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A Collection of Pictures and Descriptions of My Recent Past
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A Collection of Pictures and Descriptions of My Recent Past



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  • 1. Charles Bingley
    An Album of My Recent Past
  • 2. Arrival at Netherfield Park
    Ah! What a delightful residence and beautiful surroundings. I would love to become more acquainted with the nearby village of Longbourn.
  • 3. Another view of Netherfield Park
    This is yet another view of the fine manor that I have decided to rent. Hosting social events in such a beautiful setting will allow me to get to know the residents of the area better, so I have decided to host a ball at my estate soon.
  • 4. Ball with the Bennets
    What a wonderful opportunity it is to meet the fine residents of Longbourn! The Bennets are a lovely family with five beautiful daughters. Jane especially interests me, and I would love to get to know her more closely.
  • 5. Jane at the Ball
    Here is yours truly, enjoying a dance with the lovely Jane Bennet.
  • 6. Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy
    Here is one of my fine friends, Fitzwilliam! Some people think him to be unkind, but I believe that he is a fine fellow!
  • 7. Jane at Netherfield
    Ah! My new friend Jane decides to visit, and I surely appreciate her company. However, she is to stay at the residence a little longer than is previously expected, as she has become ill on the journey here. Elizabeth eventually comes, walking through mud and splattering her dress, and brings her back to Longbourn.
  • 8. Return to London
    I have decided to return to London for the time being. However, I hope to return to Longbourn to see Jane yet again. She is one magnificent lady!
  • 9. Back to Netherfield
    The pull of Jane is too strong to resist! I shall return to Longbournat my previous residence Netherfield Park. I have decided to ask for her hand in marriage.
  • 10. Bingley and Jane
    Jane agrees to my proposal, and we are happily joined in holy matrimony along with Darcy and Elizabeth.