500
    Asics maximum support – control degree of pronation
    Frey = P3000-4500
    Rubber Shoes = P2500-5000
  • What is the gap, the opportunity and how will you position (based on the gap in the competitive positioning map)?
  • Orthotics = $200M industry
    Aging populace – osteoarthritis, obesity, more time, free industry (to just do it)
  • How is the product promoted (Integrated marketing communications: Mass Communication- Sales Promotions, Advertising, Public Relations, Events and Experiences; Personal Communication- Direct Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Personal Selling and Word of Mouth)
  • How is the product priced vs. competition. If the product has several variants and sizes, how is it generally priced (premium, parity or discount)
  • Where is the product distributed? How does it reach the customers?
  • What is the generic winning strategy- Low Cost Producer? Supply & Distribution Leverage, Differentiation, Niche?
  • Mejia marketing plan

    1. 1. Maria Margarita A. Mejia Marketing Management November 30, 2010 10 Step Marketing Plan Orthopaedie Frey Far East , Incorporated Arch Supports
    2. 2. What is an ARCH SUPPORT? Orthotic appliance placed inside shoes Provides underside support for feet Shaped to fit the arch of the foot
    3. 3. Functional Orthotics Purpose: accurately and precisely position the foot throughout the gait cycle  proper function Prescription fitted Very effective in alleviating symptoms and establishing proper alignment
    4. 4. Primary Target Market Step #1
    5. 5. Who need arch support? Overuse of the feet (recreational and daily activities) People suffering from the following conditions: Achilles tendonitis / Achilles overuse syndrome  30- to 44-year-old recreational athletes  72-89% of injuries occur during athletic ventures Bunions – relieving pressure on the bunion Flat feet or high arches Metatarsalgia – with sports involving high-impact movements (e.g. Jumping and running) Plantar fasciitis – caused by over-pronation due to a flat arch
    6. 6. Who use arch supports? Athletes Basketball Running Football / Soccer Adults with active lifestyle Weekend warriors / amateur athletes Working women (use of heels)
    7. 7. Needs, Wants and Demands of the Primary Target Market Step #2
    8. 8. The “Just Do It!” Culture Professional sports Sports Fads Badminton Running Triathlon Working women Fashion
    9. 9. Competition and Competitive Position Map Step #3
    10. 10. Competitors Direct Competitors: LP Support Insoles Indirect Competitors: Rubber Shoes (e.g. Asics, New Balance) Variables: Price, Quality, Customization
    11. 11. Battle in the Shoe Arch Support Insoles Comfort for the feet Functional support Custom-made and generic fit For additional padding Shock absorption “One size fits all”
    12. 12. Direct Competitor Map Customization Price Orthopaedie Frey Arch Support LP Support Insoles
    13. 13. Direct Competitor Map Quality Price Orthopaedie Frey Arch Support LP Support Insoles
    14. 14. Indirect Competitor Map Customization Price Orthopaedie Frey Arch Support Rubber Shoes (e.g. Asics)
    15. 15. The Gap, the Opportunity and the Positioning Step #4
    16. 16. Filling the Gap Middle priced, customized arch support Targeting the professional and amateur athletes Exploring other applications of arch support – fashion and women market for everyday use
    17. 17. What is the size of the market from the 3 C perspectives (customer, company and competition)? Step #5
    18. 18. The Orthotics Playing Field $200M industry in the Asia-Pacific (2008) Growing demand for these products due to the following factors: Aging populace – osteoarthritis Obesity Hobbyist / recreational sports market (just do it) Orthopaedie Frey grosses P400,000 per month on arch support alone Potential growth for the company in the arch support and orthotics industry given that these devices are not doctor prescription driven
    19. 19. Step #6 – The Product Customized arch supports Current Uses: for injury prevention and improvement of existing problems (e.g. Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis) Made with quality, safe and durable materials
    20. 20. Step #7 – Promoting the Product Personal communication with doctors, basketball teams and other sports professionals Word of mouth among existing clients Occasional public relations via events (e.g. Marathons)
    21. 21. Step #8 – Pricing the Product • P3,000 – 4,500 per pair of customized arch support • Additional cost – ergonomic footwear (e.g. rubber shoes cost around P2500 to P5000 per pair) • Insoles are cheaper (P250-500 per pair)
    22. 22. Step #9 – Where to Find the Product • Product available in main offices (Pasig and Cebu) • Product is picked up in the main office • Possible tie-ups with sports and shoe shops for distribution
    23. 23. The Winning Marketing Form Step #10
    24. 24. Summary: Marketing Strategy Target Market Segments: Current niche market: Professional athletes Potential markets for differentiation: Amateur athletes / weekend warriors Podiatric patients (e.g. women) Retain customization specialization Tie-ups with other complementary institutions (e.g. sports and shoe shops) Proposition / Key Element – Market research to explore other differentiation strategies
    25. 25. Maria Margarita A. Mejia Marketing Management November 30, 2010 10 Step Marketing Plan Orthopaedie Frey Far East , Incorporated Arch Supports